Happy Thursday!

It is Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

Okay, that didn’t sound right.

Happy New Year!

Wait a second, if the year is new, how come today is Thursday? Yesterday was Wednesday. If the year is new, shouldn’t it have started from Sunday?

If the year is new, why isn’t there a change in the weather? I thought new things were supposed to be…well, new.

I guess after 365 days, chronicling and dating gets clumsier and more difficult to detail, hence the need to create years. If not for journal keeping, I almost forgot that I had acute diarrhea sometimes early in 2014 that made me run out in the middle of work!

Okay, my point is, New Year is a state of mind. I have said everything in an earlier post. Read it here

But somehow, the New Year offers us an opportunity to break life goals into smaller chunks that can be pursued within a specific time frame after which we can evaluate how far we have gone in achieving them. It offers us a time frame-365 days to put our backs into the process of becoming who we are supposed to be.

I pause to ask, do you have a life purpose? Do you know the reason why you were created? Are you on the path to fulfilling your destiny? Do you know the man you are supposed to be?

If not, why not? Maybe this year could be a year of discovery for you. Perhaps you should cancel all the other things you have penned down and write just one: ‘A journey of self-discovery to find purpose’. If that is all you achieve this year, then the rest of your years are going to take on new meaning.

If you have the image of the man you are meant to be- and please note that man is used in the generic form, for the avoidance of doubt, how similar are you to that man?

If there is anything that should be top of the list of all those long list of resolutions. I think, ‘becoming the man I am supposed to be’ should be it. If there is anything that we should strive for, it should be to become a better person. Have you identified any weakness in you? Strive to do better. Take a decision, plan the steps, follow through painstakingly, and make the right choices no matter how hard. Soon, you will look in the mirror and you will be proud of who you have become. If at the end of the year, you aren’t that person yet, you would have gotten closer and then you will have another 365 days to work on it again.

Did you fail last year? I hope you didn’t carry any negative baggage into this new 365 paged book? Let the past be that, past. You have another chance to write a great success story! Focus on the story that you are writing, and don’t let it be tainted by any event that has gone.

Did you do well last year? Bury the memories, do not even think about it. This is another chapter in your life, do not write the same thing that you wrote in the last. Be innovative, go a step further, be creative, stretch yourself and write something bigger and better! Surprise yourself with the great things you are about to splash on this new chapter!

Remember, always be thankful. No matter what.

Expect challenges. There can be no character growth without challenges.

Never give up.

Lastly, remember God. Always. If God is the only person you have, it is enough. God is enough. He is the one person you want to be on your side, he has all that you need. I mean ALL. Never forget to carry Him along every day of this year, and never shift your focus from Him. He is your sufficiency- El-Shaddai. Worship Him and acknowledge Him at all times, then watch what He will do with you, for you and in you. You will be amazed, no, mesmerized. I promise.

Happy New Year.

Read more on new year resolutions here



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22 thoughts on “Happy Thursday!

  1. I read the article, so gotta comment, lol.

    I didn’t do as much as I thought I would last year and for that I am a little behind on set schedule. I trust this year to be better, I plan to make it so.

    *Thanks for reminding me they’ve not be using the SHARE buttons, lol*


    1. Thanks for heeding the clarion call to comment lol…

      2015 is a year of bigger and better…I am sure you will surpass your goals…

      Yes o…we need more people to be clicking the ‘share’ buttons…


  2. Last year for me wasn’t anything to write home about. And this year, I will strive to make a great change in every area of my life. Wonderful post #Topazo, thanks for giving me an eye opener, the best way to start the New Year…


    1. Hey Jules, welcome to 2015, the year of bigger and better.
      Do not think about 2014, do not let anything remind you of the pain you felt…
      Focus on the beauty that is to be revealed in 2015, think about it, imagine it, anticipate it, relish it in your mind, taste in on your tongue and embrace it…
      in all you do, always remember God is all you need…


  3. Beautiful, very powerful admonitions Doc! Wisdom multiplied Sir!

    The mind’s a very powerful place, which offers one, liberation or bondage as we choose for it to! The whole essence of our being’s deeply rooted in our minds! One who’s right in his mind’s more than a conqueror, and is got the whole world in the palm of his hands! My limitations are a product of my mind, as much as I allow ’em to fester and blossom! The New Year phenomenon as you rightly pointed out is all but a state of mind! What we eventually do with what mind set we carve out and identify with, is ultimately our choice! Regardless of my past failures, which I refuse to dwell on; so as not to allow for those to cast a long, dark, furtive and sinister shadow on me in the newly birthed year, and my successes; which I won’t make a monument and trophy of either, so as not to stagnate my chances of exceeding in this new year; I’ll push forward with renewed strength, vigour and hope! After all, I’m alive and very much here present, plus; I get a chance to relive my life through again on a clean slate! A blank sheet! And I shall, as the Lord liveth and strengthens me to do! Happy New Year all, and as my buddy Su’eddie said to me; may the year be kind to us all! Cheers! LOL


      1. Happy Prosperous New Year to you too Jules! May all the blessings inherent in this new, impregnable year be all of yours for the taking, and may all the evils and reproach programmed therein be far off from you and your entire household IJN, Amen! Have a great year dear and lest I forget, am sending your rice and chicken your way! So here you are…….J.RICE SERVED WITH WELL SEASONED CHICKEN IN STEW, SIDE SALAD AND MOIMOI ELEMI PLENTY WITH MIXED FRUIT JUICE to wash it down! Bon apetite darl, Enjoy! *laughing*


          1. My badt Doc! Please do find it in thy kindly heart to forgive my indiscretion, am very sorry; didn’t mean to bring on the drool, it just kinda…happened! Pele, you’ll live; its not life threatening! *Yinmu* LMAO!


          1. Aw! I’m so sowee Jules! And here I was thinking I was helping thy condition, feeding you fat as you duly asked! No good deeds goes unpunished ei?! What else is new?! *rme* LMAO!


            1. Oh spare me the taunt Sis! Haba!!! See how I was there salivating like werin hapen! And I didn’t see all the goodies and yum yum you promised to send, kai!!! *whispers* Sis, are you sure it wasn’t Doc that hijacked the truck of goodies on its way here? Because I found out he was listening in on our conversation! Hehehe!!!!!


                1. Haha! I thought as much! Oya wheris ma truck of goodies that you stole b4 I unleash the gods of runny belle on you?! Hehehe!!!!!


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