Walking away

The end is near, in less than 6 hours, 2014 will be gone.

I couldn’t resist one more post…

I am tired and I have had enough, and I am walking away from it all…

Walking away from all the hurts and heartaches

Walking away from the desperation and disappointments

Walking away from the pains and personal failings

Walking away from the shame and self-doubts

Walking away from the horrors of it all, away from the unthinkable acts

Walking away from failure and rejections

Walking away from the memories of the many times I wept, and hid my sorrow behind wide smiles

Walking away from dreams that died ere it was birthed, walking away from goals that never reached fruition

Walking away from setbacks, that hit so hard that all air was sucked out from me

Walking away from the times when it was so hard and I wanted to give up

Walking from self-pity and the times when all I could do was whisper “help me” amidst soul deep agony and heart wrenching cries…

Walking away from it all….

I don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore

I am done.

I am not defined by my weaknesses and failures….

I won’t be weighed down by the negatives…

I won’t get stuck in the past…

There lies ahead better days.

In the future that is before me.

Walking away from the joys and companionable laughter

Walking away from the days of sunshine and merriment

Walking away from the moments of ecstasy

Walking away from times I wished never ended…”I could stay here, now, forever”

Walking away from baby steps taken, from the goals that were achieved

Walking from the accolades and praises, away from the cheering on

Walking away from the victories that were few and far between

Walking away from everything…

The successes are only a tip of what is to happen…

And I won’t be tempted to focus on them and rest on my oars…

Greater things and better awaits…

Walking away and never looking back

Walking away…

With God.

Who is all I need

And who has got my back.

Walking into another year…

Full of uncertainties

And possibilities

Walking away with one lesson

God is enough.


17 thoughts on “Walking away

    1. Hi Eloho… this here is a pleasant surprise! A good way to end 2014… thanks for the comment.

      We are looking forward to what God has in store for us in 2015…

      God bless you real good. Happy new year!


  1. Apt! Message so succinctly put and well received too! God’s everything, and everything’s Him! He’s more than enough for us, He’s all that we need and will ever need! He’s God, King of all, the only One that truly, really matters! Every other thing’s vanity however painful and sweet, sure to wither and fade away! Glory Hallelujah!

    In a bit, I get to step triumphantly into tomorrow; wherein lies the first blank page of a 365 Page Book and by His grace, I. Shall. Write. A. Good. One. And you should too Doc, you really should! Lol

    Happy Prosperous New Year to you buddy, I say this cos I KNOW you’ve crossed over to all things bright and beautiful, having walked away from all the ‘walkawayables’! Walk on by Doc, with God by thy side; it gets soo much better! Cheers to a new dawn, a day, a new year; to you! Kudos! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh Yemie, you said it way better than I did!
      you have a way with words that is just a wonder to read…
      I love these lines “In a bit, I get to step triumphantly into tomorrow; wherein lies the first blank page of a 365 Page Book and by His grace, I. Shall. Write. A. Good. One. And you should too Doc, you really should! Lol”
      Happy new year Yemie…


  2. Awesome! Captivating and vivid, expressively brilliant! Yes Doc, this is one is specially for me! I’m walking away from it all; the troubles, the Heartbreak, the unfulfilled promises, the agony of dead dreams, from the dark shadows. I’m walking away from a futile yesteryears, into a promising new one…and I’m taking as many as possible with me; You #Topazo, Sis. #Yemie, #Zee, #DrSwag, #Amity, and many more that aren’t named…A successful 2015 awaits us all, to spread our wings and soar like an Eagle, to have all things bright and luminous, to have every beautiful things. Join me to welcome a Beautiful 2015! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Thank God the year is over and you and I and our amazing friends are standing strong…and we know that 2015 is a clean slate and we will write greatness into it…
      happy new year!


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