2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for the Z channel.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 22,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 8 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Thank God for an awesome 2014!

I wrote 220 new posts!

My blog was viewed in 98 countries…that is such an exciting news!

The most viewed post was “Yemie’s adventures” …well, that is not surprising

The top commenters are Yemie (942 comments); Adeleke Julianah (274 comments); Dr Swag (136 comments)

Another interesting stats- ‘Jules writes’ emerged as one of the top 5 posts that had the most comments in 2014…isn’t that something?

I want to salute everybody that made this year amazing on the Z channel….in less than 2 years of being on wordpress and we are doing pretty great.

Personally, I surpassed my blogging goals…and to think that I wrote over 200 blog post this year alone….wow! I couldn’t have done it without you guys always here to read whatever I write. thank you so much!

Click here to see the complete report.

Okay, guys now that you have seen the ‘impressive’ stats, I want you to ignore them.

I want you my readers to choose your top 5 post on my blog this year. TheΒ  top 5 posts that you loved the most….

You know I love feedbacks…I love knowing my readers too..so tell me what posts made you smile, touched you, the ones that related to what you were going through, the one that you liked the writing style..and other criteria that you can adopt to choose your top 5.

Thanks! Let’s do it again next year…

Yemie, you deserve an award. Dr Swag and Jules joined much later in the year and they are making such huge impact already…imagine what they would do the whole of next year…I am excited already!

Happy New Year in advance!


15 thoughts on “2014 in review

  1. Erm….Dod, I’ll have to go and read all again to choose the 5 tops I enjoyed most! Lols!!! Thanks #Topazo for a wonderful 2014. Tho’ I don’t have much going on in my life until I met you and your blog. First you wrote a poem in my name, then you brought me out through a story, all these under 3 months of meeting you! I’m humbled #Topazo, by your personality, and I’m honored to be here on your blog with all the wonderful people I met here. Thanks Doc, for a wonderful last quarter 2014! You made me have a reason to be thankful…I’m grateful, I appreciate you. God Bless You and yours, and come 2015, the Sky is too low to be your limit!


          1. Well #Topazo, since I joined your blog much later, an I’m yet to read all your write-ups. Just like Sis #Yemie said, my best Stories are ‘Scarlet’ ‘Red’ ‘Story in10 Words’ ‘Straight from the Heart’ ‘Writing in Colors’ ‘Running Wild’ ‘Sally’s Story’ ‘Her’ ‘Quicksand Series’ and your ‘Bible tale series'(sorry, they’re many, can’t even remember how many of them I enjoyed) ‘Mirage’ ‘I am Sad’ ‘Angels and Demons, ‘Scarlet’ ‘Lullaby’ ‘This is not a Poem’ ‘I cannot Love You’ ‘Stronger then Death’ ‘Mutiny’ete, etc. Doc, truth be told, I enjoyed all your work, choosing favorites will be doing injustice to your wonderful write-ups! And I’m sure, 2015 holds much more! And I’m looking forward with much anticipation Doc…Smiles…


              1. Lols! Sorry, just didn’t know which beats which. Ok, let me try not to spoil the fun: ‘Poem for Mama’ I Remember’ ‘Abortus’ ‘Voice of God’ ‘Broken Pieces and ‘Not Meant to Be’. I hope I’m off spoiling the fun? Hehehehe!!!!


  2. Congratulations on this feat Doc, may you keep soaring up high from here on out! You’re a progressive as evident from these stats and I hope and pray too that you keep on growing in leaps and bounds, in geometric progression; even as the new year’s birthed!

    Its been more than awesome making your acquaintance, thanks for making ’14 more than I ever hoped it’d be! May the Good Lord bless, keep and honour you and your entire household IJN, Amen!

    The one who’s truly deserving of any award at all is he who churned out the masterpieces, not she; who just dropped off her thoughts! Needless to say if there aren’t any posts to brainstorm ’bout; there won’t be no thoughts or comments! All of these, is all you Doc; and don’t you ever forget it! LOL

    Thanks again for the platform, all of your works are unique in their various different ways, it’d be a great disservice and an injustice to say one’s better than the other! They’re all peculiar! But then, even at that, the particular masterpieces that still got me reeling till now is gotta be ‘Love of my Life’, the lingo was pretty upbeat, stimulating and dope! Plus, ‘Singular’, most definitely! *laughing*

    PS: Thanks again for ’14 Doc, ’15 hopefully will be much more fun by His grace, just ensure to remember that little request of mine for the new year; and you’d make my entire existence! Carry on soaring Doc, cheers! *big smile*


    1. Thanks Yemie for your impact in 2014. you simply are amazing.

      we have your top 2: ‘Love of my life’ and ‘Singular’
      I said top 5…so do and tell me the rest biko.

      P.S: I will do much more than what you requested…as per the giving person that I am


      1. Oh thanks so much Doc, that’s such a great relief! You’re a lifesaver for shizzie and I shant forget! Of a truth, you’re the very gift that keeps on giving! However did I get so lucky??? LMAO!

        On a more serious note though, thanks for coming through for me all the time, every time! I knew I could count on you not to disappoint on that request thingy! Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!! And may the Good Lord grant all of your requests too in accordance to His Perfect Will for you IJN, Amen! Oooosssseeee! *laughing*

        Boxing me into a corner as regards my top five are you?! All of your masterpieces mighty appeal to me but just so you give it a rest, I’d supply ‘Scarlet’, ‘Lullaby’, ‘Countdown’, ‘Stronger than Death’, ‘On the Brink of Yesterday’, ‘ Dry Spell’, ‘Insanity’, ‘I Cannot Love You’, Drowning in the Depths’, ‘Quicksand Series’, ‘Mutiny’ and most definitely ‘The Quest’! ‘Julia’s find’ is looking pretty promising too! LOL

        See what you made me do?! I’ve gone wayyyy overboard and there’s no redemption! Pretty much, this is indicative of the fact that I find your works delightsome and I don’t necessarily have favourites! They all stand out, exceptionally; in a class of their individual own! Ya dig?! LOL


  3. I must say your blog has been a home away from home for me.
    You were the first to comment on my blog and top commenter tooπŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ thank you so much.
    I did meet wonderful people on your blog as well(fairy sisters)
    And their support on my blog is well appreciated too*big hugs*
    Thanks for you Encouragement Too.
    2015 will be IJN.
    I need to buckle up come 2015 hehehe. Need yo drink more from the goddess well of words.


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