Julia’s find

Something was not right, she could feel it. Her whole body pulsated with the niggling feeling and the hairs on her hands stood erect. Her eyes widened and her body tensed.

The house was eerily quiet. There was no light, and she made her way around with the aid of the light from her phone.

Thank God for smart phones she thought, there was no need to carry around a flashlight.

Where is Tony? She thought as made her way through the hallway towards the bedroom. It was unusual for him to be out this late.

He hadn’t been picking his calls nor replying any of her BBM chats. Something bad must have happened. Tears escaped her eyes and she choked down a sob.

She was few steps away from the door to the bedroom and her heart picked up speed. For an unknown reason, she was scared of what lay behind the door. Her skin was crawling with sheer terror at the thought.

Nothing could prepare her for what she saw when she turned the door knob and pushed open the door.

The first thing that hit her was the stench. Her stomach churned reflexively and she tasted bile at the back of her throat.

Next was the buzzing sound. Hordes of house flies hovered around the king sized bed lying in the centre of the room. Every available surface was covered, making it difficult to see the royal blue bed sheet.

She could make out the shape of a body beneath the blanket of flies. It was lying face up with eyes rolled back into its socket. It was splayed with both hands tied with a red rope to the headboard of the bed. Similar rope tied the legs too.

A gash ran across his neck, and his abdomen was open with his entrails displayed. A movement in between his legs caught her eyes and she saw maggots coming out in stream like an ejaculate.

All these details were processed in her brain in the space of the thirty seconds it took for the scream building up in her belly to reach her mouth. But before she could let it out, the figure lying on the bed raised itself up. It’s head was dangling, held by skin and little muscle, and looked at her, smiling- which was more like a grimace- and spoke to her.

As it spoke, blood and air gushed from the wind pipe which had been severed and the sound was akin to blowing air into a lead pipe.

“Hello, Julia, what took you so long?”

The scream died in her throat and her mouth stayed ajar as though frozen in place. Then her brain decided that it had had enough and shut down.

Everything went black as she landed with a soft thud on the black carpet.


24 thoughts on “Julia’s find

  1. My God #Topazo!!! You did it again!! Wowzer! (Sorry Sis. #Yemie, just had to borrow that). Holy Molly, wow, Doc, the accurate details, the vividness and the perfect description of every single item. My God Topaz, no one, I mean absolutely know one can capture the attention of a reader the way you do! Common! I was frozen into the same sport until I read the last paragraph. To say this is an #AWESOME read is definitely the worse understatement of the Millenium! Doc, You Are Very #GREAT!! *i duff ma Hat and take a deep bow* Well done Doc, Weeeeeelllllllll Donnnnnnnneeeeeee! *Coughs into palm* erm Doc, by the way, why my name? *Starn look* *Eying Topazo suspiciously* lols!


                  1. Haaaaaa!!!!! Omo see gobe to wo sokoto ati ewu!!!!!! Mogbe, moti keran asameegun o! *runs out of the room, enters kitchen and climbs the ceiling!* Let’s see how Doc will find me now! Hehehehehe!!!!


                    1. Yeeeeee!!!! *dozed off, wakes into 2015, finds Doc staring at me from below the ceiling! Faints!!* Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. *raised eyebrow* Really Doc?! I mean, Tony??? Of all the titillating names the world over it just had to be…Tony, like seriously??? You must be friggin’ shittin’ me right now like gosh! How’s it possible that Tony went so quickly and dramatically from TDH to TDH?! And am talking Tall, Dark and ‘Hawt’ or Handsome if you may, to Tall, Dark and HIDEOUS or HORROR, if you may; AGAIN! You’re crazy Doc, ballistics! Warn thyself wella o! Silly Nilly! *straight face* LMAO!

    An intriguing piece, with beautiful descriptions, graphically enriching! The detailing’s carefully concocted with such surgical precision and your profession as a ‘medico’ came shining right through like the Fourth of July, in every single aspect of this horrific, mighty grisly and ‘cooreepy’ tale! What were you thinking Doc?! Who does this?!

    Good thing Julia blanked out, I mean; I would too, and I doubt if I’ll ever come to! See no evil, hear no evil! Some gruesome find that was! And Jules, borrow away dearie, no lele; nothing dey happen! LOL

    Its a great thing that you’re trying your hands on this genre! I’d like to see you delve in some more! Keep spreading your wings like the stunning butterfly that you are Doc, this is ‘adorbs’ and you, an ‘ah-mazeball’! Soar on up Sire, you’ve got this! LOL


  3. Err doc, spewing out like an ejaculate? That’s Nyama right there… sorry Julia o. Tony sleep back abeg, or reply Julia’s ping before going back to where you came from!


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