Finishing Strong

The skies were clear and the sun was on its way to the pinnacle

The road was clear and the birds were singing

Hope raised its flags so high and enthusiasm jumped up and down

It was a new year, the slates had been wiped clean

It was a new beginning, time to make a difference.


In a flash, lightning streaked and the thunder rumbled

The road became slippery and the sun was overtaken

By the dark clouds and locked in the dungeon of darkness

The winds howled and the gales descended in torrents

Hope’s masts drooped and despair was crowned


Days sped by, chased by the dark nights that ruled supreme

Failure became the anthem of a despondent heart

The path became unmarked, and the terrain impassable

Strength took leave, the burden it couldn’t bear

The knees knocked and the legs wobbled, the end was near


Then out of the blues came a hue of colors

The redeemer came riding on the wings of the winds

His eyes gleaming like diamonds catching the ray of the sun

Shedding light that dispelled the darkness, from his countenance

Despair cowered and fled, and strength returned with glory in its tow


And as the end draws near, the gates beckoning and gleaming

Hope’s masts flies high again, and Joy skips gaily along in the meadow

The birds are singing in the trees and the rivers gurgle in delight

Grace and Mercy whisper conspiratorially as they take the rear

Smiles and Thanksgiving lead the way,

Thanks be to God, we are finishing strong!






20 thoughts on “Finishing Strong

  1. A very appropriate, fantastically titled literary masterpiece, pretty dramatic too; with enriching imageries so well laid out for such a time as this! This is art Doc, in all of its magnificent entirety! Who knows, you just may have missed your calling along the way somewhere, someplace! *rme* LMAO!

    Its a thing of wonder that just when things are looking up, life throws a curveball! In trying to get outta that, we find that with every effort we put in; we’re further plunged in! And when we finally do get to that breaking point of totally giving in to our woes, throwing in the towel, and damning the consequences, help comes flooding in! Sweeping away our problems and we’re left reeling from the outcome, wondering what coulda happened! This school called Life never ceases to amaze me! Never ever! All we need is a flicker of light to disperse the thick darkness engulfing us and that’s it! LOL

    Thanks for this Doc, its highly inspirational, motivational piece! A must-read for the hitherto downtrodden to draw strength from! A ray of hope! Awesomeness!


    1. Thanks Yemie.
      2014 with all its high and low…the storms and the tempest…but here we are, standing, in spite of all the troubles…finishing strong because of His Mercies and grace…


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