Everywhere is red and green

But I am blue

There is a cheer in the air

Twinkling lights and melodies serenade me

But inside is darkness and a deep sadness



The skies are gray

The world is monochromatic

I walk with a droop

The burden of my heart is too

Heavy for my shoulders.



Sadness grips me tight in its vices

Its claws sink into my flesh

And draw blood, that spill

From my eyes unto the parched

Earth ready to lap up my pain



The uke belts out a dirge

And I sway to it,

For all around is death and rot

And I am drunk on its stench

And mad with unending sorrow



I shiver from the cold that is within

From a heart frozen

Hidden from the sun’s rays

The hairs on my arms stand erect

From a deep terror that has invaded my soul.



The end is near

Its fragrance hovers in the air

I do not know what it brings

Or what shall be

But I am ready,

Waiting with open arms to welcome destiny.


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13 thoughts on “Morbid

  1. My turn to ‘sigh’
    beautiful dark poem.

    …you don’t have to carry the heavy burden though
    just lay it at HIS feet.
    just let it go.

    I love the last stanza so.
    (I am ready to no matter what it brings.)


  2. How pretty mortifying Doc! A lonely heart, lost and drowning in gloom; even as the Yuletide celebrations, denoted by the red and green colours, gain momentum and are at a very high fever pitch!

    I dig the use of hues, brilliant! You know, all the colours you adopted in painting both the emotional turmoil the narrator’s being subjected to, which is pretty much in sharp contrast with the vibrant colours of his surrounding environment, indicative of the Yuletide festivities and fiesta! The title’s also a win, morbidly so! *chuckling*

    ‘If I die I die’, I can almost hear the narrator say in whispers! And while destiny’s awaited, I do hope to hear the narrator say ‘What does not kill me, will only make me stronger’! And by that, I hope mercy says NO, and destiny’s got life in the cards, life in abundance!

    Kudos Doc, got my thought processes going into an overactive overdrive! This resonates, on a monumental scale! Thanks for writing, carry on! LOL


  3. Morbid sounds like euphoria besides this one…what a sad tale…you captured and froze it brilliantly as usual…You painted a monochromatic world in brilliant, rainbow hues…


  4. Sometimes I feel like I can never comprehend a poem, but this one was… well, not easy or simple, So real, I think.
    I love it. I shall read it again… I think it captures something of my soul at present.


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