Amity’s Passion…

It is Day 2.

The second of the fairy sisters have spun her wand and out comes this jolly and feel good poem that reminds us of the cheer in the air, and the reason for the season.



It is Christmas

A season to be merry

Gifts and wrappers

Brightly lit streets

Snowless winter
Leafless trees-a-Twinkling

Puddings and crackers

Somewhere in the busy city
A soul-a-crying

Down in the cold alley
A heart is a-mourning

‘Cos it still don’t feel like Christmas without-a-loving

* give a gift of love to those who can’t repay you…
VisitΒ  the Motherless, homeless, old people’s home… Lets share the joy of Christmas with them*


62 thoughts on “Amity’s Passion…

  1. This is awesomeness Quaint and Dainty China! You did well to capture all that razzmatazz and glee that comes with this magical season while also dropping us those much-needed hints to take time out to remember those who are in dire need even as we go ’bout the fanfare, fun and pageanty the season boasts of! So we do not get carried away, with our heads in the clouds! That smarts dear, really does!

    Have I said too much already then?! The short of it….I adore this! The whole playful, pretty gleeful feel of it, as well as the seriousness! You know, that matter-of-factly clause you wisely threw in! Spectacular! Yet she rebuffs me for daring to call her a writer, hmph! Who’s the ‘man’ now ei?! Pray tell! LMAO!

    Thank you babycakes, you totally smashed this! You’re simply incredible and Happy Holidays to you and all of yours too! Mwah! *laughing*


      1. Aw! To think I was half expecting that you’d dazzle us with those freehand pencil sketches that sets you apart from all the others and gives you that edge, you know the ‘X-factor’ and what did you do?! You hoarded and kept that beautiful part of you away! Wanted to see Santa Claus in a classy pencil sketch you know! But you did bring this, and that curveball that you’re so well known for also did come to play! Thumbs up darling, you do great always!

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          1. Next year ei?! Okay, I’ll take it, I’ll bite! Hopefully, the Good Lord will find me worthy and keep my soul till then to be bedazzled by thou, mine Quaint and Dainty China! Hopefully! *tongue out* LMAO!

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          1. AYE! AYE!! AYE!!! AYE!!!! AYE!!!!! AYE!!!!!! AYE!!!!! AYE!!!!!! AYE!!!!!!! AYE!!!!!! AYE!!!!!! AYE!!!!!!! AYE!!!!!!! AYE!!!!! AYE!!!! AYE!!!!!! *phew*

            That enough ‘AYE’ for ya?! Amity over to you! Hit me! LMAO!

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              1. I’m with you Amity! Ready to cross the Continent for Sis. #Yemie!!!! Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be fortunate to meet these Two people that have come to mean so very much to me…#Topazo and Sis. #Yemie…wow, that will be awesome! Hehehehe!!!

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              2. Uh Snap! C’MON wherever did that come from?! *passes out* LMAO!

                Emotional blackmail never looked so….naughty??? *laughing*

                Look at me now, am a cute lil bunny ‘wabbit’, as much as you’re that delicate and adorable angelic being I never tire of beholding! What other face is there to see ei?! Pray tell, QnDC ! This is all the face there is to see! A ‘wabbit’! *cheeky grin*


                1. Now my Goddess, sweet words/swords aren’t gonna deter us from getting a glimpse at you through snaps! So get on with it already!!!! *waiting and tapping feet with arms akimbo!*


      1. She’s that and then some Doc! At least, I told her that much when we did our girly chat yesterday, just goofing off on one of her smash hit of a post titled ‘Inert’! With Amity, the more you look, the less you see! She’s that awesome! With her pieces, nothing is what it seems! Take this masterpiece for example, she started off all playful and things, and then drops the bombshell ‘Somewhere within the city, a soul a-crying’! That looked at first to be a damper, but couldn’t be far off from the truth: stark, cold, biting reality!That’s Amity, Spectacular, unpredictable, sheer brilliance! LMAO!

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  2. Hmmmm….and #Amity claims she’s no writer, and this poem makes me keep wondering who a writer is…captivating work of art. Covers every area of human needs, wants and passion. And still speak of the Reason for the Season, the real reason for Christmas Celebration, which is to share the love of Christ by stretching a given hand towards the less privilege. Good job Sis #Amity, wonderful poem, extraordinarily twined! Keep it up dear…

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    1. Thanks Julie.
      I am still learning to write like a ‘writer’ you see.😊
      yes the season is for loving and sharing everything we have especially with those who are not privileged .


  3. Beautiful one Amity. I just love this season, there’s always so much newness, freshness, and beauty in the air. Even the coldest of hearts find a reason to smile, and merry.

    Lovely poem once more! I love the style. Write on! πŸ™‚

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  4. Amity! You ae a Santa Claus of words……this is a fine gift! You just delivered to us wrapped in the glittering wrappers of your words, the reason for the season…I just ate this your literary pudding with relish! Nice one ma sister!

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