Life passes by in a blur

Days merge into another

And the rushing wind howls past

The world is on steroids

And speeds past high on weed

Leaving you dizzy and flushed

Looking on helpless

Head as light as wool

Limbs as lead

Flailing, and on a downward spiral

Towards an uncertain end

Spurred on by gravity-

Whatever goes up and stops

Accelerating must surely come down.



21 thoughts on “Free-fall

  1. The two final lines of this bedazzling masterpiece caused my heart a-racing pretty wildly! Its a scary thought those lines and reinforces the need to keep on moving no matter the odds stacked against one! A wise man was quoted to have said that ‘The man you find a-top a mountain wasn’t born there, he worked his way up there’! Time waits for no man, so while we laze, seconds are ticking away, never to be regained and well, life’s moving right along too! We only discover to our horror much later if we’re lucky; that we it was that remained stagnated! The world was moving all along, and that; is a constant ‘K’! I totally adore this piece, every line and by that; I mean ever single line of it! Nice one Doc; great thinking! LOL


  2. Your. Written words have a way of making one do a rethink about life. Even when faced with the good, the bad r even the ugly, you just gotta keep onward on the ladder of life. You can’t stop under any circumstance. Like the saying goes; Forward ever, Backward never…well done Doc…


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