Tempted to Abandon Ship!

Writers are sensitive people, and after the hard work of creating, they are often afraid of what they produce and wonder if it is good enough. Feedback from readers provide the validation they need to believe that they are good enough and the criticisms help to improve too- the healthy ones that is.
Also comments are a way of paying back the writer for the hard work that they have put into creating their art. To not comment is rather painful.
Most writers beg for comments and readership but this writer demands it and I actually admire her courage and her self worth. For bloggers we expect a relationship with our readers and that relationship is built only by the readers commenting.
I especially thank the fairy sisters, lyrical genius, bimpe, fade, inkheart, walter and all the people that have always dropped comments. For the ‘ghost’ readers, it is time to step out of the shadows! We demand your comments!!
Read and enjoy the flows of my blogger friend… and remember, comment!



abandon ship

I once read this joke on blog I visit regularly and saved it as I thought it not only funny but truly a life lesson…

attachment%2B(1) So true, right?

This post here is specially cooked and served for you, my dear, dear readers.

Something tells me we’ve done this before, hmm? But I think when we did, I was actually begging you, dear people, to come on board and be a real and life part of this blog.  That is not the case today. I am not begging. I am not even appealing. I am definitely not cajoling you. Heck no!!!

I am telling it like it is and like it will be. Gbam!!!

This is a blog, a literary blog. It therefore calls for a writer/reader relationship. I write, you read. We have clearly established that we have at least that barest…

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13 thoughts on “Tempted to Abandon Ship!

  1. Lols!!!!!! I gotta save this Pishur! How hilarious! Couldn’t stop laughing o! Kai…well #Doc, I comment my reserve! *grim, mischievous grin*!


      1. Got to ponder on that pishur ni o! Got me thinking deeply, you see, it’s so right in many sense of the word, but then, if someone like you, or Zee, or Walter, or Sis Yemie etc, etc, have abandon your ships, you won’t be where you are today. I believe in PERSISTENCE, PERSEVERANCE, PUSHING FORWARD MOVING ONWARD KEEPING FAITH. That’s what gets you and amny other great writers here, and you’re still growing. So in a way, I agree with that picture, but still strongly disagree in other areas. I agree with it if you’re in a bad relationship, in a bad environment, in a company (that is bad friends) etc, then you can abandon #Ship. But otherwise, one got to keep pushing forward…sorry, I talk too much…lols. Hope I’ve not bore you with my ranting…*winks*


  2. Hilarious piece this, and it really doesn’t apply to me in anyway! I mean, I’ve always been a blogger’s dream come true, dropping off my comments as I deem fit! So, let the silent readers and non-commenters take up this challenge and come on thither from the doghouse they’ve plunged themselves into! About time too! *YINMU* LOL

    Ahem…… Jemstone darling, my spunky, pretty little Ninja gurl! Where you at babycakes?! I miss you loadz! And if you ever get to read this message, hit me up, I shall be waiting for you ma sweets! Mwah! LMAO!


    1. Of course Sis! You’re the Only true friend all bloggers have got! #Doc can’t include you o, I trust him! Hehehehehehe! *winks*


  3. Preach, dear Doc! PREACH! All ye readers that silently reap of the goodness of literary blogs and then rush to chatter on LIB or Bellanaija, you should know that…


    Dazzal. *drops mic*


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