In your arms

Hold my hands,

I am falling;

My knees are weak

I am overwhelmed;

Way in over my head.

If I say that I have a clue

As to what to do,

I lie, it wouldn’t be true;

Hold me up,

My legs give way,

I have no more strength in me;

Like a reed I sway,

To the boisterous winds of fate;

I rock to and fro

In a hazy dance to the frenzied beat

Of life’s bizarre rhythm,

Writhing and staggering, drunk on despair.

Take me home,

My steps are wobbly;

No, I can’t make it on my own;

Carry me, let my head rest on your chest

As you take me over this hilly crest

And in your inner chamber let me nest

For only under your shadow is true rest.


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12 thoughts on “In your arms

  1. Articulately weaved, meticulously put down! Now this is what I call a #CryforHelp. What I don’t know is if it’s a help unto God or unto a Lover. But it sure befits both! We need to be under the Shadow of the Almighty, and also need the support of a human brother/lover or sister. To say this piece is astounding is an understatement of the month, but then, I got no word to qualify it. Just gotta use the ones on ground. Keep climbing #Doc, you are getting closer and closer, the #MightyWielderofPen the great #BalogunofWords! Keep it up Bro, can’t get enough of ya!


      1. You’re Welcome #Doc. Our help comes from God almighty. It either come from Him or through Him…through His Divine Angeliacal Messengers, or through Humans that he has chosen to be our helping Hand…


  2. Reading through this heart-rending poem, I just remembered that old country classic usually played when a person passes on and it goes a ‘lil something like this….’This world is not my home, am just a-passing through’………….That tune makes me a lot sober whenever I hear it being played, kinda depressing! *laughing*

    This obviously ailing narrator looks to me like he’s ready to heed the call to go home and rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord, as that; to him is a sure guarantee that his pains, travails and afflictions will come to an abrupt end! So he says, take me home Lord, my work here’s done and am at the end of my rope! A classical case of hope lost, like he’s foreseen that his situation may never look up or get better, so he’d just rather call it a day on good old Planet Earth, and kiss her goodbye!

    This resonates Doc, we all tend to get to this point oft times; when we reflect and ask ourselves the hard question; ‘Why are we here, in the first place’? Its like we were born to die, and we die to live again! Twisted ei?! *chuckling*

    I commend you on this piece of poetry, you did bring it Doc and I especially love that title! Its heartwarming in sharp contrast to the narrator’s nascent gloomy situation! Its offers some sorta comfort and solace! A respite! Nice one! LOL


    1. “Precious Lord, take my hand, lead me home” by Jim Reeves was playing in my head while writing this…

      “Home” is where the heart is at rest…”home” is where you can relax and recharge and recover strength…”home” is where you can hide from the evils of the world, where you can relax and be at peace, unperturbed about the tempestuous storm….”home” is under the shadows of the Almighty.

      “Home” in this poem isn’t about death or heaven…it is a haven… the narrator is crying for help, after being sucked out of energy, after struggling against the tempest and failing…he is saying “I can’t do this on my own, come help me!”

      and then “in your arms” when I surrender, leaning against your chest, is true rest.

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      1. That smarts Doc, but still, home’s not here on Earth, never has been, never will be! To enter into a perfect state of rest, its gotta be at the bosom of my Lord, where crying, sorrows and tears have ceased, replaced by joy unspeakable and everlasting happiness! That’s the way I viewed it but thanks anyhow for throwing more light on this! Rock and write on! LOL


        1. the beauty of poetry is the multi-faceted way it can be seen and viewed from….
          psalm 91 promised rest for those under the shadow of the Almighty
          Jesus promised rest for those that come unto Him….our rest begins from here when we let Him take care of everything…the rest that comes from a tempestuous storm being calmed at His word…rest when we don’t have to worry but trust in Him solely…

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          1. I agree with you Doc, and I believe Its possible to enter into our rest here on Earth and even have us a taste or slice of Heaven! However, Earth’s not a destination, its just a passage! Heaven and Hell on the other hand are! Those will be the final homes to mortals!


  3. Exactly how I feel right now. Comforting to know someone has felt the same.
    And we know for certain that the God on the mountain is still God in the valley; the God of the day is still God in the night.


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