Book Signing!

Book signing!

No, it is not mine.

Yes, you guessed right, it is for the “Saving Dapo” novel.

You really need to be there, it will be fun. You get to meet Seun Odukoya, the brilliant author in person and he gets to sign a copy of the book, and get him to write anything you want on the book. Amazing isn’t it?

Okay, see details on the posters below.



So, I know what you are thinking. When is mine? Oh, you just keep your fingers crossed…

Thank you! *bows*


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  1. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Yeah, that’s true! That was my first thought, where’s Urs Doc. But you’ve already answered even before I pop the question. So back to #SavingDapo, I’m not in Lagos, and would really like a copy, in fact a signed by Author copy at that. So how are we going to solve the dilemma o?! *moves closer, waiting for a reply*

    1. topazo says:

      now that is easy. just buzz Seun Odukoya on twitter and the arrangements will be set up. I presume he can send the autographed copy to you by post or something…
      his twitter handle @seunodukoya

      1. Adeleke Julianah says:

        Alright, thanks!

  2. theinkheart says:

    I wish I could actually make it “Sigh*

    1. topazo says:

      oh yes you can…just try..

      1. theinkheart says:

        Thats if m back by then… always had on the seun’s mind.. perfect opportunity to meet him

        1. topazo says:

          hmmmmm…crush things huh? that’s cool! he is taken sha….lol

          1. theinkheart says:

            Crush on his mind not the guy himself jare

            1. topazo says:

              can you separate the mind from the guy?

              1. theinkheart says:

                For me, yes… if i like just one thing about you… i will get bored quickly, so yes

                1. topazo says:

                  so you are saying you will get bored easily of the award winning genius writer Seun whom you have a crush on his mind?

                  1. theinkheart says:

                    It sounds so unbelievable but its true… You have to be so much more than just an intelligent qrite

                  2. theinkheart says:

                    writer to hold my attention for a very long time

                    1. topazo says:

                      really? but you haven’t met the guy sef and you are already concluding,,,, I am sure he’s got what it takes to sweep you off your feet..

                    2. theinkheart says:

                      Lol, Seun’s advocate… besides, he is taken na… no need to sweep me off my feet na

                    3. topazo says:

                      lol…ok, he is not taken…

                    4. theinkheart says:

                      Smh, are you playing cupid ni? You must love seun so much o…

                    5. topazo says:

                      or you must be pretending not to…

                    6. theinkheart says:

                      Lmao… all these doctors are mean o, see how he turned the tables… nope,i dont love seun that way

                    7. topazo says:

                      well maybe not right now….at least there is a crush, that’s a start…lol

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