The Alphabet Poem

I was reading a blog post “story of the ABC” in response to the daily challenge “Alphabet soup” and I was inspired to write a poem with the letters of the alphabets- each line will begin with a letter of the alphabet. I set out to write not having any theme and this is what I churned out.

It is not perfect, but it is a pretty good attempt. Please drop your comments, don’t spare them. If you are up to it, let your comments be written in alphabets too- each line of your comments to start with the letters of the alphabets. This should be fun!


Although I would love to

Brag about my proficiency and

Creativity, I really can’t.

Despite the accolades and the

Encomiums, I still think it

Fit to keep my head down;

Great as it might be to get

High on the praise, it is

Inimical to growth and sound

Judgment in future endeavors and pursuit of

Knowledge, which is key in

Literary circles lest I become a

Moniker, and a monument.

Nevertheless, not to acknowledge the applause

Or allow the ointment of adulation grease the chaffed

Palms is not also a pleasant thing to do.

Question is, how do I find the balance?

Relishing the delicacies while

Silencing the urge to binge, learning to

Tread cautiously along the tenuous slope that is success

Understanding that it takes only an unguarded moment and the

Vicissitudes of life like a violent storm can overturn a life’s

Work and lay waste an empire build with sweat and blood, and like a

Xoanon, an image with no power, be left to

Yearn for the days when one was alive and not a story to be told in

Zines of what could have and should have been.


So, who is the first to go? Let the fun begin….


86 thoughts on “The Alphabet Poem

  1. Nice. I love that you respond to challenges of this nature and that you make a very good job of it. This is similar to your post on Nigeria’s independence, which is the first of your works that I read and which has kept me glued to this page. Well done Topazo


  2. Awesome!!!!

    Brilliantly put together!!!!!!!!


    Delightfully worded!!!!!!!


    Funtastically spined along!!!!!!!!

    Greatly and cunningly webbed together!!!

    How is it that you are this good at doing this???

    Intelligently strewn together!!!!!!!!

    Just so you know, I so enjoy reading your posts!

    Knowledge truly is power, see what power it gives you!

    Learning a great deal from you that you can’t even imagine or think about…

    Many a time I marveled at your intelligence, it sure surpasses that of an ordinary writer/Doctor that you are.

    Now you see why we can’t get enough of you!

    On to greater level you’re climbing!

    Priceless are your imaginations!

    Quite the Observer too, yeah I noticed…

    Remember, god’s got your back, we do too…

    Still looking forward to more of your posts!

    Though, at times you keep us on our toes, as you

    Unwound some mystery and

    Viciously throw us off guard sometimes with

    Wonderful suspense on tragedy, but which still hold a lesson or two.


    You sure are a #WizardofWords….and I’m

    Zoning in on everything you write!!!!

    Kai! That was tough o! You writers are trying! I hope I score some marks sha..*sighs*
    Excellent Poem you put together there #Doc, wonderful!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. The more of a reason why I dubbed thee Magnificent! You totally brought it even for a self-proclaimed amateur! I see excellence written all over you! Rock and write on! Mwah! LOL


          1. Lols!!! #Topazo!!!! Pls don’t put me in trouble o! Lols…thanks for believing in me. But I assure u, I’m just learning from u guys. Your talents and ingenuity is rubbing off on me. Still learning…


      1. Lols! Dearest Zee, I’m an #Amateur of the highest order where You, Sis Yemie and Topazo are gathered. Being around you guys has begin to rub off on me! Hehehehhehe!!! Thanks dear, for the vote of confidence…

        Liked by 1 person

                  1. No conspiracy Jules! If you’ve got it babycakes, flaunt it and you’ve got something there, so explore it! The possibilities are limitless and you darling; CAN! *HUGS* LOL


              1. Or not ni o, Zee! I’m in on the idea to get Jules to start writing! I mean, since that worked for me, with you ‘bullies’ on my case and not backing down till I did thy biddings, why not with Jules ei?! I blame y’all so I wanna be a bully too! *cheeky grin*

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. Hmmm….short on words…*sighs heavily* Zee, maybe I should kuku drop the towel for ground. *looks left, looks right* *looks forward and backward* *tip toed away*

                    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Jules…i see you were the first to try your hands on this…and i am sure it was mighty fun for you!
      you nailed it like bam (like Yemie would say. i seem to be borrowing a lot of her vocab these days…)
      thanks for your kind words dear…


      1. Ha!!!! Oga Isaacola!!! You too??? Kai! There’s something strong and dangerous when a deadly #TRIO (mean that in a wonderful way) comes on you fast and tight! And I’m sure there’s more of you coming on me! *packs bags, jumps fence* *takes the shortcut to escape* *flees*!!!!!


  3. Awesome,and
    Brilliant piece this one is.
    Captivatingly structured,
    Driven by an untamed passion one like i’ve never seen. So that yet again, I am
    Engulfed in your literary spell, and
    Fazed by your sheer genius. Lost for any more words, i’ll plead: For the sake of
    God, I pray you, don’t ever stop.

    Managge my A- G.

    Considering you did it on the spur of the moment, it makes one classic. It passes so much of your thoughts across in so few lines, and it is very relatable. How do we balance letting compliments encourage us, and the tendencies that we might let them in a little too much that they overfill us and make us fart pride? No be small thing sha. Methinks it takes some discipline, God’s grace and the company of loved ones to call us to order when we seem to be going overboard.

    Cheers writer!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Me, I am liking your frequent visits here because truth is, I like the perspective you bring into issues. So do come often.
      You did amazingly well, and I knew you had fun…because i am having fun reading it. Thanks a bunch…


  4. Always you knock me of my feet with your


    Crafted work of art.

    Do lift your humble head up

    For you deserve every accolade you get.

    Give honour to HE who endowed you with the

    Inestimable gift of words and

    Just keep on being humble

    Knowing HE got your back always

    Like HE does to all his children.

    More ink to your pen I say

    No writer block shall come your way

    Only stay true to your muses

    Quit questioning just trust in HIS lead.

    Relax in HIS presence and watch is work

    Sprout in you like the magic bean of Jack my friend.

    Tread cautiously I’ld say too my friend; truly

    Unguarded moment do great harm than good

    View every praise and accolades as HIS not yours,

    Waste no time entertaining the hellion’s trickery

    X-rated seeds has he in his bag

    Your are such a blessed soul sent from

    Zion to bless a soul like me.



  5. Aw! As

    Beautiful a candle

    Coloured, white or otherwise

    Does not see its own base,

    Except it be told by others, just how

    Fantastically it

    Glows, spreading its glittering shades to

    Hovering darkness around and about

    Illuminating its entire surrounding

    Jubiliations a-rising

    Kinetics a- changing

    Love and laughter renting the air

    Masterpieces flowing and springing forth from the ink, with

    None in despair

    Oneness created with the world

    People in a joyful frenzy

    Quintessential in their amassed knowledge, inspired

    Radiating with so much energy and vibes

    Satisfied and just content

    To learn from the masters

    Untold stories, yet to be told

    Vibrating with much eagerness also to fill

    Wanting and hungry souls

    Xtraordinary pieces of writings that

    You alone Doc can whip up, as you’re full of

    Zest, zany yet reeking of zen! Zing! So?

    Wow Doc, you tore up this challenge to shreds! Its a lot more different an approach from what Vonika did on her blogsite, which I actively participated in! This smarts Doc, a clear winner; just like you! Bravo! *applauding* LOL

    Liked by 1 person

          1. You really come off unhinged tonight Doc! Tell me, what REALLY is going on?! I coulda sworn you just hit a jackpot! *rme* LMAO!

            Thanks for all the pleasant ‘G’ words, and still in the spirit of the alphabet game, I’m Gggrateful Sir! Gracias! Go figure! *giggling*


      1. Hehehe! Thank you dearie and your words reminds me of a guy I used to know ! Scratch that, I still know him! Cause he flows just like you effortlessly did here, all poetic and things! Nice one! LMAO!

        I’ve got only God to thank for everything! He did this! Am absolutely clueless! Thanks dearie, thou rockest so hard! Mwah! LOL


          1. And who sayest to thou, Doc that I suffereth from the King James bug or that any ailment troubleth me and I needeth to be saveth?! I was born and bred this way! LMAO!


  6. Peeps here are on alphabet fire. Lol.
    Doc, I have much respect to your brain. like the first commenter said, your tackle of literary challenges such as this is what makes you a memorable writer.


  7. Have you ever taken something in and then felt like speaking and sparking adulation in a strange tongue (say french)? I just felt that way now…and you’re so guilty for it.

    Making meaning out of ABCs is a really big deal, and you, Doc, has earned more respect points from me.



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