She is mine
And she is mighty fine
When she is gone, I pine
Hours really if you must assign
To it a time line
She is a delicate vine
You see, my spine
Even when I go bonkers when she whines
I really am high, like one drunk on wine
When you have a fork with a single tine
Then you learn how to dine
With caution and still to shine
And when nature by its design
To your hands, a single gem consigns
You stay awake like one with the curse of Ondine
Lest sleep conspire against you and sign
You off to the land of the desolate, among the kine
With no calf, a fate worse than death.


Dedicated to Tami… the definition of cuteness!


48 thoughts on “Singular

                    1. Oh look……a Kitten! *rme* Still in doubt ’bout what it was you did wrong?! Look closely Swag, the answer you seek so desperately, is staring you right in the eye! Silly Nilly! *Yinmu* LMAO!


                    2. Magnifying glasses sha! Hmph! Ehn, keep looking nah, you never look reach! When you look finish, you go see am! Left me o Swag, I dey tell you now! LMAO!


                    3. The late Aaliyah of most blessed memory sang ‘If at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again, try again’! Continue trying Swag, it’d come to you! Just believe! LMAO!


        1. Hmm…and yet he says he’s not been had by the ones he tagged ‘Crazy Tag Team’! Who’s fooling who now?! I mean, this is all but glaring! Hmph! LMAO!

          Thanks a great deal ‘Lyrical Genius’, we’re mighty bowled over and you’re the S.I UNIT Of Va Va Voom! Roar, nay soar on up King; nothing do you! LOL

          Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh Schmuckz! I dunno what to say Doc, that I haven’t said before, lest I sound like a broken record! Even at that, I affirm that you’re a cesspool of ‘incorrigibility’, ‘impossibility’ and ‘mischievousness’ and incredibly too, a pool of awesomeness, brilliance and bedazzling magnificence! You leave me astounded, breathless! You blow me away and nothing more is left to be salvaged of me! I shed tears of joy, am blessed for the mere fact that I chose to be associated with you! You lift me up with your kindly, humane gestures and I bawl, nay; ball for I indeed count myself favored of the Lord and you! Wow! LOL

    Thank you so much for this, you’re absolutely unimaginable, simply unbelievable, incredibly sweet! God bless and keep you babycakes, and ALL of yours too IJN; Amen! My word! *humbled* Lol

    Those beautiful words are so darn exact, conveying my heart’s utmost thoughts and feelings! Those phenomenal lines, following a rhythmic and sequential flow; that’s no mean feat Doc! Its pretty uncanny too how you seemed to just get into my head, to conjure those words, thoughts, feelings in much the same way I woulda, had I penned thismasterpiece myself! Creepy! LMAO!

    Those three final lines Doc, made my blood turn ice cold, frozen! Riveting they are and soooo spot on too! *shivering* Lol

    Thanks again Dynamic Diamond, what more could I possibly say????? Clueless! You’re much too much! *sighs*


      1. Hmm….don’t I know it?! That you’re running amok in my head I mean! Quit gloating already! *Yinmu* LMAO!

        Thanks Doc, for all times and for having me on thy glorious blogsite! I shan’t forget! Lol


  2. Cute like mummy (yes I said it); after all, cute begets cute (abi ki le feel, godmother? 🙂 ). It’s a really beautiful piece for a beautiful.

    Dear Yemmie, I have a cute lil’ dude of a cousin too. I think…. erm… we could em… *coughs*


    1. I feel you die ma ‘fairy godbooboo’, after all said and done, the fruit does not fall too far from the tree! So yeah, am cute like that! *popping collar* LMAO!

      Oh thanks Jojo, I’ve missed ya to pretty bitz and teeny-tiny pieces! I hope we get to play catch up over the holidays and just have fun like we do! *laughing*

      Ahem….As regards that proposed ‘liaison’ between Tam and my lil adorable chubby baby boy, who also doubles as thy cousin; Joe, did you even think to consider the age difference?! *raised eyebrow*
      Tam’s neither a cradle snatcher nor a sugar mummy! Your lil cousin’s only but a baby boo, so forget that thing, not happening! Silly Nilly! LMAO!

      I also noticed you’ve caught those infamous bouts of coughing bug and that beats the crap outta me! Someone’s certainly having such a strong impact on you and we both know who that person is don’t we now?! *Yinmu* LOL

      Its good to see ya Joe, I’ll buzz you soon! Happy Holidays and Compliments of the season too! Tami says to give thou several hugs and smacks! Cheers buddy, love you tons! Mwah! Lol


  3. LOL. Sugar mummy kwa? ROTFL! And I thought you’re liberal. Just a weensy teensy bit of age difference. Actually, I’ve got another cute cousin too who’s just about Tam’s age (don’t worry he’s not bald; not yet).

    Same compliments here. Extend my hug and several smacks to TamTam :).


    1. Hahahahahaha! Joe, you’re spoiling for a fight I see! And what do you mean by he’s not bald yet?! Anyhow, we’ll see ’bout your other cousin especially seeing as we’re here planning the future of two innocent babies, who didn’t ask our help and who’ll definitelty tell us to lay off of ’em and buzz off when the time’s right when they come of age to go seek out their own soulmates without our inputs and or opinions! Seriously Joe?! ROTFL

      I am liberal Joe, don’t even get it twisted! For me, Its all ’bout who the heart chooses in the grand scheme of things and where lies love and happiness! Question is ‘Is Tami as liberal as mummy dearest’?! Maybe, but I really can’t speak for her, can I?! *raised eyebrow*LMAO!


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