Inspire me

Inseminate my mind

Enrich your seed sown in me

Let it grow

Like a weed

Feed it with all the nutrients

Multiply it

Nurture it

And create a right atmosphere

For its birth.

Let it have an impact

Make it bloom and boom

Give it a voice and wings

Disseminate it

Far and wide

Immortalize it

A timeless message

Never fading in relevance

Give it life

Never let it die

Let it breathe and live

And give life and hope

To the weary

Let it give strength to the faint

And courage to the timid

Give me the power I seek

Latent in words

Spoken or written

Give me influence over men

Changing lives and destinies

For good by words

For by the word, Your word

The world was created.


image: Flickr/Google


22 Comments Add yours

  1. zikaolofin says:

    Indeed only the Creator can endow is with so much power and enable us in such an outstanding manner. Well done Topazo

    1. topazo says:

      Thanks Zee. He is the word…our fountain of inspiration

  2. Yemie says:

    Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Wowzers!!! Compelling masterpiece this! An urgent plea to the Creator, ‘The Word’ Himself! A request to impart life giving and destiny altering words that will not only seek to inspire, but totally shake the Earth and everyone therein to its very core and foundation, creating a great, tremendous, seismic impact on all and sundry, as is needed! Mehn, I gentle o! LOL

    Doc, this is totally, brilliantly crafted! The scientific concepts of insemination, pollination, germination and disemmination, used in a most unusual way I’d say and it worked plenty too! Makes a whole world of sense! You. Doc. Are. A. Genius and I. Am. Awestruck! Triple Twale! *laughing*

    Double thumbs up Sir, and many a lives shalt thou impart and impact by thy written and spoken words by His grace IJN, Amen! Plus, you’re well on your way there already, can’t you see?! I mean; just look at me! I’m absolutely inspired! LMAO!

    1. topazo says:

      I am blushing…
      bless your golden heart ma’am..

  3. Walt Shakes says:

    look how you ruined my blithe understanding that this poem was all about creativity and what goes on in the head. When all along it is what goes on down South… šŸ˜¦

    1. topazo says:

      lol…read it again, one more time,,,and you will see that your initial assumption was right…I guess it was the bottom image that swayed you…

  4. Adeleke Julianah says:

    WOW…Doc, now to call this piece Brilliant, exquisite, wonderful exciting or even a Masterpiece is an understatement of the Century! This is beyond words. #Topazo, I told you that you’re born to do this, yes I mean it, and I’m saying it again. Among writers, you’re outstanding, you are you, no one can be you. The light you bring into every word on paper, the excitement you create with words, to crown it all, the way you Always Bring the Creator into every word posted or spoken is #Magical, #Arresting! Well done, a good job well done. Continue to grow, to be better, to be the best. Keep on climbing to attain that height that’s created for you…

    1. topazo says:

      Thanks Jules…wow, I am gobsmacked! (hope Yemie will not sue me for plagiarism o..)

      1. Adeleke Julianah says:

        Lols! I’m sure she won’t. Since you just borrowed the word ni! Hehehehehehehe!!!!

  5. me says:

    I love this. Reminds me of stuff I wrote for my muse sometime back. You are an awesome writer!

    I am lost for words to describe how much I enjoyed this piece, but it’s beautiful.

    Cheers Writer!

    1. topazo says:

      thanks Me… you know you are awesome too right?

  6. me says:

    Now that you say it, ‘m aware. Thanks. šŸ™‚

    1. topazo says:

      you are always welcome Me…always..

  7. amity4 says:

    Beautiful piece as usual.šŸ˜€šŸ˜
    Nice analysis by ‘goddess of words ‘ too.

    1. topazo says:

      hmm… thanks Amity.
      goddess of words…come and acknowledge this greeting by one of your devout faithfuls…

      1. Yemie says:

        Quit being a ‘drama queen’ Doc! Devout faithfuls indeed! Hmph! LOL

        Thanks you so much Quaint and Dainty China! Was held up in a logjam of online traffic and am talking bad, extremely poor network! Woulda been here earlier than now to acknowledge thee and say a big thanks to you! You made my day darl, thanks for the nomination, can’t reiterate that enough! Who nominates a ‘goofer’ for an award?! That would be you Amity dearest, thanks again! I’m deeply humbled! *hugs* LOL

        1. topazo says:

          she says “goofer” i hear “genius, goddess of words, great wordsmith, generous giver of love and goodwill, “

          1. Yemie says:

            Thank you so much Doc, but thou knowest that am only but a goofer, not a writer like y’all and am deeply humbled by you well meaning folks! I pray all of your dreams and aspirations be made manifest in every area and sphere of your lives, and y’all attain that peak, in your writing careers! God bless your hearts! *hugs* LOL

            1. topazo says:

              yea yea…that false humility again…

              1. Yemie says:

                We only see what we wanna, that’s what you see! *Yinmu* LOL

                1. topazo says:

                  of course my cute goddess….

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