Saving Dapo…coming soon

Hello, I am Dapo.

I am on a downward spiral, and on self-destruct mode. The reason? You guessed right, failed love. Cliché right? But hey, love is a beautiful thing.

I have lost the love of my life and my soul mate. It was my fault and it haunts me.

Then comes in Yemisi, my friend and pal. She is a mother hen, and she is determined to save me from myself.


She too is haunted, and needs saving. Only she doesn’t know it, or rather she is looking for it in the wrong place.

Till she meets Remi.

Only the timing is not right…

Intriguing right?

Stay tuned for more.


I didn’t write the story. I wish it was I though.

It was written by Seun Odukoya. He blogs here

He is a master at the craft and has other interesting stories that will grip you right from the very first line.

So, “Saving Dapo” started as a blog series, and is now a novel! Exciting isn’t it?

It is set to be released soon…get ready to grab your copy! It will be worth every dime….

Check out the posters below:






10 thoughts on “Saving Dapo…coming soon

  1. I think I read this piece on some blog, but didn’t finish it. So glad u will b posting it here. I’ll get to read it all through, *yayyyyy*!!!!


    1. you know what is better than reading it on the blog? owning your own copy! the novel is set for release on the 12th, so get ready to grab your copy..i can’t wait myself!


  2. I’ve gotta give it to Seun though, he’s got mad skills when it comes to telling stories with arresting illustrations, graphics and toons and am digging those poster illustrations and their captions! He’s quite the ‘cartoon enthusiast’ besides his mastery in reeling out intriguing, thrilling and highly suspense-filled masterpieces, just like the riveting saga in the famed ‘Saving Dapo’ series! I remember getting into a bit of an exchange with him on that series, regarding the twists and turns, and the eventual unprecedented climax that got the whole town talking cos he’d quite succeeded in outwitting the best of us! Nice!!! *laughing*

    Lovely review Doc, you did well to let up on just a lil bit of an info! Do keep us in the know when the paperback hits the shelf; its sure to make a great keepsake and ‘collectible’! Lol


      1. Even better and then have it autographed too by ‘the’ Seun Odukoya himself! LOL

        By all means Doc; go right ahead and do just that! It’d be mine pleasure! Thanks a bunch! *laughing*


        1. No o, you will come for the book launching, get your copy and ‘the’ Seun Odukoya himself will autograph it right there and write any thing you choose on the book…


          1. *singing* ‘He who, began a good work in me, he who began a good work in me….. will be faithful to complete it, will be faithful to complete it; he who starts a good work, will be faithful to complete it in me’! That ‘sung’, what manner of help do you propose rendering me if you won’t go the long haul ei?! *straight face* LMAO!


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