I have this friend…

I have this friend, from a long while ago,

Quiet, with few words but weighty;

Shy with a fragile body that belies great strength beneath

And with such a lovely smile, never fake,

Always reaching the eyes, with cute dimples!


I have this friend from a long while ago,

Who never ceased to tell me how talented I am;

Even when, this ‘talent’ was only a seed

And my attempts were the beginnings

Of a child learning to walk- wobbling.


I have this friend from a long while ago,

Whose words of encouragement were never few,

Who has stayed true throughout the years;

A steady presence cheering me on,

Knowing that I needed to hear those words.


I have a friend from a long while ago,

Who said to me “I believe in you”

Words that help when I am blue,

Words that go ahead to wear the clothes of action;

True friendship is always in deeds.


I have a friend from long while ago,

Who has stayed true till date;

A steady flame, never going dim

Despite the barrier of distance and time;

True friendship never really dies.

I have a friend, from a long while ago,

Who is a year older today;

A jewel in a man’s crown,

And a treasure in my heart;

And I celebrate her today.


Happy Birthday Olabimpe!

Many happy returns…

Wishing you lots of things…

Wishing you God,

And His fullness!


9 thoughts on “I have this friend…

  1. Wishing u, #Olabimpe a hearty Birthday! Once again #Doc, u did it, u murdered this piece like BAM! Oh I know, when you have true friends, they tend to see the #Best in you and bring the #Best out of you…thanks #Olabimpe, for being a #TrueFriend to our dear #DocTopazo…


  2. Wowzer! This is totally banging! A friend in need, is a friend indeed! Totally worth dying for are you and here I am wishing you, Olabimpe dearest; a very happy birthday; as you’re a year more awesome today! May this new year, bring soo much joy and comfort to you like you’ve never experienced! And may the magic of this beautiful, enchanting and enthralling season, in which the Lord decided to bless your folks with the gift of you, bring you sooo much magical moments that you’ll forever treasure IJN, Amen! LOL

    Have a blast gurl and break into a cartwheel, backflips or just plain burst several moves if that’s what you wanna! Its your birthday, seize the day and LIVE! Mwah! *bearhugs* LMAO!


    1. You said it all Sis. #Yemie. There’s nothing compared to #TrueFriends. Even the #HolyBook got something to say about true friends that are better than Brothers…


  3. Wow… I’m just seeing this, and I’m humbled. I wish I have the fine words to express the feelings in my heart right now; but we’re not all poets. This I’ll say though: “You made my evening. Thank you.”


    1. Ha! U didn’t see it?! I posted the cake since!!! Abi they missed the address ni. Ok tell me where you are so I will redirect them. Is is FB or twiitter???? *innocent face*


    2. Em…’Labimpe dearie, you wouldn’t happen to be taunting us now would you??? I mean, give a dog a bone, who posts a cake online? Who?! Who does that?! Okay! That would be you! But, I’ll let it slide, its your birthday afterall, so do what you wanna! LMAO

      I hope you had you a great day! Enjoy dearie! Mwah! *laughing*


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