Hello, December

hello december1

Hello, December

It is time to remember

A time to ruminate

Even as we jubilate.

Remember when we started?

On that first day when we shouted

Happy New Year?

And then proceeded to share

Food and drinks, and then sat down to write

And make resolutions, wrongs we want to right

Goals to achieve, heights to attain

And previous strengths to sustain.

As the year waxes old and gets set to expire

With only a few days left, an old man struggling to respire

It’s time to think and evaluate

How much time to our goals did we dedicate?

Will we get to the finish line, are we still in the race?

Did we run in vain, another year to just occupy space?

Did we make an impact, did we pursue purpose?

Did we harness our strengths or did we seek repose?

Can we say we achieved all we set out to achieve?

Or are we hoping for a reprieve?

It is December, the time of mixed feelings and emotions

Satisfaction and fulfillment, guilt and desperation

It is a time filled with laughter and celebration

And a time for deep and sober reflections

It is the end of a long journey filled with memories, good and bad

Some we want to relive all over and some we wish we never had

It is December, it is a season filled with hope

A New Year approaches, and with it a rope

Thrown out for those drowning in the depths

To latch unto and look forward beyond the present dearth

To a new year of abundance and bounty harvest.




(Dedicated to Yemie… she inspired this, even without knowing it… a simple act..)

Images courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/ http://www.google.com


38 thoughts on “Hello, December

  1. Hello Topazo, this is as much a delight to read as it is some thought to feed on. Nicely cooked up by you, literary chef extraordinaire.
    And to my sis Yemie, who inspired this, you rock any time T. You know that? Maybe you’ll never know what you are to many but the “output” speaks for itself. Kudos gurl!


        1. Yes oooo….Thank God for Yemie…the Santa Claus who climbs down the chimney of our hearts, soot not withstanding and brings Xmas before December…The Mother Christmas associated with warmth, spring and summer bringing sunshine, laughter and mirth…

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    1. Uw! Am so tearing up right now! These are such sweet words and you don’t know what you just did, scratch that; what you do to me Honeycomb! Since meeting you, my life as I knew it just took a flying leap into God knows where and I mean that in the best way possible! That’s the impact your ‘wading’ into my life had on me! I knew I was done for the first day you got intouch with me on the amazing ‘Piece of me’ post! A lotta folks had hitherto tried to pull my outta my shell; but I just knew I was fighting a losing battle with you coming on board! It was so darn obvious, you simply don’t know the half of it ma darling and I don’t go calling just anyone ‘The Grand Witch of York’! *laughing*

      Thanks so much Honeycomb, I love you tons and its been great knowing you! *bearhugs n kisses* LOL

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      1. you know I had to go back to that post ‘piece of me’. was that really our first online convo? wow, how time flies…
        I am sure that it is not me that you are calling grand witch of York o… maybe Zee, cos I saw that you and Zee had plenty convo in that post too…


        1. Hehehe! Its Honeycomb Zee that I referred to as the ‘Grand Witch of York’ on my first ever post! *laughing*

          I couldn’t possibly be referring to a guy as a witch could I now?! *raised eyebrow*

          Time indeed does fly especially when you’re having fun and once you open up your heart to perceived strangers, there’s the treasure of friendship somewhere in there, just waiting to be unlocked and discovered! And that’s what y’all have been to me, treasures! I stand to gain so much from y’all and infact, I have and still continue to! Y’all are a blessing and its wonderful knowing y’all, especially you Doc; am sure you know that already! Mwah! LOL


      2. Yes, our Sis. Yemie is such a Force pushing and pulling us all! I first noticed her through her comments on Walter’s blog posts, then I always look forward to reading her comments which are always lenghty but filled with crackers. Then inkheart led me to #Topazo, and wham! Here she is again with those comments. Then I told myself, I wanna be Acquaintanted with this Wonderful Lady. I’m intrigued by her, by her comments and how she makes ppl around her feel so special…keep it up #LadyYemie, I know we can’t get enough of U…*Hugs, bearhugs &Hugs*!


  2. *tear* Aw! Mischief becomes you, Temitope Ogundare, all the time, every time! Jeez! *smh* LOL

    You know, when this mail dropped into my box and I opened it up and saw ‘Hello December’, my interest was piqued but I shrugged it off and told myself ‘Oh, that’s just a mere coincidence, aint nuttin’ to it’! Then again at the back of my mind, I knew it couldn’t possibly be; I mean; this is Temitope Ogundare we’re talking ’bout here, the ‘Eternal Mischief Maker’?! ‘What is he giving me a run around’?! I asked myself but not for so long as I stumbled upon the footnote, and then I teared up first and foremost; before laughing my head off! You ehn! I tire gan ni! LMAO!

    I totally adore and cherish every single line and verse of this all-encompassing masterpiece, as it seeks to cover up all the bases! The celabrations and fanfare that comes with this beautiful, magical season, the feelings of not having achieved all that we pegged down at the onset of the year going right by, accomplishments raked in, expectations for the on-coming year and all what not! You know, It really doesn’t matter as long as we’re alive; all things will fall into place in God’s Perfect Time and according to His divine purpose for each and every one of us by His grace in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

    Thank you so much for this Doc, December’s my most favourite time of the year being the fun person that I am, and am so looking forward to all my line-ups for this season, to ball and just live a lil! *laughing*

    So, this is me wishing you and yours; a very Happy Holiday in advance! God bless and keep you both and my highest point this year’s undoubtedly; meeting you, making your acquaintance, taking a ‘quantum’ leap from the virtual to the real world to behold you and well, I propose a toast to the future! *raising my goblet* To us, to great friendships and camaraderie! Bottoms up and free bearhugs! Mwaaaah! LMAO!


    1. *grinning* I knew you would get it from the title..but then I wanted to tell you, in more explicit ways how without knowing it, you inspired me.

      *raising plastic cup* a toast to great friendship and camaraderie…. thanks for making 2014 fun..

      I agree with you, what matters most is that we are alive (and thus have hope) and that we are in the centre of God’s plan, because we know that He makes all things beautiful in His time…


      1. That’s the very verse Doc, He makes ALL things absolutely beautiful in His time! Thank YOU for making ’14 so much more fun for me, more than I ever hoped and dreamed it’d be! You’ll NEVER really know all the things you’ve wrought in my life as soon as you made your way right in, and I used to think I was the mischief, hmph! *smh* LOL

        You, are the absolute bestest, sweetest, kindest, crazy but hey, crazy’s wayyy cool! *laughing*

        I’ll never forget you, I couldn’t however hard I try and that’s just me getting up to no good! Plastic cup, really?! I’ll be soo damned! LMAO!


    2. Yeah…I agree with u Sis. Our Dearest #Topazo is really a #MischiefMaker! He sure knows how to keep us on our toes. He’s wonderful, always having something up his sleeves. He’s a man I’ve come to have a lot of respect form his write-ups always open a well of deep thinking in me. Most times I wonder why I’m just getting to see his blog. He knows how to bring brightness to each poem, story or muses he penned down. Yeah really a #MischiefMasterPlanner…but I guess he has u to hold accountable for many of those mischiefs Sis..*looks over shoulder, flees*


          1. *applauding* I totally dig that response! You’re really getting better at this gurl; getting the hang of things! I give you straight ‘A’s on all counts! Well done! Parolo jo, kosiyawere! LMAO!


            1. Laughing so hard! Well Sis, since you got ma back, I got nothing to fear then. Heheheheheheheheh! Kai! #Doc, be ready to rumble!!!!!!!


  3. It’s a real hello #December…tho’ I got a lot to cover at the begining of this year, one way or the other, I couldn’t get anything done. This year haven’t been the best year of my Life, but then sometimes October, I met the #Topazo, our very own #WordDoc and I get to be close to him and Big Sis. #Yemie. Then I wake up everyday to have some beautiful thoughts to look forward to. The friendly banter between you guys and I made me thank God for the Special gifts of#Topazo, #Yemie, #Zee and #DrSwag. You guys made the later part of this year beautiful for me, something to remember #2014 by…thanks for being there always, thanks for ur wonderful friendship…and thanks #Topaz for another wonderful post…*hugs, hugs & hugs*…


    1. Ma Sweetest Jules! Thank you so much for being here! Its, and I mean; you’re such a dream come true and I’ve since watched this glorious blog grow in leaps and bounds since being here! It was my bestest decision yet to stay on and be a part of a great story, the journey of an awesome writer, who’s too modest to see and admit his amazing abilities and gifting! LOL

      Don’t you worry ’bout those goals that are still yet to be accomplished, they will be; all in God’s Perfect timing! He’s the God of times and seasons, just leave all in His Hands while looking up to Him and all will be made perfect for you in the fullness of time IJN; Amen!

      Thanks again Jules, am deeply humbled and this, all of these; is God’s doing and YOU are absolutely marvellous in my sight! Love you tons and God bless you Jellybeans! Mwah! LOL


      1. Thanks dearest Zee, I’m honored. Actually it was #Doc that christened me Jules, lols, and d name just stuck. And I’m loving it tho’ *contented smile*

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    2. Aww Jules, don’t you worry, He makes all things beautiful in His time. ALL things work together for those who love God.

      thank you for being a part of my life in 2014! thanks for finding and staying here….


                  1. Ha!!! Mogbe! Ok, that means I’ll provide u with Lebanese ARAK. I hope u know wht that means??? *wickedgrin* hehehehehhee!!!!!


                    1. Hahahhahahahhahhaaha!!!!! You won’t know what hit u #DrSwag! Be warned o! Me have said my own o!!! Hehehehehehe!!!!


  4. Lovely post brother! It’s a time to reminisce. Here’s hoping you’ve had an awesome year so far, and wishing you the best of the rest of the year and many more years to come!

    It’s the season of celebrations!

    Cheers brother, and thanks for the tag. 🙂


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