The sun shone brilliantly today,

And beat heavily on me,

It scorched my skin and made my

Sweat pores cry.

The wind blew dust in my face

And tousled my well set hair

My tear duct bled from the smoke

Emitted from passing vehicles.

My legs ache,

Not as much as my heart

And my head is heavy.

The skies were blue today and complemented the

Hue of yellow of the brilliant sun

The canvass of my handkerchief is splashed with colors

From the mixture of sweat, dust and mascara

I smiled as my eyes followed the mating dance of two chickens

Right over by the dunghill close to my house

The green of the grass growing by the wayside

Complemented the brown of the earth.

I stand naked in the bathroom

And feel the tension of the day drain down the sink

As the water hit me

I feel because I live

I am alive

And thankful.


13 thoughts on “Thankful

    1. Yes o, counting our blessings helps keeps us in perspective of just how much we have received, gives us hope of what we are yet to receive and keeps us happy and thankful…

      Thanks Sir


  1. A good reminder to be thankful no matter what our circumstances are. After the travails of the day, we are tired, yes, but happy, because we are alive. Thank you for this reminder Topazo.


  2. Wow! I totally love this masterpiece! Its amazing how you were well able to capture all the events leading up to the Narrator’s realization that even though she’s had better days, one thing still stands out and definitely outruns every other ‘shit’ that’s gone forth: the fact that she gets to live through another day, cause she’s alive! Its also commendable how even amidst all the ‘unfavourables’, she could SEE the beauty of nature in Chickens by a dunghill and appreciate grasses growing by the way! That’s so wothy of emulation, takes a great thinker and mind to pull those off! Lol

    A caption I saw recently goes a lil something like this….if you can’t find absolutely nothing to be thankful for, look no further than your wrist; cause therein you’ll find a pulse! Thanks for sharing Doc, thumbs up!


    1. That caption is so spot on!
      Sometimes we are too blind to see the beauty of the world around us…if we could see, then we would remember that He that could make such beautiful things wouldn’t have the heart to neglect us like we are wont to think when things don’t go our way…
      He set the beautiful things around us to always remind us how beautiful His thoughts are towards us… a reminder of just how much we are cherished…He literally surrounded our lives with beauty!


  3. Through all the Tempest Tossing, through all the raging Storm. Through all the rolling tides, through all the the wars that’s being waged, through all I see or cannot see…You brought me this far Lord…and I’m so, so #THANKFUL…Way to Go #Topazo! You did it again, this sure is another #Masterpiece, an an epitome of creativity. Brilliantly Penned and a great reminder for us to learn to be thankful. Wonderful, keep the #TorchofWords burning through Ur #MightyPen Doc…


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