The Inkheart

Right from Naijastories, I have followed this writer. Her pen name was fascinating and her stories flowed with such easy pace and suck you right into them. She writes on matters of the heart, pain and forgiveness. She creates strong characters who find their way home after being battered by life and her cronies, the fates. Her characters encourage us not to give up, they remind us that there is always hope even in the darkest of situation. And oh, the sizzling romance!
Today she celebrates her birthday. And I want to wish her a great year ahead.
The Inkheart.
A heart that has been bruised
Seeking to heal the world with words
A heart that has seen pain
Serving as a balm to an ailing people;
Writing with such poise and elegance
Words that take on flesh and find their way
Into the heart.
Words written with quill dipped into the inkpot
Of the Giver of words.
A heart filled with molten gold
Shining forth, touching souls.
May your days be filled with beauty
Ethereal and breathtaking
May your heart overflow with joy
And happiness that is bellyful
May your head be sprinkled with grace
And your face shine with Favour.
Happy birthday!


5 thoughts on “The Inkheart

  1. I wanted to comment on this post since yesterday, but the gods of the Internet are angry with me, they didn’t allow me do much browsing.
    YES! She’s Unique, she’s different, she never allow the past weigh her down. She’s always on the positive, I’ve learned a lot since I met her, she even made me find #TOPAZO…no words can describe this wonderful lady, she’s a role model, a #Celebrity. Happy Birthday to U the #InkHeart. I wish you the very best to come in the years you have ahead. Keep floating, keep on moving, you will surely get there…*Hugs…

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    1. I feel honored to impact lives; that is what I am for always. GOD bless you so much for your kind words. I appreciate this so much, you have no idea how much. The gift of words are far better than material gifts and you have blessed me with the best.. Thank you Juliana, I am honored but I am not a celeb o.. I am one bush Cotonou babe like that.. Thanks Amity, GOD bless you more


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