Darkness at noon

The world is sunny

But you sit in darkness

Cold and shivering

Because no amount of sun

Can thaw the ice around your heart.


You see the vivid colors in the world

Through monochromatic lenses

For you, there would be no “wows”

No jaw dropping from awesome wonders

All there is to your world are shades of gray.


You should be happy, you know that

Or should you?

All you know is that you are not;

Well, sometimes you are

But deep underneath is a sadness,

No smile can reach.


Some days you can keep the darkness at bay

At other time, you are overwhelmed

You wonder if you are depressed

Or something is wrong with you on a massive scale

Or just maybe…


And then you are stuck

You have no answers

All you have are what you feel

And you know that you don’t feel so good

Is it you or did the world just go dark?


38 thoughts on “Darkness at noon

  1. I was next door on the Psyche ward series, nice easy writing. Well done. As a fellow night crawler and writer of sorts… I would like to introduce you to my project. Its called BookSale. At least now your fans can buy digital copies of your books or collections. Etc. This is hardly the place to say this but…


      1. Ok, put your work in order, probably a pdf file. I’ve also got a blog post on the site on how you can also protect your file from being printed or text copied or screen grabbed.

        You sign up on the site: Booksale.com.ng and upload your work. With a nice cover image. You can also offer a preview to potential customers and fans. Set the price for your item… and that’s it. you start selling in a matter of 5 minutes.


  2. ..hmmm…I don’t envy this dude or dame…however, this writing is not in a monochromatic hue..it is vivid with colours…your space, your world, your words are sunny…..here it is warm and peeps don’t shiver…you nailed it as usual bro….


        1. hmmm..i will leave Yemie to convince you otherwise…she says these things better…after so much debate she convinced me that my site should be change to Gloomsville and I almost did it…


          1. Lolzzz…..you peeps won’t kill someborry…its not about the subject, its about the vehicle of expressing the subject….You use the nicest of automobiles bro…even when it is used to convey the most grisly and gloomiest tale…we look beyond the gore and blood and exclaim…WHAT A RIDE!!!!


              1. Lollllllzzzz….Topaz,,your modesty is quite refreshing..i cant believe you are just “seeing”..You, who sees into worlds that do not exist, you who sees the heartbeats of words, you who create skeletons into words, give them musculature, breath into them and make them live..you are just seeing….unbelievable!!!….


  3. Oh! Its most definitely you babycakes, the world did not go dark, nuh-uh; maybe YOUR world! Your lil corner of the world that is! Last I checked, the world was still very much revolving and rotating ’bout its axis, and pretty much; life’s going on as it should! I hope I’ve been of major help in cracking the code, yeah?! *Yinmu* LMAO!

    First, I absolutely love that title, mystical! Such great irony! The piece in itself is a very strong one! We all get to experience darkness at noon most times, and for some; they actually get to experience ‘Noon at Noon’ after all said and done, while for some others, they’d much rather choose to dwell and linger therein, allowing themselves to be swallowed and defined by the nascent situation, consciously or unconsciously! I don’t worry ’bout what I have absolutely no control over, pray tell; why should you?! *raised eyebrow* ROTFLMAO!

    A beautifully concocted masterpiece Doc, dunno how you do it but you do it anyways! *shrugs* A very wise, brilliant man thou art; and I’ll never tire of my ‘bias’ in affirming the most obvious, and I mean; the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING but the truth; so help me God! Kudos! LOL


          1. Super Yems..dont bother with the hush..ama shout this from the rooftops…Your Super bonhomie. …literary skills..vision. .needs to and must be publicized. ..Daily Planet. .CNN…BBC..Here I come..no hushing..


      1. Hahahahahaha! Oh put a suck in it, Mededot! What do you even going on ’bout now ei?! You’re suspecting me ei?! Okay! What’s the basis of this ‘suspicion’?! Was it something I said, did, what?! *raised eyebrow*LMAO!

        We only see what we wanna, that’s what you see, Mededot and welcome to this glorious plain! I hope you love it here! Its a tad gloomy; but this gloom’s pretty awesome and plenty appealing! You Rock, big time Sir! Respect! *laughing*


        1. Hehehehe, it is something you did say and do. All the way from psyche ward to here lol. Anyways as I’m in a habit of creating web applications, Yemie you might find this one interesting: it’s called solorants.com it’s anonymous posting. Not that you rant o… just saying you may like the site 😀


          1. Hahaha! Oh C’mon Mededot! Its an open secret that Yemie’s a yacker and I do a pretty fine job of it too, I mean; I got your attention didn’t?! That must at least account for something init?! *poppin collar* LMAO!

            Solorants sounds like a pretty good idea, one worth checking out definitely! You can count me in, bro; would love to learn more! Thank you so much! One love! LOL


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