In love with the sun

I am in love with the sun,

It fills me with wonder;

The echoes of thunder,

The streaks of lightning across the sky;

The fragrance of the rain soaked earth

Rich and intoxicating;

The sparkles of dew drops as it

Glints in the early morning light;

The sprinkles of diamond on

The canvass of the night;

The silvery glow of the full moon,

Queen among the constellations;

I am in love with the one

In whose mind all were conceived,

Whose imagination created the worlds,

Whose wisdom founded the heavens,

And whose words made manifest such beauty.




14 thoughts on “In love with the sun

  1. Another beautiful rendition of worship to the Supreme Being! Glorifying Him amidst the wonders of his celestial and terrestial creations! Very enriching and sparkly too! Nature in its glorious, magnificent respledence!

    I love the imageries used here, and that illustration of the lady ‘romanticizing’ a whole fiery sun in her hands……. she definitely must be the sun god, otherwise, I don’t see how that’s even possible! *laughing*

    Great job you did here Doc, it becomes to so much easier to worship God when we behold the beauty of His creations; chief amongst ’em, Man and the forces of nature! Well done and grace multiplied! LOL


    1. the world is one brilliant masterpiece carefully designed and executed by the Almighty…. and I think He intends for us to see the beauty in them and remember Him, and give Him thanks…..


  2. When in Awesome wonder considers all Our LORD Created just for us to enjoy, it fills me with amazement…Our God is an #AWESOME GOD, His Majestic Powers are beyond Human Comprehension, His Wonderment is just too Overwhelming…and U, Topazo brings us close to these Wonderful Works through ur rendition. And for that I’m grateful…thank u so much…by d way, *coughs into palm* today’s my buffdai, and I’m expecting a gift from u…*grinning from ear to ear*


  3. Beautiful!! Very unique style of poetry. You cannot but fall in love with the beauty and splendour of all of God’s creations, the calmness of Nature….and the one who makes all of these things happen….

    Keep it up Topazo!


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