Love of my life

Beautiful, beyond description is my beloved

Strong, confident, larger than life

Gentle, easy going, ever the perfect gentleman

Quiet, subtle, multilayered.

He found me, at a tender age and wooed me

It is a love like no other;

I have experienced love and have been loved deeply,

Openly and in ways beyond my imagination,

Still none has come close to that which I have received from

Him, and never has one captured my heart totally;

I wake to the joy of loving Him

And go to bed thinking of Him,

He is mine and I am His.

He is a rock, steady and steadfast

My eccentricities notwithstanding,

In my mess, He totally gets me

And loves me in spite of them all;

He spoils me silly,

His charm is irresistible,

His voice soothes my soul, even in the tempestuous storm.

I daydream about the day when we finally meet,

I have been told, He is the fairest of men;

All we ever get now are few moments of pleasure

Talking across time distance, separated by several miles

And by many distractions of the heart.

Still, in the cool of the day, as the eyes wind to a close

And the blanket of night envelopes the sky,

I look forward to our talks and my heart beats as the call connects;

I feel warmth washing over me as I hear

His voice filter through;

He only, makes me gush and splutter

He fills my heart with music and a delightsome melody;

He is my Lord, my love and my God.


98 thoughts on “Love of my life

  1. Words fail me my Awesome Poet! This dreamy, overwhelmingly enchanting and spellbinding masterpiece totally gets me and I’ll bet the Good Lord’s drinking in all of these sweetness in wondrous, rapturous ecstasy! Em… guessing that came out right, RIGHT?! I mean, He’s the love of your life as well as mine by His grace, so those words are totally appropriate! I think! *rme* LOL

    Gosh Doc! You totally, absolutely, completely brought this, and you get better with every passing day! Just when I think I’ve gotten you all figured out and seen the absolute bestest of you, you go and spring this amazingly ethereal of words of exhortation, worship and praises to the Supreme One, who’s all deserving of these wonderfully concocted magical lines and so much more?! That figures! *laughing*

    I’ve got great love, mad respect and admiration for you! My all time favorite of all your poems for shizzie and I’ve lost count on the number of times I’ve had to say those words to you! I must really sound like a broken record right now, who’s player hating?! *shrugs*

    Way to go Doc, rock and most definitely; ride and WRITE on! Booyah! LMAO!


    1. oh Yemie…*sighs*
      if I say ‘thank you’ it is a cheap overused line of mine….let me just keep grinning like an idiot…lol
      and no you do not sound like a broken record….more like a favorite melody put on repeat, and one I can’t get over it’s beauty….


    2. Pardon me Mrs/Miss? Yemie (I highly doubt you are a Mr).
      I hardly comment on blogposts, (I type in comment box, I read it, it seems bland, I delete it).

      But you ma’am(?), seem to have it down to an art.
      Your comments are very engaging I must say.
      After reading Topazo’s post, I usually scroll down and read your comment(s) also. You have an interesting way with words.

      I’m tempted to go all ninja on my backspace button now, but I shan’t. Ermmm…. I’m looking for a really cool way to end this, but nothing is coming to mind, so ….Bye. πŸ™‚


      1. Whoa! You blow me away to smithereens my sweet, adorable Jemstone! And that’s a wayyy cool, mighty exquisite and pretty ‘phunkie’ name you’ve got right there! I’ve got hot flushes all over and if I don’t pedal softly, I may break out in rashes and that wouldn’t be a cute sight to behold! Eew! *laughing*

        Thank you so so much for this precious one! Within the last 48hrs, I’ve been numbed and stunned speechless, first by this masterpiece in all its dazzling, glorious brilliance, and then, you!

        All the thanks goes to God really, and My Awesome Poet, who’s the originator of those bedazzling masterpieces; that sets me into a tailspin of those ‘interesting’ words for which you honour me right now! I am but a leech, lapping up and latching on to the ‘bootiful’ mind of the Dynamic Diamond; Dr Temitope Ogundare, and am totally humbled, bowled over that he allows me free reins of his space, to come and go as I like! He’s such a dear, the absolute bestest! LOL

        Plus, darling; we do wanna hear your sonorous voice upon this glorious plain! Don’t go all Ninja on ’em backspace button no more, please?! *bunny eyes* You’re every bit one of us, and we’d REALLY LOVE to hear from you! So, what says you babycakes?! Yay or nay?! Let’s burn this space and shut it down by keeping the conversation alive and going! We love you, to pretty bitz and teeny-tiny pieces, cos you’re very SPECIAL and you’re family too! *bearhugs and kisses* LOL

        PS: Don’t you worry ’bout the things to write in the comment box, they’ll come to you; I promise! Just let your beautiful heart do the talking and you’d be fine, trust me!

        So, did that lil gimmick and pep talk work then?! Don’t go breaking my heart on this one, just say YES! Please?! *bunny eyes and holding my breath* LOL


        1. whoa! Yemie, thanks for this your pep talk o…I could never have come up with anything near it! I sure hope it makes jemstone stay…

          and you and all these names you just invent for me! “Dynamic Diamond” ehkwa? ok na… me I will just stay here and lap it all up and blush beet red… thank you so much!


          1. Oh Doc, you’re so much more precious than a diamond and it grieves me that you don’t see it! I have to reuterate it continually till it sinks into that thick, magnificent skull of yours! *raised eyebrow*

            A candle illuminates everywhere else except the all, most important place.. its base! That’s you Doc! The light you radiate is seen by all except the one who really oughta….YOU!

            You’re a huge deal dear, just accept it, no questions asked! Ti temi ye mi gan ni, as in I know what am talking ’bout! *laughing*


            1. Help me tell him o Sis. Yemie! Me I’m always short words to describe his brilliancy. And since I have u here to always help in that area, I’m so so with on whatever u say and whatever new name u invent for him, I’ll gladly call him! His too much!!!!!!! Sometimes I read his write-ups, I’ll just b speechless! A whole me o, Julianah to b speechless! Oh boy, this aint funny! Yeah..he’s a rare #GEM/#JEM!!!! He’s wonderful, excellent, exquisite, outstanding, borrow me more pls!!!! He’s the #WritingMessiah of out time…


              1. Hoo boy! And am supposedly the dramatic one?! Ahem…not quite! Ease up Jules, take a deep breath! Are you quite calmed down yet?! Wowzer! LOL

                Truth be told, you scare the shiite outta me! You’re creeping me out gurl, slow down, yet, Outlier Babe says I have the energy for two people and I say she’s yet to meet ‘the’ Juliana! Nawa for you o, biko; chillax! Habatically! ROTFLMAO!

                HBD 2 U by the way, have many more! God bless and keep you too! May this be your best birthday yet! Enjoy and please, take am easy o! Jeez! *Yinmu and smh** LOL


                1. Oh well…I learned from d #BEST! YOU Sis. YEMIE!!!!!! The Greatest Sis Yemie of all time!!!!!! One and #ONLY Sis. Yemie!!!!!!! The #ORIGINAL Sis. Yemie!!!!!! The #MAGNIFICENT Sis. Yemie!!!!!!! The Sis. Yemi #EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!!! Yes, I’m a good student don’t u think? *innocent face*


                    1. Can you put your E-mail addy on this space so I can send you some airtime?! Will that be a worthwhile bday gift then; bday gurl?! *smiley face*


                    2. Hahahaha! Account number ko…..Matric number ni! See ya mouth! Jankolikolikoko! Barawo kowe! LMAO

                      I’ll send you some airtime, and yes am dead serious! Fortunately; am not in the ranks of those who promises and fail to deliver, so help me God! Phew! LOL

                      Gimme your preferred ntwk and as per that acct number, kobaje rara! Just give that bit to Topazo, he’s got all the bases covered! You’re in safe hands and gurl, its your lucky day! *evil grin*


                    3. Yemie don’t use me to shy away from this!! collect her account number and do the needful! with all these songs of praises she has been singing about you, I am surprised you haven’t asked for her account number sooner…shake body jor…don’t be stingy…LOL


                    4. Lol!!!!!!! Haba my aunty! U supposed collect ma acct no o! Since I’ll need some u knw what naa, to rock town as per it’s ma buffdai naa Sis. And I’m counting on u to make dar hapen!


                    5. Ok Sis. Airtel will b preferable since I’m having Big problem with Mtn. It’s like ma forfatheres owe them during another lifetime(or may it was a travel in time) so whenever I recharge, they swipe it! So I’m on Vacation frm Mtn. Airtel will b great! Whew!!!! First Buffdai gift today! Yaaaay!!!!! Thanks Sis, u are a million much!!! *hugs&kisses…


                  1. Aw Hell Naw Juliana! Don’t even go there! Firecrackers Vs Torpedoes or Missiles if you may! I am just a firecracker, but you…..a confirmed missile! A ticking timebomb just getting ready to blow up this whole joint! Whaaaaat?! Wow! LMAO!

                    Its REALLY good to have you here Jellybeans! You’re a dream come true, an answer to a Great Poet’s ultimate dream; trust me! Topazo can second me on that one! Do your thang jare! Scream, shout and let it out LOUD; it isn’t deafening enough just yet! Parolo jare! No lele! LOL


                    1. Hahahahhahahahha!!!!!!! Sis!!!!!!!! Now u pull ma leg so hard, it went right out under me and I fell flat on me face! No Sis u r da #BEST! Me just strolling behind ya! And I’m sure Topaz will support me on that, you’re the #TORNADOE, #ATOMICBOMB, #TIMEBOMB, #BARZOOKA all roll in one!!!! So Sis, me just taking frm ur block!


                    2. LWKMD! Gee, thanks Jules, am giddy from all these superlatives, I really am! Am not the best, I couldn’t possibly be! Am still a work in progress as I dunno up to ten percent of what I should ordinarily know! I pretty much learn daily! Plus, its only if there’s a contest that a ‘best’ will be expected to emerge! So, am no best really! Don’t mind Swag and Topazo with their continued songs of the best! Am in no competition with anyone, just catching my fun wherever I seem to find it! That’s all! Best sha?! Who sai! I wish! But thanks anyhow! *smh* LOL


                    3. No Sis. You’re the best u can be beacause God said so! We’re only His Dearest Messengers just delivering His Message to His Wonderful #DaughterYemie…..


                    1. Help you bawo, Dynamic Diamond??? Ki ni temi n be?! This is your dream come true and I pray more delightfully awesome peeps like Jules, find their ways to this glorious haven, set it ablaze and shut it down! Imagine having like ten Jules on this space?! Mehn! You’re a made man gan ni! LMAO!

                      So dear, revel, bask, glory and delight in it! Na your time be dis! Go with the flow, nothing dey happen! *giggling*


                    2. Help U????? Sis Yemie???? No o! I trust she won’t interfere since she knows I’m on da right track. So dnt even think abt calling her or any1 else, I gat u well wrapped in ma words of praises and there’s aint anything can do abt it….*smirking*


        2. oh my goodness! I’m beyond swept away. I’ve been ‘avalanched’ away gan. (allow my grammar) Gracias muchos ma’am! I feel like I have to see in person and poke you( just one little poke on your arm) to be sure you are real and not made of fairy dust and glitter.

          You have to be the most pleasant personality I’ve met online. I feel you are one of those people who cause happiness wherever they go ( and not whoever they go). so much positive energy, wow!

          I’m gonna be re-reading that comment over and over again. thanks again!


          1. Jemstone Jellybeans, now am REALLY dumbstruck for real! I was so right on the money when I said your voice was sonorous! These sweet sounds are honey to my entire being! You douse and serenade me with ’em! I just knew there was there was more to you, and this ‘unleasshing’, more than proves that! Please DON’T ever shy away from blessing us with your beautiful presence, my smiling angel; like I said before and I still reiterate it again; You. Are. The . Highest. Point. Of. My. Day. Today. And am grateful our paths crossed! I was awaiting your response, seeing as I’ve been holding my breath from when last we spoke, now I can retire for the night, happy and pretty fulfilled! You made it so darling, and I love you TRUCKLOADS, CONTAINERS n a gazillion VESSELS! You rock pieces hun! Mwah! LOL


                    1. Oh but that where you’ve got it all wrong mine ‘Dynamic Diamond’! You see, there such a thing as ‘Better than the Best’; which is what you are, aha! In thy fine face, Bingo!!! Gatcha!!! LMAO!


                1. Well…I got a lot of backup to do that u know, U, Sis. Yemie and Zee…so allow me sing d praises of Our One and Only #DocTopazo!!!!!!!!!!


                2. Imagine! He’s beyond talented! And to think I love the ring to that..*sighs…#JULES, hmm…frm now on, I’m #JULES!!!!! Hehehehe…… pweeeettttyyyyyy!!!!!!!


              1. Hahaha!!!!! Reeeeeeeaaaallllllyyyyy???? Like seeeeerrrriiiiooouuuusssllllyyyy?????? U aint see nothing yet! Oh, I’ve been on break due to my health, but trust me, I’m back. And I’m back with full force!!!! So u waith Topazo, I’m gonna bombard u with many more praises. U know why? Because u deserve every bit of what u hear from us! Yeah, you’re that cherished. So *buckle ur seatbelt* and be ready for the ride of ur life!!!! Heheheheheheh!!!!!! Yepppyyyy!!!!!


            1. Jemstone’s simply spectacular, Swag! I just knew there was a lot more to this mysterious sweetness that she is, when she dropped her first comment! She’s a firecracker, gat a lotta spunk and her name’s ‘phunkie’ too! Those lines, got me as well! She’s gat great flows, totally! LOL


              1. …you welcome sis..but we should th a nk you for bringing your candle out from under the bushel and lightening up this corner of the blogosphere. ..your light is brilliant. .your flavour is sweet..ur jem dazzles..thank gat flow..


        1. I agree with you Dr Swag…you and all the people here are precious stones that have splashed my blog with colors and beauty and value… I cherish you all…

          and about Yemie, words fail me…I have exhausted all the words in my repertoire and even those I crammed from the Webster’s dictionary….

          Liked by 1 person

                1. Pondering on the exact sorta chick that I am……..Broiler, Layer, Grower, and Starter….can’t seem to make up my mind on that one just yet! But, I’ll be sure to fill you in on my ‘breed’, if and when I come up with it! *Yinmu* LMAO!


                    1. Hahahahahah! Hybrid indeed! Egbe ni ota e o, smart mouth! And this is the part where I pay you back in your own coins shy guy! Payback’s a byotch so here goes….If I catch Topazo ehn……you simply don’t wanna know! Rings a bell am guessing?! *raised eyebrow* LMAO!


                    2. Against ‘popular’ beliefs Doc, I DON’T catch your drift! Lay it all out BARE! I’m really spoiling for a fight this afternoon, can you tell?! Oya o, its rude to keep a lady waiting, start singing! Ooommmphhhh! LMAO!


                    3. Huh?! Are you for real, Doc?! What would you have had me do exactly??? Pray, tell! If I had to do what I had in mind to do, I’d have been grabbed, gagged and bound in chains and fetters by all those guys who were seated at the holding area of the reception, and then hurled off to the Psyche Ward! Em..I believe that’s where you do your thing right?!! *raised eyenrow*

                      Seriously??? You’re one to point fingers shy guy! Pray tell, how did you fare?! You’re were glued to the spot, entranced and may I remind you….OVERWHELMED???? Then must at least sound familiar then! Temitope Ogundare! Yi mi nu o and warn yasef gidi gan ni! Hmph! ROTFLMAO!


                    4. that’s why the threat is EMPTY…if you really were brazen, you would still have gone ahead, and who knows you might have gotten away with it…but now the only thing we are certain of is that you no get liver…and that all you have are barks and no action!!!


                    5. Hahahaha! I’ll just pretend you didn’t just say that you silly nilly! You’re REALLY one to point fingers! From all indications, you DID the same thing to Jemstone shy guy, so put a suck in it! You don’t really know what am capable of, and you REALLY don’t wanna know! *Yinmu*

                      Plus, that pretty nice friend of yours, who attended to me was a bunch of mischief! He said you told him you didn’t know me and that was rather puzzling and shocking! I guess mischief’s always hovering around you! Goofballs! LMAO!

                      I acted the best, most civilized way I could! It was your big day and that was more that enough drama already! You certainly didn’t need me to heap more drama upon drama did you?! *rme* LOL


                    6. you better pretend o…cos this is about me and you, not me and Jems… you are the one always saying how I shouldn’t let you catch me etc…and when the time came, you were as docile as lukewarm water!

                      lol @ the mischief part…if you know what he said to me…

                      you acted like the chicken that you were jor! actionless somebody…lol


                    7. Hahahaha! Temitope Ogundare! Thunder fire dat ya mouth! If am a Chicken, what are you?! I made conversation and what did you do?! NOTHING! Silent mode was automatically activated! You’re so scatterred and discomfitted! Nonsense and ingredient! LMAO!

                      Pls, do tell! What did your mischief maker friend say exactly! I really wanna know! *straight faced*


      2. thanks jemstone for commenting, even if it was not due to anything I wrote.

        welcome to the world of Yemie…she is awesome that way.

        let me just set something straight, the comments that you term “bland” would be “awesome” for me. Hearing your thoughts on my writings means a lot to me, so don’t hesitate to drop a comment, it can NEVER be bland. thank you…


        1. Lol.
          I’ve been a fan of your writing ever since I stumbled across a link to your blog on twitter. So much so that I was able to recognise you at Dr Ife’s wedding. πŸ™‚ I just don’t leave comments. (I’m shy :))


          1. awww…I remember feeling like a superstar that day when you greeted me. I know the feeling of being shy, cos I was extremely shy that day, else I would have stopped to chat you up…I really hope I get another chance..

            so coming from someone who is shy, please don’t let that stop you from dropping your comments…thanks!


  2. OHK! So, I just died, journeyed to see the Great One for which this masterpiece was concocted, and am right back to Earth now! Phew! A ‘lil giddy and pretty much dazed, floating and gliding in mid-air, but hey! giddy works for me like cooreizy, you’ve absolutely no idea! Wow! *laughing*

    Thanks Diamond, and that’s a new appellation courtesy of Swag and I by the way; you’re that precious and then some and you totally do me in like BAM! BAM!! BAM!!! Soar on up babycakes! LMAO!


      1. Cahoots sounds like a grand conspiracy Doc, we’re just die-hard fans, w rooting for ya and cheering you to victory! Diabetes gotten from sweet appellations kill not! On the contrary, it’s actually very good for your health, so ease up already! You’re pretty safe! LOL


      1. Yeah..Words failed me because I was in a trance while reading that poem, basking in that Special Love of GOD, reminding me of His Unfailing and Undying Love. Making me look Unto Him Coz I know his Banner of Love can never be removed or torn, nor can it ever worn out..yes I’m #SPEECHLESS because u brought very bright reminder of the #LOVEofCHRIST. Yes I’m #SPEECHLESS because you’re the only one who can make me feel #SPEECHLESS with your mighty #PEN…Yes…I’m #SPEECHLES, and that’s why I’m just rambling now…*takes duvet covers head*…


        1. *grinning*
          yes, the love of God for us is immeasurable and dwelling on it overwhelms us and makes us go weak at the knees and makes us want to shout it from the rooftops..


  3. Awww!
    Na network no gree for me since!
    All your your admonition has been taken.
    this indeed has been a highlight of my day too.
    You are contagious in the most wonderful of ways!
    Good night. Have a wonderful Sunday! and please do carry an extra pair of heels along tomorrow.


    1. Touche Jemstone! And she’s got mad spunk too, me likey A LOT! I shall be sure to adhere and abide STRICTLY to those ‘divine’ instructions and ensure I take not one, but TWO pairs of killer heels actually! Better safe than sorry, yes?! *laughing*

      You’re a total crack-up darling, do have you a great week ahead and a very beautiful Sunday in a bit! Mwah! LOL


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