It was on a cold morning that death visited the palace. It moved with stealth and with purpose. It sneaked in on the two unsuspecting figures lying on the massive oak bed with scarlet linen sheets entwined together, lost in the throes of passion. It moved noiselessly towards the bed where moans of pleasure rose and fell in tandem with the rhythm of the mating dance. When it struck, its blows were final and fatal.

There was blood everywhere. Dark stains on the scarlet sheets, the lampstand, the cream colored walls, and the wine rug. The body of the female lay face up with eyes wide, in an expression that was a blend of pleasure and pain, with arms wrapped around the waist of the headless body lying on top of her, joined together at the hips.

The clouds wept and the skies wailed. Thunder and lightning joined in mourning the great catastrophe. Emotions were at war and all that beheld the great sight were left befuddled and speechless. Never in the history of the kingdom had such happened. Several abominations had been committed and chaos unleashed. With one act, an entire family was wiped.

Death came at the hand of the king, who was lying lifeless on his right side on the wine rug, face contorted in pain, rage and sadness. The hilt of a knife was protruding from his belly. Few feet from him was the lifeless body of the queen. Her heart had given out at the gory sight. Lying on the bed in each other’s arms were the king’s children.



36 thoughts on “Scarlet

  1. OMG…Topazo…what am I to do with u, oh man of wonderful #PEN, who spin and twine words with such captivating skills into an excellent silky ropes…*coughs…sorry, couldn’t continue. And this one is what I call BAM! Wow…Speechless…u are really good, no that’s an understatement…u are excellent!


  2. Oh Doc, Walter just yanked those words right outta my mouth, and my blood just turned ice cold! JEEZ! *shivering*

    This is dark! Extremely dark! A monsterpiece, short, fast-paced and greatly riddened by all the ‘G-words’ I can think to garner from my very limited lexicon: Gripping, Goo-ey, Grueling, Grisly, Gruesome, Grotesque and am taliking GROSS! An exceptionally Eeeww-ey experience this….. mortifying!

    I love the title nonetheless and the fact that its set against a very rich cultural and traditional backdrop! The whole palatial setting that’s the palace is just ingenius! And the lingo of how death slowly creeped in on its victims…..Dramatic, and just brilliant!

    Although King David’s household didn’t quite end up this tragically, there’s an aspect of this piece that kinda reminds me ’bout some of the events in his household! It also reeks a lot of the ‘Amityville Horrors’, a true event that happened sometime in the mid-seventies, where a family man was reported to have killed his entire household, and then pulled the gun on himself afterwards! Tragic that!

    You did bring this Doc! You did a total bang-up of a job and should be mighty proud! Way to go boy, this sizzles piping ‘hawt’, explosive! Lol


    1. Yemie….Topazo outdid himself here…Painted the gruesome colours of death and horror with exquisite brushstrokes of beautiful colours…a monster-piece like you called it….astounding…absolutely astounding!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re so right! A real #Monsterpie!!! So vivid and mind breaking, gruesome, horror filled! But then, it’s Topazo, isn’t it…*inwonderment…


      2. I know right?! Dude’s gat madt SKILLZ! But then,that’s not coming as a surprise to me, I’ve always known and that knowledge kept me grounded here, kept me from flying away and I’m so glad I stuck close by, deciding to pitch my tents with the mighty gifted one! Its a thing of joy that a lot more delightful folks are seeing and identifying with the inherent talent he possesses, now more than ever before! That’s wayyyy cool! LOL

        Worthy of mention also is the other LEAST surprising thing, which is the fact that I KNEW I’d be hearing from you once you dropped off your thoughts on this ‘monsterpiece’! And guess what Swag?! You absolutely didn’t disappoint at all! I know you that well! *Yinmu* LMAO!


          1. Boy are we on a roll tonight! Being sarcastic now are we?! Best believe it, I also thought ’bout those words but they just kinda skipped my mind by the time I was done typing! See why I especially hinted that my lexicon was limited?! Was I right or right?! And em…. glum too! *smh* LOL


          2. Aren’t we on a roll tonight Doc?! You wouldn’t believe if I said I actually thought ’bout ’em words but they totally skipped my mind by the time I was done typing! Little wonder why I hinted my lexicon was limited, and you just did well to reiterate the far too obvious, so no lele! You REALLY are a lifesaver! Whatever could I have done without you ei?! Thank you Sir, am absolutely grateful! And em, I just had a brainwave,….you can also add glum to that list while you’re at it! *smh* LMAO!


        1. Oh well…but aint I saing d truth here…u sure know how to put us on an emotional roller coaster. Damn! (Sorry for d profane word but gotta express me feelings)…


  3. Ah! This is pure talent and ‘m totally speechless.

    You’ve pictured the reality of incest, and it’s accompanying agony, in just a few words and all I can think of saying right now is you’re damn too good!!

    Thanks for the tag! Your writing is always a thrill to read.


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