Because she said “Yes”

To the one person for which we are here gathered; we are here because she said “Yes”. To my darling bride (isn’t she just stunning?!), my sweetheart and companion, thank you for having me. Thank you for choosing to walk this journey with me.

If I were a musician, I would write you a song, a melody so sweet, beats that flow in tandem with the rhythm of your heart and mine; An eternal music, unique to us;

If I were an artist, I would splash the canvass with colors so bright, Paintings of you done in oil and water colors; all I have are my words with which I hope to paint you a picture, not on a canvass but on the heart


One day,

I’m going to write you a song

When I have found the right words

To go with the melody in my heart


Right now,

All I have to say is

I am glad you are in my life

I am glad to call you mine


One day,

I am going to write you a song

When I can find the lyrics to

The symphony composed in my mind


Right now,

This moment,

I get to tell you

I love you.


One day,

I am going to write you a song

When I can tear myself away from

The ecstasy cascading down over my soul


Right now,

This is all I have,

My pledge

To be with you forever.


Written and Performed for Her….


23 thoughts on “Because she said “Yes”

  1. Congratulations on Ur Upcoming Wedding…I wish U and Urs the Very Best Everything in Life, and Above all, May u not run this Earthly Race in Vain IJn…


  2. Nice rendition for your beautiful, Love. I’m sure she deserves this. Don’t forget to write her that eternal music, paint her that eternal picture, but for now we, all, would manage your pledge to her.

    I hope she gets to read my comment, right? Well if she does, then I’m telling you (her) on behalf of my boss that: He Loves You like…


  3. Wowzer! This is what true romances are made of! Awesomeness! I wish you both the absolute bestest as you go on this journey that promises to be a very blissful one by His grace! Ride on lovebirds, it gets better from here on out! Enjoy! LOL


      1. I’m pretty good darling, thanks so much for looking out for me! My internet service provider suddenly decided to render me incommunicado in the last few days and after feet dragging in my reluctance to resort to using my lappie, I decided to do the needful and was quite surprised at the backlogs of unread mails overflowing inside of my mailbox! That’s my story! Thanks Jules, you rock big time! *hugs*


  4. Awwwwwww…..


    She would have gone all mushy reading this.

    This is a song already, please sing it to her ears.
    Congrats Doc, you deserve nothing short of the best and I’m sure you’ve got that.
    May your days together be beautifulll!

    To ‘Her’, Yes Topazo loves you and so do we. Because of you, some of us have been a regular on this blog.

    God bless your union with all things bright and beautiful.


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