The Quest


I tread this path alone
For the last time,
This weather beaten path
Trodden by weary legs
And sweaty brow creased
Into a wince
From heart bruised and bleeding;
From trust gone awry
And hopes dashed into a million shards;
I go this way one more time,
And when I return,
It is with the spoils of war-
A battle for supremacy,
Not of lands or kingdoms but
Of a priceless jewel-
The heart of a damsel;
I go this way one more time,
Without a companion,
Empty and lonely;
I shall return full,
With heart filled to the brim
With love,
A precious jewel decorating my arm;
When I return,
I will no longer walk alone.


12 thoughts on “The Quest

  1. Phenomenal! A pretty dramatic masterpiece with such beautiful imagery of a weather-beaten bachelor, unlucky in love and then he hits the jackpot; when he finds his soulmate and hearthrob! The one who’s the sole reason why his other previous relationships failed woefully, just so he wouldn’t miss out on a lifetime of love and happiness unlimited!

    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials Doc, its gonna be a very glorious, fruitful, prosperous and blissful union, that you’d realise you’d never had it soooo good IJN; Amen! You’ve found you a wife and the reward of divine favour, which is given of God to those who’ve fulfilled that condition; will be yours for the taking in all of its entirety IJN, Amen! Okoyawoyawo, Enjoy! *laughing*


  2. Exquisite! Heart touching and Wonderfully penned…make me wistful and longing for dat Special one to call my OWN…*sadface, Kudos Doc, u did it again! Did I just learn u r abt to d d #BigThing?! Wow! Congrats, and I’ll b waiting for I.V o! (If Venue isn’t far frm Minna, hehehehe) as usual, u got me in a trance of ur poem…a job well done, Wowzer! (Like aunt Yemie will say) keep it up and coming…


    1. Aw! Sweetie cakes, that special someone’s on the way! Just you be on the look out! He’ll be revealed when you least expect! You’re only deserving of the very best, so wait for it for he cometh by His grace! *hugs* LOL


  3. When I saw the title: the quest, I really wanted to read it cos I know Doc would be talking about something I know too (Nov 8……) and so it was.

    Yesterday was the last time you’d walk alone. Today (by evening) you’d be back home with a priceless jewel.

    I hope your wife saw this??? It should super-blow her heart.

    Nice piece.


  4. Wow, I’m blown away. Doc is wedding? Ehen, I shoulda known when he was talking about embarking on a life-changing journey. And truly, nothing changes your life like this one. Doc I wish you and your babe all the happiness in the world. I’m not big sis o, but I just want to say remember, you both made it thus far. You both should make it work. May this journey be one you’ll always thank God for.

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