November 5th

I hate Amala.

It is ironic because my journey into earth started over a pot of steaming Amala. My mother was seated on a low stool, a pot of Amala held in place by her two feet with a rag shielding her feet from the scalding heat of the pot when she realized that the lower abdominal pain she had been feeling all day was really labour.

Rumor has it that at this time, my head was literally in between her legs as she clamped them together while striving to achieve a smooth, well beaten and fluffy yam flour paste.

12:10am, this day many years ago, a cry pierced the maternity ward of a respectable private hospital in a quaint little town in South-Western Nigeria.

The head midwife on duty laughed loudly and nodded her satisfaction, making a joke about how such loud noise emanated from a tiny pale skinned little bundle. Another grunted her affirmation and congratulated my mother who was trying to recover from the pain of pushing, and declaring me a healthy baby with healthy lungs.

It was a narrow escape. If my mother had stayed few minutes more, I might have dropped to the floor as soon as she stood up from stirring the Amala, which would have been stirred to her satisfaction.

Hence the name, Temitope, something to be grateful for, a situation to be thankful for.

Today, I am grateful.

I am thankful.

I am alive. I have made it this far. I have a voice. I have health. I have love, from family and friends.

I have God.

It is one year already! Since my last birthday post. One whole year…

And what have I done with it?

It is here that thanksgiving and celebration gives way to sobriety and somberness. The stock taking doesn’t seem to produce much…. So many set goals were not achieved.

But there was a spark to this year, I met someone. It is barely a year of acquaintance and it feels like I have known her for years. She is like a long lost friend and buddy. She is witty, vivacious, boisterous, smart, intelligent, funny, stubborn and generally adorable. She is a firm believer in my writing and raves about how talented I am and insists on holding on to this bias. “Sue me” she would say while rolling her eyes and laughing. Meeting Yemie (proud owner of her own little ‘corner of the web’) was one of the highpoints of this last year for me. Thank you Yemie, for being part of my life, and for being such a good big sister and…*coughs*

For this next testimony, I would need Zika, Dr Swag to join me as I share this testimony to the glory of the Lord. Yemie has a blog now! Myself and a host of others went to the prayer mountain, prayed and fasted and did several all nights on behalf of our darling sister Yemie. Numerous hours of counselling and encouragements were invested in too, and to the glory of God and the benefit of mankind, she yielded. Praiiiiiiise yeeeeeee the Looooord!

My blog saw tremendous (this is rebranding) growth and I met wonderful people. People who have come to mean so much to me. Amity, I see you…

I had it rough too. I was hurt, pushed down, trodden upon, and rejected. Oh, it hurts so much.

I cried. Severally.

I was alone.

All in all, I have learnt quiet surrender and hope.

Help will come. Yes it came, at times when I was at the edge of the cliff, one step away from tumbling down into the abyss.

I will never be alone. Even when I messed up and did my own thing, God has always been faithful and He always found me. I am like Sally in ‘Sally’s story’

I have known love. Love that forgives, that is open-handed, that embraces and fills with warmth. Love that serenades…from God, from family, from friends. I don’t deserve it and I am awed and humbled by its outpouring, freely and constantly. Love that intoxicates and makes you feel special, and yet ashamed and like a scum.

I have learnt that God’s love and blessings is for the undeserving, His mercy to those who do not merit it. It is a mystery. I have stopped trying to earn His love and blessings, I would never succeed.

I have learnt to embrace the flaws in people that I love and make the best out of them. They are my special flawed loved ones. And they are stunningly so.

It is a new year for me, but 2014 is not over yet, and I still have high hopes that something mega will happen to me before the year runs out.

It is the beginning of another year in my journey, and I am looking to the future with hope and faith…I am not alone. I have companions, and that includes you, my dear readers. Thank you for going with me on this journey….

In a few days, I will embark on a life-altering and life-changing journey…

Wish me luck.


Who is going to be the first to wish me happy birthday?



105 thoughts on “November 5th

  1. Well, I dunno ’bout being the first or not, seeing that am still pretty pissed, peeved, mad, ticked, irked and well,…….never mind at you, but I wanna just use this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday today Doc! I couldn’t continue staying mad at you, how could I?! You mean so much and then some to me and I guess this is the time I launch into a coughing of mine own, so here goes….*cough* LOL

    You’re ‘cooreizy’ you know that don’t you?! Where do you get off being so darned mischievous on your birhtday ei?! Anyhows, I’ll let that slide; just this one time! *Yinmu* LMAO

    Its been a pretty wild experience since you found moi on MMS! I’ve had my highs and lows! You’re a cocktail of personas rolled into one and oh! Complicated too! Did I mention annoying and obnoxious! Yeah! I just did! Slay me! *tongue out*

    In all, you’re the absolute bestest, the sweetest! You add glitz, glamour and colour to my life! I gained a brother in you after losing one of mine own who’s Heaven’s sweet gain and Earth’s loss! You helped me through that very difficult time of my life without even realizing it! I’ll forever be indebted to you Doc and that life altering journey you mentioned you’ll be embarking on, will be a very blissful one! Just you wait for it!

    God bless and keep you, yours and your entire household! You rock pieces and always will! Have a blast of a birthday celebration and am sending you a gazillion hugs and kisses from across the miles! Thanks for all times and am sooooooo beyond cooreizy ’bout you, that you simply do not know the half of it! I tell you! Mwaaaaah! ROTFL


      1. Holy Inferno! You. Doc. Getting. On. One. Knee. To. Ask. Mi. Hand. For. How?! Did you perhaps hit your hard hard against something em…..HARD?! Chee, maybe you’d better lie down and allow for the dizzying spell to pass, yeah?! Hahahahahaha! Oh Golly, You’re stark coooreeiizzzyyy, raving madt! This is by far the height of mischievousness and it trumps every other mischiefs that’s ever gone forth on this glorious haven! You really gotta be trippin’! Jeez! *smh* LMAO!


        1. Best believe it, I cannot spend another waking moment without you by my side…I want to stay at your fountain and live off the words that flow….want them to cascade downwards and wash over me…


          1. *nodding affirmatively* Hmmm…Doki Oloye! Mura sii o! Getting your inner poet on are you?! Owkay! In as much as I don’t wanna admit ‘defeat’, I’ve just gotta on this occasion! That REALLY worked! SOLD, absolutely! Baba niyen! Jeun lo jo, kosiyawere! Your head dey there! *laughing*


          2. Topaz!! For once, i wish i were a honey so that someone would use these your lines on me….(fainting)…Yems, even Helen of troy never heard this kind until she truly are something to inspire this from a brother…phew…


            1. Yeah, sure! I am aren’t i?! Something to have inspired those poetic words I mean! *Yinmu* LMAO

              Topazo’s a case file, DO NOT PAY HIM HEED! He’s just goofing off! Plus, a ‘liaison’ featuring myself and him is a disaster just waiting to happen! If you care to know on what scale that disaster would most likely be, then I suggest you go look for the tragi-comedy blockbuster Hollywood flick titled ‘War of the Roses’, starring the witty Danny Devito, the talented Michael Douglas and the sexy siren, Kathleen Turner! Its an old classic but the Roses might as well be Topazo and I! The horror! Go check it out! ROTFLMAO!


                    1. You? A mismatch?! Kamari! Its just that we get so along like a house a-fire! See how well?! Combo toh baad gan! O gbona felifeli! Ife gbigbona! Explosively Infernal! LMAO!


  2. Growing older is a lot challenging especially for a guy. You have more responsibility and people start looking up to you for so many things, they want you to lead by example… Well, I don’t have sweet words or poem to write but what I have, I give to you and that’s a sincere prayer. May the Almighty God give you a gift that will make you a leader you are called out to be… People who look at you will see God in you and your life will draw people to the kingdom.. God bless you, keep you and elevate you for your family now and future family… you deserve the best… Happy birthday, by the way, I hate Amala too


    1. my namesake and fellow amala hater… these words of yours are sweet enough…they brought me smiles and a warm feeling…thank you so much! Amen to your prayers…I wish you same and more…
      waiting for your day with heightened anticipation….


  3. Happy birthday to you Doc.

    May the good God make His way straight be for you
    because without HIM we are truly nothing.

    I do pray HE grants your heart desires and continue to guide you through life’s journey .

    Christ never said it was going to be easy but HE did promise never to leave us helpless….

    So I pray when the storm rages and threatens to sink your ship may the Captain of your life still the storm.

    Keep faith.
    HE is in control
    And it shall be well with you.

    Believe it!
    This is the beginning of the best years of your life.

    Glad I found your blog. I found you.
    You have touched my life in ways you’d never imagined you did …Thank you.

    Once again happy birthday.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY BROTHER!!! I am bit wary of you though…you are a puppet master, you pierce hearts with emotional strings and pull at random until tears nearly crystallize in our eyes. You have mastered the art! I wish you long fruitful and sweet days ahead. May the light and the beauty in the Topaz of your name fill the earth. By the way, i envy, no one has been cooreizy ’bout me before….no one, ever……


    1. let me tell you a secret dear sir, Yemie is actually crazy about you! the things she says about you…..I have said too much already!

      thanks for your kind words sir, they mean a lot to me…the beauty of your heart that births such words enthrall me…

      lol@puppet master…..I protest that accusation vehemently…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. On a more serious are pretty special..I found out Mojai (Mojisola Adeniji) thinks the world of you…that is really something! The kind of brilliant things she said about you would make a topaz seem drab…


      2. Oh golly! Seriously Doc?! Really, R-E-A-L-L-Y?! I said that to you?! When?! Unless am suffering from episodes of amnesia or something; then I’d think you deluded! *rme*

        Even on your bday, the need to be downright mischievous is so irresistibly tempting that you couldn’t possibly be on your best behaviou and rein that aspect of you in for just a day abi?! Hian! *raised eyebrow* LMAO

        Ahem…… Swag, if you just swallowed that cock-a-doodle-doo-doo bait hook, line and sinker…..then you’re so much more silier than I originally gave you credit for and you DON’T know Temitope Ogundare the way I do! He’s a tease and he gets kicks from just playing crazy games! Those keep him on his toes and very alive, trust me! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! You can thank me later, no charge! *smh* ROTFLMAO!


        1. Ehen…so you are trying to make me look bad abi? if not for the oath of confidentiality that I swore when you were saying those things…I would have published the whole thing!

          Dr Swag, she is just being coy and you know, shy….Yemie is absolutely coooooreizy about you! your flows makes her heart flutter…and..ohkay, I have said enough!


                1. Please come back Swag! We’re both extremely cooorrrreeeiiiiizzzzyyyy ’bout you! You’re family and could NEVER be a third wheel! You complement us and we’re more than elated just having you join us on here! Phew!

                  So, did that work?! Did I bring it?! Are you totally convinced now?! I’ll bet! *hugs* LOL


                    1. Aren’t we crying over spilt milk here, Swag?! Can’t you see you’re already wayyyyyy in over thy head?! My advice…… really need to just ease up, take a chill pill and enjoy the ride! At this rate; aint no ways are you getting outta this the same! Can’t you see we have you where we want you?! So what says thou?!*evil grin* LMAO


          1. Quit goofing around Doc, see how you’ve sent him off of on his heels! Happy now?! Naughty has never looked sooooo……delightfully cooooorrrrreeeeiiiiizzzzyyyy! Despicable thou! *smh* LMAO!


                    1. Wow! That sounds very familiar Swag! My Pastor pronounced those very same words into my life about a year ago! Didn’t quite get it then, until now! Plenty thanks to you! LOL

                      Alone’s pretty boring and having tons of wonderful peeps like you delightful lots is more than I coulda ever wished or asked for, to share my life with! That’s my greatest dream come true! After all, Y.O.Y.O; You’re. Only. Young. Once, so why not make the absolute bestest outta your youth ei?! LOL


                    2. And that’s bad?! Must really hurt, ouch! Pele my dear, feel better! LOL

                      Anyways, am also complete suckers for Amala, Abula and anyhow ‘la’! With the right accompaniment, and am talking soup here; I’m more than good to go! So you’ve got an ally in me! Viva Amala Crooners, we know what time it is! Plus, that Amala Shitta’s legendary! *rme* LOL


                    3. lollllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….Yemzz oooooo…this clinches it for me….you are just too good to be true……It is abegi shitta that creams it for me…Its a black thing….Ko le ye won…..


  5. Hey, how can you hate amala??? I will have to take you to eat amala shitta or amala Igbo Ora before i believe you really hate amola. Amola, abula with gbegiri ati ewedu and pieces of orisirisi….GASTRONOMIC HEAVEN!!!!!!


  6. Hey, Topazo, I’m tearing up already as I read this post. How dare you warm your way up into our hearts like that? Is it called literary license or what!

    Dear one I’m happy for where you are today and I know God willing, you’ll get to your destinations, if you don’t let go of his hand, like Sally. *winks*

    You’re an absolute darling and per that life-changing journey that’s your destination next, I’m wishing you, not luck, but real success at it. Mwaah!


  7. It’s been nice reading from you talented one…. always.

    May your days be long and teemed with bests: good health, great relationships, renewed prowess in your art… and better affinity with the most gracious One, Yahweh.

    Happy Birthday.


  8. A belated BIRTHDAY Wishes frm your New Follower. Though I jst came across ur blog due to something InkHeart posted abt an Interview with Topazo, it felt like I’ve always been here. And like I said in one of my comments on ur posts, u are born to do it, yours is not an ABILITY, but “ABINIBI…I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. For sum1 like me who never really like poetry, u changed my mind with ur poems. U are talented is an understatement, u r a genius doesn’t cover half of ur personality. And I’m so glad for the opportunity to have known u. One thing I respected abt u d most is ur Love for Christ, it makes me have deep, and I mean DEEP Respect for u. As for that journey u wanna embark on, don’t worry, keep calm, because God is with u en route and He’s already waiting for u at d other end of d journey…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, u r a Blessing to dis Generation…we share d same month, but mine comes later on…have a Blessed Day of Celebration…


    1. Hi Jules, my vivacious and lively follower (notice that I didn’t put new? you are not new…you have always been here, this is

      thank you so much for your kind words. it is these words that gives me strength to carry on…never stop saying them, I need to hear them always. God bless you real good

      we are nothing without God, loving Him is the greatest gift He has given us…and I am grateful for the gift of knowing Him….


      1. WOW…I’m #blushing! Thanks a lot for counting me important, sure mean a lot to me…smiles, and as always, do keep up d wonderful work of #Brain&Talent, u r #Blessed…


  9. And pls, can u help me to get in touch with our Aunt Yemie on her new blog?! I for one will love to follow her there. I’m intrigued by her comments on almost all d blogs we av, and if what she writes says anything abt her personality, then she will b fun to b with smiles…


      1. Awwwww….that’s so so sweet! Oh don’t worry, we sure are birds of same feathers (or what duya fink?) Me blushing much much too. Just coming from ur blog! Oh Mi aunt Yemie, that ws awesome!!! Can’t keep me sit for long coz I’m #stretchingmineck for continuation..*winks!


    1. Holla sweet Juliana, ‘sup?! Thank you so much cupcakes for the vote of confidence! Am so totally and beyond done in! You’re not particularly alien to me, I do know you from afar! Creepy right?! *laughing*

      Don’t mind me! Seriously though, I see you vividly on ‘HARD VOICES’ and ‘MMS’ and you darling are a delight! Welcome to the Z-Channel, let your hair down, put your feet up, bust several moves if its what you wanna do; just roam free and take in the delectable sights and absolute symphonic, melodic sounds of this glorious haven! Its great to have you on board sweetness, enjoy! *bearhugs* LOL


      1. Professori…any time, I think i have become inured to your flow, you delight in proving to me that i have not seen anything yet….You are …..(amazingly, i have run out of adjectives…that does not happen to me….)…phew…


        1. Aw! You know Swag, I’ve had the most incredulous of things happen to me lately! Call ’em bizarrre and I’d say ‘spot on’! I mean, when I get the thumbs up from peeps who are awesomeness defined, the feeling’s extremely numbing to say the list! Imagine being told by the King of Queens of funny that you’re funny, or told by someone; who’s so beyond gifted and knows her craft more than the back of her hands; that your writing style’s dope……that’s just so ah-mazing I guess!

          My point…YOU’ve got ‘madt’ lyrical jibes and skills, yet you think M-E a ‘flowswitch’, like really?! Owkay! Dunno where that came from but you get the idea, no?! *laughing* Thanks Swag, jowo, ma pa mi oooooooo! Sounds familiar does it?! LOL


          1. There are mortals and immortals, there are kings and there are gods, there are queens and there are goddesses, it is required of greatness to recognize awesomeness. Cyberspace can be a pretty impersonal, cold place. However, the warmth you generate is amazing, you keep spinning sticky webs that connect us all to your warm place, a sunny place….


            1. Hush now Swag! So, this is the point where I break down and cry! Please do not interrupt! I’d really appreciate! Thanks! LOL

              Wow! I’m just speechless! Its all God’s doing really! I take no credits, I couldn’t! Thank you soo much, this is all too overwhelming! My frail heart couldn’t bear or take it! Thanks again! You’re unbelievable, Whoa! *smh* LMAO


          2. In your’s always summer…your place is redolent of flowers of spring….why else do you think we pitch our tents around you…with you…you are wonderful humanity. .


  10. Let me add my voice to others: I wish you a happy birthday. May this new year you are starting (as a married man at that) be beautiful, blissful and blessed.

    Temie and Yemie… I comment my reserve.


  11. OMG!!!! Why am I just reading this na?

    I think of someone with a beautiful heart and a warm spirit, I think of someone with an enviable talent, someone who paints the world with his words, I think of someone made for the top and willing to take as many people as he can with him, I think of a man of discipline who has made persistence his watch-word, I think of all these and more…….and I think of you, Topazo, aka Zaphnathpaaaneah; the man to whom mysteries are shown.

    I celebrate you today and I celebrate the God in you. Not just because it is your birthday or because you share the same date with my brother or because I’ve met some wonderful people on your blog, No. I celebrate you because you’ve been a blessing to me and many others. You’ve encouraged and helped me up countless times, intentionally or otherwise. You’ve been a friend, someone I look up to and tell myself, ‘It’s doable’.

    Even though I wasn’t the first, I wish you a happy, happy birthday. I pray that you’ll always have reasons to rejoice. May you dance through life and may your days be long and filled with all things bright and beautifulll!!

    Oh yes! I wish you luck on this journey. May all crooked paths be made straight. Nope, I refuse to assume. So, spit it put already abeg, our ears are itching o.

    We’ll do this again next year by His grace and the testimonies will be more.

    Hope you had a great day?



    1. I read this with tears in my eyes….and slowly the second time marveling at each word… thank you so much Buqie.

      you have made my evening…my whole day with your kind words…they touched me deeply.

      so, here is wishing your brother a happy birthday…I am sure he is as golden as you are…

      kai! I am speechless…this…these words do not adequately capture the emotions coursing through me now… *sigh* thank you

      God bless you.

      NB: I think deep down, you know the answer to the question you asked….*wink*

      P.S As Yemie doesn’t care whether her comment was first or not, I declare this your comment as the first!


    1. Awww…that was the greatest oversight of the century!!! my deepest apologies.
      thanks a bunch Walter…
      P.S you know how I feel about you already….nothing but the deepest admiration and respect…


  12. WOW! All dis for me???!!!! Sure blows my mind, *doubleblushes *baitinglashes! Thanks a lot Sis, u sure don’t knw how much I enjoy ur comements on all those blogs (actually lost count) and I’m always looking 4ward to see dem whenever I’m around…taking ur advice, *relaxingwithmafeetup, *backondbunk and waiting for more!!! Thanks Sis, u r a #BlessingtoUsAll…*tripplebearhugs!


    1. Whoa! See her go!!! Me likey vewi vewi much! Just my kinda gurl, firecracker! That’s the ‘delightfulness’ I referred to and gurl was I right or what?! *laughing*

      Thanks munchkins, I am blushing so hard that if I don’t pedal carefully, my face will simply burst wide open in excitement! God bless, keep and honour you beyond measures IJN, Amen! You rock pieces! Mwaaaah!


            1. Ok, *sheildsword. Accepted, but I’ll like to knw more abt our Zika tho’ hope that aint asking for too much? *Mischeiviousface


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