Meeting you was fate

Falling in love was right

It made me know that I was capable of loving someone;

How could a love so large

Be contained in a heart so small?

Loving you was right

And oh, so wrong!

How could something that felt so right

Be so wrong?

It is a puzzle, a mystery that is life.

And I must leave it all behind,

How do you drop a gem so precious?

How do you leave behind a diamond

When all you have are stones?

Can you really say you are moving on

When your heart has decided to stay behind?

How do you move forward, when you have found a haven?

Can you be yourself

When all you feel is emptiness

A hollow shell, devoid of life?

For my heart is bound to yours

My heart is knit to your heart

We are soul mates, two halves of a whole.

How can this be wrong?

How can leaving you be right?

You are the one,

You make me feel so good, and yet so bad

With you I have known the greatest joy, and now

The greatest pain, that of separation

How do I go on from here?

Without you in my life

To share my every waking moment with

To share every joy and every tear,

Even the craziest thoughts and jokes;

I am out cold without any warmth

You were my warmth.

This is what is wrong,

Leaving you behind

For it is you that I want

It is you that I need;

But you are a lofty idea

A mirage,

Alluring, near

Yet out of reach.


16 thoughts on “Mirage

  1. hian, must you always have to leave them behind? but I can relate o, wanting something you can’t have, something you created in your mind as perfection, something you wish to just paint out of your imagination or write out.. *sigh* those wishful thoughts…


  2. Nice!!! Sad!!!! So beautiful…so painful….What is thrilling is how you are able to condense powerful emotions into words and then fill the vessels of our hearts to overflowing..nice one my brother…..


    1. Awwww…Dr Swags is back! stringing them beautiful words together to make a brother die of raised intracranial pressure from too much swaggerlicious words in the system…
      thanks sir, you are far too kind with your lifting words..

      Liked by 1 person

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