Writing in Colors

Light diffracts into a spectrum of

Colors travelling along different

Wavelengths, white is not one but

Seven, fused into one.

Each unique with its own different story

Evoking unique emotions

In the eyes that behold them.

Red, fiery and bright, the color of passion

The color of life;

Blood is red.

Blue, distinct and divine

Born of Mother Nature,

From the expanse of the sky to

The vastness of the sea

Blue is royal.

Green, the color of mystery

Of controversy and subtle evil

Aliens are green

Jealousy, the green eyed monster.

Yellow, cheerful and brimming with energy

Radiant, the color of warmth

Full of energy, full of beauty

Sun is yellow.

Violet, mystical, magical

Brimming with creativity

The crowning glory of the rainbow.

White, the sum total of all

Perfection, purity

An ensemble of unity in diversity



watch out for a new series. The Colors Series….

Local color



8 thoughts on “Writing in Colors

  1. Wowzer! This is one very creative poetry Doc! Of colours, sunshine and rainbows! The best of art and science rolled and blended into one spectacular masterpiece! You really are full of surprises aren’t you?! *laughing*

    I love how you merged the scientific aspect of colours, to the art of it; describing landscapes, emotions and basically, what each colour represents wholly! Blue’s one of my all time favourite colours! In Christendom, it stands for mercy! But white on the other hand’s a mythical! I mean, it beats me silly, how it’s possible that it comprises of seven colours, and yet so pure and without blemishes?! That’s a real mysytery! *puzzled*

    Kudos Doc, a brilliantly composed poem this is, to herald in a new series! Looking forward to seeing what new tricks you’ve got up your sleeves this time around! Way to go bwoi, keep bringing it and more ink to thy pen! Enjoy! LOL


    1. thanks ma’am.

      I love blue too especially sky blue…but nothing beats the radiance and warmth that yellow exudes..i mean, just look at the sunflower… Yellow is my all time favourite.


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