She is mine, you say

She can’t be

What she tells you

Is not exclusive to you alone

Many others share her heart

And the memories you hold dear

Are a dime a dozen

Did she ever call you pet names?

Or tell you, you are the best, the one

And only? Wipe that grin and dim the blush

You are just one among many others

That is her way, to tell you sweet things

And make you feel good, stroking your ego

She belongs to no one

Never can and never will.


10 thoughts on “Her

  1. This is one very funny piece! A femme fatale, playing all the guys?! Oh Wow! Smooth! *evil grin*

    Well, I still believe that no matter how much of a player a person is, there’ll always stand out one person; who this habitual player’s totally suckers for!

    I love this Doc, at least for once, let the babes be the big bad wolves! That works for me, like crazy! LMAO!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hmmm…. a player has no favourites…she just tosses the accolades to all and sundry, making them feel good enough to have her kicks and then zoom off…
      well, maybe a favourite mugu sha, one that is so dumb enough or so eager enough to fall for her charms so easily…one that gives her the most ‘high’


      1. Both good cop and bad cop you played here bro…i love the way you told him to stop being a poor schmuck and wake up to the coffee’s aroma. However, you used a sledge hammer to smash his heart on an anvil doing that…very real bro…very real….cool…I like!


  2. This right here, is the reason endearment can be counterproductive.

    For one I fear smooth talkers of sweet disarming words; they most times hone the skill through repeated use and experience. One and only? Puhlease! That’s sugary and diabetic. When one could be the Maga 13 on her list.

    *sighs* The things “love” can cause…


    1. lol @ sugary and diabetic…maga 13 indeed…
      yea, and I know some really good smooth talkers….thankfully I haven’t fallen prey…yet. lol
      yes o, the things love can cause…even love can’t handle it…


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