Straight from the heart

No, this is not about me

It about another, Yemie

And ‘straight from the heart’

Blending life with art.

She is the queen of words

Reigning in the blogging world

To me, she is a super fan

And more, much more. An

Adorable heart, a free spirit

A goddess, a fairy…..


Sorry, I ran out of rhymes….


Never mind, this is not about me…


Okay, Straight from the heart is up and running!


(Rounds of applause)

Zee, we did it!


(Acknowledging her nod)


Our very own Yemie has launched her blog!

I must say, I was tempted to have her say her first words as a writer here, so that I can share in the shine…but you know, it is time for her to set ablaze the blogosphere…


So, go here and have fun with the Awesome, Yowie Yemie!


46 Comments Add yours

  1. Yemie says:

    Shiiite!!!!! You pesky you! Wait till I get ma hands on you! *shocked*

    1. DrSwag says:

      About time too….Yemie, get your hands on him to thank him….

      1. Yemie says:

        ROTFLMAO@ ‘Get your hands on him and thank him’! That’s soo ‘Dr Swag! No bullshittin’! He says it as it is! Not one to sugarcoat nada! He’s just as crude, brash and blunt as they come! And that’s me giving you ‘props’ and dousing you in compliments, incase you missed it! LMAO

        You never cease to crack me up Doc! Thanks for the ‘shove’ alongside the ringleader; the delightfully delightsome and Eternal Mischief Maker, your doctor colleague, Dr Temitope Ogundare; and the most adorable, ‘ah-mazing’ Zika! Y’all Rock Pieces!

        Plus, welcome to the Z-Channel, you won’t regret being here I guarantee ya! Rock on buddy! *laughing*

        1. DrSwag says:

          Well…what can I say???

          1. Yemie says:

            With those few lines up there Swag, the impact of your message is SEISMIC, trust me! I get it, totally! You needn’t say more! Case file originale, an entire one! That’s who you are, hands down! *smh* LMAO!

            1. DrSwag says:

              Lolzzzzz. ..u no go kill me….so much life. much buzz..I can almost wager you are made up of electrons and not cells…you light up the blogosphere…neon lights..halogen lamps….

              1. Yemie says:

                Whoa! Emi nikan tan! And here he goes again on a ‘charm offensive’ and I feel my ego inflating several notches higher up! So true to his appellation, in true DrSwag fashion! If I wasn’t radiating before, I so am ‘glowy’ right now! Lit up like a Christmas Tree and beaming with an abundance of gleeful smiles! Na you biko! O lenu paa! *laughing*.

                I also take it you’ve not been to Kinetic Katy’s blog then?! She left thou a message as regarding that poetic comment you dropped! You should totally go see it! I trip and so did she! LOL

                1. DrSwag says:

                  I saw it and was amazed at the response….I knew something was different about this October and you supplied the answer readily as usual with your Christmas tree line…With peeps like you Christmas usually comes as early as October…Blogosherians don’t need no Santa, we gat Yemie, she is ENOUGH gift!

                  1. Yemie says:

                    *flushed* Now I don’t have anything to go on after that response and you leave me speechless! I guess this is also the part where I ask you this AGAIN…..who the heck are you?! Plus, you were amazed by KK’s response?! How so??? I half expected you to say ‘Oh that! Actually, I get that a lot’! LMAO!

                    1. DrSwag says:

                      Who am i?? You know the answer to that one..we are kindred spirits…Yeah I was surprised…comment seemed to have hit home….wish the whole world made me feel like a Superhero, the way you do…lolzz…

                    2. Yemie says:

                      *tear* Aw! You’re who you think you are cupcakes! You don’t need noone’s approval or disapproval! Its what God thinks that ultimately counts in the grand scheme of things, not man! Man’s by far fickle and we’re not the most objective of beings! So keep doing you, being you! You’re several shades of amazing and yes, we’re kindred spirits! Who cares what any says or thinks?! Who wants to know?! Do you feel better now Doc?! Is it working??? Are you totally psyched up now to take on the world?! I’ll bet! LMAO!

                    3. DrSwag says:

                      So sparkling diamond sided you make me dizzy…now you are wearing the robe of a proselytizing, motivational Evangelist…phew….I need to sit down…

                    4. Yemie says:

                      Hahahahahahahaha! Yes, that seat’s REALLY needed! How’re you holding up now?! Beautifully I suppose! Ndo, you’ll be mighty fine you’ll see! *smh*

                    5. DrSwag says:

                      It was worse than I thought..really needed a bed after all…you have that much impact!!!

                    6. Yemie says:

                      Will you just look at that! Some ‘impact’ that musta been, I feel your pangs of pain! And to think that I almost suggested that perhaps you needed to you know; maybe lie down?! My bad! Forgive my indiscretion??? So, its settled then, go lie down! *Yinmu* LOL

                    7. DrSwag says:

                      I yam lying down….

                    8. Yemie says:

                      Ayaf hia, ndo! *laughing*

                    9. topazo says:

                      I have been having fun reading the convos!…
                      Yemie, in case you missed it, that was an invitation to join him on the bed…. don’t keep the man waiting for too long…lol

                    10. Yemie says:

                      Hahahahahaha! You stupid lil shit!! I knew you’d pull a stunt like this whenever you got round to showing up and making your grand entrance! Plus, you were single-handedly able to garner that message from his mind em……..telepathically ei?! Put a suck in it Temitope Ogundare will you?! So ‘unpretty’! Goofball! *straight-faced*

                    11. topazo says:

                      actually I got it from you and him…all that ‘kindred spirits’ and ‘I wanted to tell you to lie down, pardon me’ ishs…stop pretending, go and lie down with him already! lol

                    12. Yemie says:

                      Oh I see where you drew your ‘inferences’ from now and just maybe I might take him up on that ‘invite’, hmph! Eat your heart out Temitope Ogundare, we only see what we wanna; that’s what you see! *tongue out* LMAO!

                    13. topazo says:

                      By all means do! is that a threat ni?
                      seeing the chemistry between you too, I am surprised you are still here debating with me! jump in already, will you?

                    14. Yemie says:

                      Can you do these for me Doc, please?! So here goes….. get thy filthy mind outta the gutter, go get your mouth washed inside out and importantly, bounce! As in back the heck off! Jokester! ROTFL

                    15. topazo says:

                      why should I do it for you?

                    16. Yemie says:

                      Bingo!!! Good question! Thought you’d never ask! How ’bout ……. CAUSE I SAID SO??? That good enough an answer for you??? *rme* LMAO

                    17. topazo says:

                      and I am sure you know what my answer was going to be. A big giant NO!

                    18. Yemie says:

                      And you guessed it! So spot on are you infact! Woulda been scared shitless if you said anything other than a NO in that fashion, cause then it wouldn’t be you! I’m mighty glad you’re keeping up with who you really are! Double thumbs up Grouch, keep it coming; don’t stop! *laughing*

                    19. topazo says:

                      *sipping tea and whistling happily*

                    20. Yemie says:

                      What-E-v-e-RRRRRR, Kermit! So you’re now a Frog ei?! Neat! LOL

                    21. topazo says:

                      waiting for princess Yemie’s kiss to turn me back into the handsome prince that I was….lol

                    22. Yemie says:

                      Aw! I want to, I REALLY do! But the legend says ‘Only true love’s first kiss’ and guess what I found out?! Just like Princess Fiona wasn’t really human, but an Ogre, well, am not entirely human too; so that kiss would be a total waste of time! Am so sorry Froggie, you’d be fine; we’ll both be fine! *hugs* ROTFLMAO

                    23. topazo says:

                      and here I was thinking you were my true love…I mean, how could you not be? but I guess we only see what we wanna see….I mean who coulda guess that Yemie was an ogre?!

                    24. Yemie says:

                      Uh la la! Its like that ei?! Just when I thought I’d shut down this convo, you come back with a bang ei?! So, am NOT an Ogre, but I played that card to keep you quiet and I see just how well that worked out! *sighs*

                      Here’s the thing….. you know what they say ’bout karma….payback’s a byotch! What am I saying?! Remember the post ‘Lullaby’, where you; a doctor of the Federal Republic left me to die cause you refused to administer ‘the kiss of life’?! You chose instead to douse and soak me in iced cold water! I actually died on that post! Perhaps, if you’d saved me then; I’d have waded in and kissed you silly in my bid to transform you back to the prince you oughta be!

                      Sadly, that’s NOT gonna happen! Ghosts don’t kiss! They’re dead! Soweee FROG! Live with it! *tongue out* LMAO

                    25. topazo says:

                      oh, don’t be smug now…since we now know that you are a farce and an impostor, an ogre and not fit for true love, we can search for the true love to break the spell and live happily ever after with the prince charming….

                    26. Yemie says:

                      Go right ahead and knock yourself right out Froggie! Break a leg! LMAO!

  2. zikaolofin says:

    Wow. I see I’ve missed out on a lot of fun. How are you guys? My amazing trio, Yemie, Tope and Eze (Dr, Swag). Tope that was really nicely concocted and seriously, I dof my “abeti aja” hat for you (lol!)
    Phew (wiping it off my forehead), that was no mean feat. all thanks to you Tope. Many more champagnes to pop! Big ups

    1. topazo says:

      Thanks Zee, we did it!

  3. DrSwag says:

    Lolzzzzzz…you peeps eh!…

    1. Yemie says:

      Welcome again to the Z-Channel Swag, this is how we roll! Was wondering when you’d come out from your safehouse and take over from where I stopped! Its been very hot in here! Explosive! LMAO!

      1. DrSwag says:

        Taken cover….too many bullets flying around…wilder than the wild wild west….

        1. Yemie says:

          Hahahahaha! Its a jungle out here, but a fun rollercoaster wild ride on the wild side’s guaranteed you! Don’t you worry Swag, you’ll live! Its not all war all the time! Just good ole camaraderie, one that you can pretty much get used to! So, ease up already! These kinda bullets are good types! LOL

          1. DrSwag says:

            I guess..since you aint dead yet….

            1. Yemie says:

              Since I aint dead yet?! No kidding??? Hahahahaha!

              Atta boy! That’s tha spirit, you’re getting into the groove ! Plus, overhere; we have more than nine lives! So no lele! Chillax! Lol

              1. DrSwag says:

                I can imagine…..nine lives??? From what am seeing’s 9 ×99…

                1. Yemie says:

                  LWKMD! Even better Swag! All join! Same naa ni! LOL

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