Don’t you cry (Song in A Minor)

Don’t you cry, it’s gonna be well with you.

I swear by the gods,

Tomorrow will be alright,

It may not look it now,

I swear by the gods that it’s gonna be well.

Don’t you cry, it’s alright,

It won’t be always be this way;

The darkness can only last for so long

Before it gives way to the dawn;

The blanket of night may shroud the light of the moon,

Soon the sun will come blazing forth in its majesty

And nothing will be able to block its shine;

It will strut like the king of the day, resplendent in colours

Of the rainbow, warming the heart frozen by the chilly

Winds of the bitter, wintery night.

Don’t you cry,

It won’t be long now;

Wipe that tear, muster a smile.

Hold on, don’t give in,

Don’t you give up!


6 thoughts on “Don’t you cry (Song in A Minor)

  1. Aw! This is so heartfelt, just the way I like it! Of sunshine and rainbow! Of light at the end of the tunnel! Darkness gives this falsity of being just able to overshadow any and everything in its pathway, but no matter how thick it gets; a little ray of light is all that’s needed to make it go away and stay it too! Light is such a powerful weapon, paralysing darkness at the first onslaught, so effortlessly, without even trying! After all, its always darkest before the dawn! And the dawn always comes forth! Always!

    You put the rock in the bounce Doc, as far as composing masterpieces in poetry goes! I doff my hat for ya! Respect! LOL


    1. yes, when in the dark, we shouldn’t let the darkness enter our minds…we should let the light shine from our hearts into the darkness around and soon the light of the sun will come blazing in its glory


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