“Gloomie is just the next post away”

“I can bet on it” she says

But no, we aren’t going that way

The sun is out and we are out to play

We are dancing in the hay

To the melodies of our hearts we sway.


“Just watch out for this space”

She says, with a smirk on her face

And when she comes reading at a fast pace

Racing to the end, looking for the coup de grace

And finding none, wonders if she is in the wrong place

Because of gloom, she finds not a trace.


Aha! You can beat your chest you say

Pray tell, what happened to gloom that has come to stay?

I am talking to you, don’t walk away!









47 thoughts on “Yemie

  1. *shell shocked* OH EM GEE! You’ve really, REALLY gotta be shittin’ me right now! Seriously Doc??? What were you thinking??? Speechless!


          1. Fine! Its early days yet, for me to panic and much too early for you to gloat, so; don’t get too comfy babycakes! I really wanna see just how far you can REALLY go without ’em solemn, bluesy, sad, depressing and gloomy monsterpieces that gives you the high and kicks! Like I said, its on! This is sooo going down!

            How ’bout we have a bet? All cards on the table! No holds barred! We could even play for ‘gbemu’! Abi na how you see am nah? *Yinmu* LMAO


              1. *scoffing* Yeah, sure! I can just imagine! I must commend you for this beautifully composed poem though, was totally blindsided by that title and your eternal mischief that I practically lost sight of ma manners!

                So here goes….I absoulutely love the rhythmic sequence of the lines and verses, those didn’t go un-noticed! I also see vividly the taunting, gloating and teases! Quite glaringly too! A brilliant, BRILLIANT poem! So outta the box, and pretty random! Wowzer! You’re much too much Doc, I swear! You don toooo Rock jare! LOL


  2. I doubt if I can understand this piece. It must be some sort of convos between Doc, and Yemmie. Cos I can see the two of you spitting mysteries.

    Nice piece, anyway.


    1. sir walter, green does not look good on you…

      and this is not a private conversation, it was a response Yemie made to the post “Lullaby”….

      the dedication will come….just sign up to be a super fan. see Yemie for details….lol


      1. I remember thoroughly Topazo. Walt Shakes likely meant that there has been an ongoing “va et vien” between you and Yemmie, which obviously was the basis for your beautiful poetic post.
        Take it or leave it pal, you should see how Yemie lit up my site today. That babe just gotta blog o. There’s so much inside that she’s hoarding and we can’t wait for her to just unleash it, seriously.


        1. Zee, let us open a blog today. if she refuses to blog, I will write the intro post for her.

          what do we call the blog name?

          as for your theory, it is not so. I just read that her reply to you and the idea just came….

          I am rushing to your site to see Yemie’s handiwork

          Liked by 1 person

          1. C’mon sweetie babes! Both of you should just give it a rest already, gosh! Y’all have got me in a headlock and my head’s in a spin right now! We all cannot be bloggers y’all! Who’ll be left to read ei?! Plus, am very happy just reading, commenting and pretty much just getting my silly on and goofing around! So, file bee united! Ko ma lo bee, ko wa bee! Nothing dey happen! LMAO!


              1. Hmph! That ship Doc, has sooooo not set sail! Both of you shoulf just get a grip already will ya?! Plus, if you do make good your threat, and go on ahead and start blogging on me behalf, I’ll sue your ass for ‘misrepresentation and impersonation’! *Aside* Jeez! Wherever did that come from??? Didn’t know I had it in me! Am I the man or what?! *popping collar*.

                And back to you Doc, I hope I’ve made myself ‘crystally’ clear, yes?! You don’t want a lawsuit on your ass, do you now?! *Yimu* LMAO!


                  1. *shivering* Ooohhhh, am I so beyond scared shitless right now! You’re on Doc, I’d REALLY like to see you try! Mischief becomes you all the time! Must be pretty exhausting! Silly Nilly! Lol.


            1. Yemie it’s high time u started a blog of ur own, u’ve got it in you, pls do not let it go down the drain, I first came across u on Walter’s Eze goes to school, ur responses are so long that I use to think it’s a story on its own.I wish I could write responses like u do on this guys blog. So #teamyemie’sblog.


              1. Aw! Dupe!!!! Not you too?! You flatter the breaths outta me that you’ve got me hyperventilating! Paperbag anyone??? *rme*. LOL

                Thanks you so much dearie, I really dunno what else to say! Its not like anyone’s paying me heed or listening anyhows! *sighs*. Temi wa bami bayi pooo! LMAO

                The Eternal Mischief Maker, my arch-nemesis; the one, the only, Dr Temitope Ogundare’s already gone ahead and set plans in motion! Taking the ‘extreme’ pains to go the extra mile to opening a blog for me, with the full support and backing of the ever so adorable Zika and the delightful Eze aka Dr Swag! And it gets even more interesting……..he’s given me a deadline to come up with a first post; otherwise there’ll be hell to pay! See my dilemma??? My plans at being bone-headed is no match for his daredevilry, which is without limits! I don’t even wanna think ’bout what he’d go put up under the guise of ‘Yemie’, the horror! Lol

                Am staggering and buckling under all these ‘weights’ and ‘pressures’ of you well meaning and phenomenal darlings! Y’all rock big time and I love y’all to pretty bitz and pieces! Just keep ’em fingers crossed! We’ll see where all these ‘arm twisting’ goes! *smh*

                Thanks again Dupe, peace and love! Mwah! *winks* LOL


              2. Dupe, God bless you! we started a campaign similar to yours and without knowing of it, you said exactly the same thing, maybe she will listen to you…she is such a mule!

                she now blogs at
                check it sometimes next week and you will Yemie live!

                please Dupe, start dropping long comments on my blog o…thanks in advance!


                    1. Hahahahaha! Would you rather I called you pushy? Or ‘hard at hearing’? Or just maybe plain incorrigible??? Gaze into the mirror Doc, the answer you so desperately seek, you shall find, staring you right back in the face! Silly Nilly! Lol


                    2. *giggling* And you Doc, are larger than life, outta this world! Thanks for being my friend! Big-headed, but hey; whatever! God bless and keep you, yours and all of your household! You’re the absloute bestest, for always! *winks* LOL


        2. You adorable lil snitch! I’ll get you for this Zee gurl! I swear it! Even if its the very last thing I do! *rme*

          And quit with the exaggeration already, gosh! So not cool! Infact, if I hear am again ehn…. I make no promises! You rock my darling; you REALLY do! Thanks for your kind words! You’ve made my whole day, you’ve absolutely no idea and I love you for it! Mwahh! XOXOXO. LOL

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Hmm…and he does well to keep reminding me ’bout it, hmph! What’s it to you Doc?! Its none of your beeswax, so move over? *straight face* Lolz


    1. Hehehehe Vee, you just never know! We’ll just have to keep you guessing now wouldn’t we??? *winks* LMAO!

      At least if anything, this ‘love post’ drew you out didn’t it?! Welcome back jellybeans! LOL


  3. Aw! Now, I am really blushing! Coming from you, I’ll bite! And you Doc, are outta this world! So beyond larger than life! Thanks for being my friend and God bless you and all of yours real good! Cheers! LOL


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