Museum of failed love

You walked away, rushing off

Skipping happily, not looking back

To see how distraught you have left me.

You loved me once, gushing on

How you can never forget

How you will always cherish

The bond that bound us

How fickle the human mind!

Friendship so callously thrown out

Trampled upon and spited!

Alas! I am the fool,

Holding on to words that

Died before it was birthed

Empty shells, hollow promises!

Whatever have I done?

Loved unconditionally, freely

And holding nothing back?

Or is my sap sour now,

No longer sweetness to your tongue?

And like the flirty butterfly

You have moved on to another flower

To suck of its nectar.

Your scent lingers, nostalgic whiff

Relics of a golden era

Collections of enviable friendship

Stored in the museum of

Failed love.



4 thoughts on “Museum of failed love

  1. *sighs* Another sad poem, typical! Yet still, he says he’s everything but gloomy! Yeah sure, someone definitely needs straightening out and no; I don’t mean me! *rme*

    These lines and verses run so deep! A bleeding heart who’s as yet to get over and come to terms with the loss of a beloved! A beloved that chose to walk away of his/her own freewill! You know how a person’s not physically present in another’s life but very much alive in the heart of such a one, and kinda just unconsciously calls the shots, whilst dictating the mood that person exhibits at every point in time?! That’s soo wrong on all levels, not a good place to be! Suckz, big time! *laughing*

    This poem, even as sad as it is, was so wonderfully concocted, very heart-felt! Its soul-sinking, mind-bending, hair-raising, head-banging, brain-shrinking, heart-shattering but finger-licking, don’t even ask me how that is cos honestly, I know not! I marvel at thy ingenuity, Your Royal Sadness; and drink at thy fountain of Eternal Gloom! Ride on Doc, wa gbayi! LMAO


    1. help! see as Yemie wan take English scatter my head o…walahi, make I get pain take dey write all of them. I wish them in my poems one day…

      the people we love never really leave even if they walk out on us…


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