Guilty Pleasures 6

He watched the woman sleeping beside him, snoring lightly and her legs inter-twined with his. She looked beautiful and peaceful. He reached out and tucked a stray tendril of hair from her face and couldn’t resist trailing a hand to her ample bosom and flickering her nipples.

He could feel blood rushing down towards his member and he sighed. He wanted more, much more than he could hope to get from her. She was wired that way and he could live with it.

Up until three months ago.

An accidental kiss, sparks turning into a roaring inferno of need and a furnace of pure desire kindled. A fire that threatens to burn them both. Each encounter leaves them spent, exhausted and yet wanting more. It was sweet, scary and confusing. He felt guilty about it but not enough to not wait with bated breath for the next encounter.

His wife stirred and huddled closer, wrapping her arm around him. He sighed again. He could not believe that it was him doing this, lying down in bed with his wife and thinking of another. Never in a thousand years would he have predicted what was happening to him. He could barely recognize this new person he had turned to.

His phone vibrated, interrupting his ruminations and he reached for it.

“I am missing you” the message read

He sucked in air and stole a quick glance at his wife.

“I need you inside me” another message entered.

He was hot all over and his heart raced. She was brazen and oh so wanton, and that made her irresistible. She also knew how to make him feel alive. She wanted him and that made him feel good. She made him feel sexy, desirable and wanton.

The way her hands moves over his chest drives him wild with delight, a touch that speaks of need, desire and adoration of his body. The urgency with which she devours him while clinging so tightly to him, molding her body to his always gives an intoxicating feeling. He craved her touch in that instant and felt an intense ache in his loins at the mere remembrance of it.

‘’how do we see?” he typed, already getting up from bed and moving towards the bathroom.

“Come get me”

“See you soon”

“Don’t be long, I am already wet”



16 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures 6

  1. Nice one Doc, this is a very beautiful, well articulated composition,top notch! You’re getting pretty good at this with each new post! I dig the flow as the tale unfurled. You brought it good so much so that the infamous ‘schnake’ in the Garden of Eden will literally blush like ‘c-o-o-r-e-i-z-y’! I mean aint nuttin’ subtle ’bout ’em text messages, nuh-uh! The sheer brazenness of it is simply numbing, to say the least! Shine on, Sir, na you biko! Baba niyen! ROTFLMAO!

    Okay now, certainly; this relationship’s primal, a very physical one; and definitely not of chocolates, sweet red wines and roses! And if somehow, it gets emotional and the sexy ‘side dish’ is done playing second fiddle and wants in on the main squeeze, all hell will break loose and this little house of cards shall surely come tumbling down, crashing to the ground with a very loud thud! Grasscutter no sabi say na wetin sweet dey kill person! In other words, sweetness at times like these is so synonymous with death! A really slow, painful death!


          1. Hmm Doki Oloye, this is very impressive! I can see you know all your celebs so-called! You’re very up to speed, except well; you failed to recognise the jigger one! The main Jenifa! Notice how that name’s spelt with so much ‘phunk’! Sulia kan, Ayetoro kan! Better recognise! *laughing*


            1. Sulia kan, Aiyetoro kan..or what is this one talking about?
              nibo ni mo ti fe mo local girl yen? *claps hand in wonderment*
              wo, emi o mo ri o..*enters red Toyota and drives off*


  2. Just for the sake young ones like Joseph, a PG18 at the beginning will help a lot. LOL

    Ironically, blood rushes to all other places—especially somewhere in the “nether region” between the limbs—but not the place where the decision to do what’s right is made.

    This is good, Doc.


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