Independence Day

In the beginning there was a country

Nurtured in the hearts of a few big

Dreamers, birthed amidst much upheavals;

Even then, whilst she was still small, she was full of

Promise and her destiny was to be among the great nations on

Earth and to sit with the powerful and mighty.

Never did the founding fathers foresee the

Divisions, devastation and desolation that followed

Ere she was old enough to stand on her feet and the

Nation they dreamed of, risking everything for is

Collapsing under the weight of corruption,

Ethno-religious conflicts and terrorism.

Day by day, hope wears thin, stretched beyond the limits of endurance

And the land is filled with blood and the air reeks of despair

Yet, the dream lives on, kept alive in the hearts of a few…She shall be great


Happy Independence Day Nigeria…..the giant of Africa.

independence day1 independence day2


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13 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. Wow Doc, this piece is REALLY giving me the butterflies! Good butterflies! *laughing*. And for the first time since the day broke to herald in our 54th Independence Anniversary, I’m totally feeling alive; with renewed hope for our country, brought on by this masterpiece you churned out and I kid you not! I mean, check out these phenomenal lines ‘ Yet the dream lives on, kept in the hearts of a few…She shall be great! How can you not just love this?! How?! What’s not to love?! LMAO

    Thanks for this Doc, those illustrations sizzle and you……well, I just ran outta adjectives! Speechless! *bowing* LOL

    And, a very Happy Independence Day Celebration to you and all of yours! God bless Nigeria and all who dwell therein! Cheers! Lol


  2. This is very nice. But did you really restored our faith??? I don’t think so.. I wonder how the last line of the verse gave yemmie a good feeling about Naija. In my opinion, you’d sunk the poem with lines that’s should not give us hope but ill-fate lieing ahead.

    To me, this poem is a pure diagramatic description of what Nigeria looks like. What do I mean? I. N. D. E. P. E. N. D. E. N. C. – D. A(said the real thing Naija is really facing with words like collapsing under the weight of corruption, terrorism and so on) and it’s only Y that gives us a slender hope (doing that with words like ‘in the heart of a few’) a few out of 160million should be like a million right? Then what are the chances that Naija will be great???

    In conclusion you used many lines to show Naija’s big problem and just a line to show it’s flickering hope. Nice work, sir. I’m your fan for life.

    Happy **dependence day! Even at 54.


  3. Yemmie? I hope I didn’t offend you wit my initial comment???
    If so sorry o, is just that, Doc is my boss, my trainer, and menthor. And I am an ardent lover of his poem and one of his best analyst. Ask him. So I just must analyse it!


    1. Ease up Fade, am not offended! Why should I?! Do I have any reasons to be?! Poems tend to speak to different people in different ways! I totally respect your take on the matter, its how you see and perceive it; and that my brother; is very called for! No hard feelings at all! Nice analysis by the way but I still stick to my guns, the eternal optimist that I am! Enjoy Fade, nothing dey happen! God bless you and our Nigeria! *laughing*


      1. I’m glad you have no hard feelings yemmie… and I’m also glad you still sticl to the optimistic crew. making you one of the 1million in my analysis while I remain one of the 150million, right?

        That proved your response and my response right about this piece.

        I’m glad to meet you on Doc’s blog. Catch you next time for more analysis. (you and I)


        1. Hehehe! You’re so right ’bout me being one of the few optimists, call us dreamers and you would be hitting the nail on the head! Viva Optimistic Crew!

          Bring on the analysis Fade and hopefully, I’ll be able to match you ‘analysis for analysis’! What will the world be if we all had one view?! Boring I tell you! Various angles and different perspectives are allowed, its just basically a game of wits! At the end of the day, the one whose game’s anything but lame can launch into a victory dance! That said, am so glad to make your acquaintance my Good Analytic Sir, catch you next time! LOL


        2. Fadehan, join Yemie’s optimistic crew takes one person to make a difference…one million people can turn the nation upside down and right side up again..


  4. Even though this (hitherto) giant of Africa crawls at the pace of a giant african snail, we’ll still be hopeful. We’ll embrace active optimism cuz only that will help; pessimism never helps.

    You delivered, Doc. You always do.


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