Poem for Mama (and Mothers)


Delectable creatures carved out from God’s own heart

Angels placed on earth to show in vivid colours what love is

Receiving nourishment from the fountain of emotions

Right from the throne of the Almighty.



Treasures encased in clay

Fragile in body, harder than flint

Solid and dependable

Reflecting God’s nature.


Words fail me

To paint the masterpiece;

Resplendent in their glorious imperfections

Of lava hot emotions of affections

And unflinching dedication

From cradle to grave.





You take my breath away.





Your children arise and call you Blessed.


image courtesy flickr





I can wish for none other




Ma Mere

Many happy returns.

Happy Birthday Mother.

I love you

More than you can ever imagine.

You are the best!


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Yemie says:

    Wow! This is so cool and breathtaking! Happy Birthday to your precious mum Doc! May she have many more beautiful years in great and sound health of mind, body and soul! Her grandchildren shall surround her table and she shall reap all of the harvest on all of her precious children IJN, Amen!

    I’ll bet she’s greatly serenaded by this masterpiece, so beautifully worded with sweet tears of joy unspeakable flowing down her beautiful eyes and cheeks! My heartfelt birthday tidings, plenty bearhugs and kisses to her! Mwaaah! Well done Sir, its a Wow masterpiece! LOL

    1. topazo says:

      Amen. thanks a bunch
      this poem is for you too…and all mothers out there..delectable creatures….

      1. Yemie says:

        Aw! That’s so beyond ‘schweet’! Whoever said chivalry was dead in this present age is yet to meet you Doc, I mean; REALLY! ‘Delectable creatures’ ei?! Now that’s pretty smooth! *nodding affirmatively* LMAO!

  2. Walt Shakes says:

    Fathers exist o. I’m just saying. And I’ll say it again. Fathers exist ooo! Dazzal.

    1. Yemie says:

      Ahem…I don’t normally do this, barging in on folks’ convos I mean, but amma make an exception right here; especially as Walter’s my personal person! *Yimu* LMAO

      Bia Walter, I can tell you authoritatively that there’s a spectacular poem for Dads on this glorious blog put up in honour of Fathers on Father’s Day, celebrated sometime this year! I can also tell you that the portrayal of a Father far outshined this one in honour of Mothers! A Father was depicted as a slayer of the dragon, you should go check it out; its pretty dramatic, compelling! So cut us mums some slacks will you?! Without Dads, there couldn’t possibly be Mums could there?! Are we forgiven then?! *raised eyebrow* LOL

      1. topazo says:

        Lol Yemi! still beefing that post i see….

        1. Yemie says:

          Huh?! Beefing what post?! Am guessing you’re in a rare form though Doc?! Well, you’re seeing wrong and I’ve absolutely no idea what you’re talking ’bout! Hmph!

    2. topazo says:

      and we love them too…today is about mothers…and one special one in particular

  3. This. Is. Beautiful!

    Brief lines and short words, yet packed with so much. Bros, you sabi!

    Happy birthday to Momma. May her days be long, in good health and bests of life.

    1. topazo says:

      Amen! Thanks Senor Joe

  4. Dupe says:

    God bless mothers, they will live long to reap the fruit of their labours in Jesus name, Amen.

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