Voice of god


There is a voice in my head

It is the voice of the gods

Gurgling, giggling, gushing

Thunderous and soothing;

They say I am mad,

What do they know?

Their fully clothed bodies

Belies their naked minds

Roaming about the streets

Of ignorant bliss.


I am a habitation of the gods

My will is not mine

I am a vessel chosen

To do their bidding;

They say my mind is broken

They couldn’t be more wrong,

Whoever claims to be in control

Of their minds is insane-

Free will is an illusion

We all do the bidding of the gods


I have been to the mountains

Crossed the seas, lived in caves

Dwelt in darkness;

They call it exorcism

I laugh at them,

At their sacrifices and rituals

Skin markings and incantations;

Their frenzy to strive for normality

Settling for mediocrity

Under the guise of sanity.


9 thoughts on “Voice of god

  1. This is a very beautiful, nay; magical portrayal of a paranoid schizophrenic, and one with such twisted delusions too! However can something sounding thunderous also be simultaneously soothing?! That bit doesn’t quite add up! Its pretty scatter-brained and puzzling! Till the subject faces up to his demons and admits he’s got a problem that needs solving, then he’s gonna be a gazillion miles away from home literally and figuratively! *rme* LOL

    Totally terrific job you did here Doc! This composition was executed with careful, flawless, surgical precision! So spot on! Then again, you’re a Shrink aren’t you?! Awesomeness becomes you! *laughing*


      1. ‘There’s always wisdom in madness you say’?! Well I say ‘in the family of madness, there’s no sanity’! Now I don’t subscribe to the markings and incantations aspect of exorcism and I know one’s either inhabited by the Holy Spirit or an unclean spirit! And as far as those ritualistic acts are concerned, I concur too that they’re mediocre practices but again, how do you explain away the various chaotic sounds the subject finds em….soothing?! *raised eyebrow*


          1. Whoa! And the claws are out, at daggers drawn! Pipe down Doc, no need to be such a meanie! Boy are you on a roll tonight! We’re just having a conversation, gosh! Take a deep breath babylove! Are you alright now?! So, are you gonna make me understand now, please?! *Yimu*


              1. Aren’t we getting wayyy ahead of ourselves here Doc?! Trying to pull a very fast one yeah?! Well, no chance! Absolutely none! The way I see it, you’re the one spoiling for a fight, needless to say; you stole my lines! Alagbari someborri! LMAO!


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