Broken Pieces

Bomb blasts shakes the foundation

Of our existence,

Knives are thrust into the back

Of friends when they are least vulnerable;

Hope is stretched thin, to the breaking point.

Anarchy reeks, the stench suffocating;

Religion is a weapon of mass destruction in the vast

Armory of the leaders and laity alike;

Mourning welcomes the morning daily.


image via google


6 thoughts on “Broken Pieces

  1. This is brilliant Doc, astonishing! Using the term ‘Boko Haram’ to come up with this masterpiece that describes aptly what the insurgents represent and are ’bout! ‘Anarchy reeks, the stench is suffocating’! That’s scary but so spot on! Hopefully, and even as thin as that is, we shall overcome someday! Hopefully! *sighs*


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