African Woman

African woman

Paint a picture of the African woman,
Preserve her beauty for ages to come,
Show forth the elegance of her features;
Her full mouth, luscious and inviting
The lines of her jaw depicting
A quiet, understated strength;
The hint of a smile around the corners of her mouth
The light in her eyes, giving a peek into
Her spirit, strong and resilient, not bowing under pressure.

Paint the lines of her neck delicately,
Capture the swirl of her hair
The curls dancing softly to
The cadence of the wind;
Her ample bosom, from which
Her young find nourishment.

Paint the tapering waist,
And her well rounded hips
And delicate curves that
Tingle the loins as she
Sashays down the street, fully aware
Of her feminine allure;
Don’t forget to show the poise and
Grace of her carriage.

african woman2

Paint the sheen of her ebony skin,
Like burnished oak, delicate and majestic;
Capture the frown on her face
As she frets over her young,
The soft lines that grace them
As thought of her loved ones serenade her;
Her smile like the early morning sun
That warms the heart as she watches
Like a mother hen, her family gathered around her.

Paint a picture of the African woman,
A still form, frame it, hang it
Tell on a canvass with your
Brushstrokes of her beauty
That transcends her physique;
Rather, a reflection of her spirit
Such beauty that takes the breath away.


14 Comments Add yours

  1. fadehan says:

    Nice piece you have on here again broda,. I’m happy to have checked on Nigerian Writers, I would have missed on this stuff.

    1. topazo says:

      Thanks my brother…

  2. amity4 says:

    Thank you for this beautifully crafted piece.

    Such women will soon go into extinction

    ‘African girls’ have lost the African touch; bleached skin, hair extentions, false lashes and nails to mention but few.
    Lazy bunch who can’t carry out simple house cores with a house help. They lost the ‘African touch ‘ to fakery.
    Not all though. I still see good ones who are proud of their heritage.

    1. topazo says:

      Don’t fear dear, there will always be the minority who will retain the African heritage…there is a true beauty in the African woman

  3. Yemie says:

    Wow! An Ode to the African Woman! So enchanting! Oh Brother, these words, all the lines and verses…..I’m greatly serenaded and mightily seduced by. ‘Tell on a canvass with your brushstrokes, of her beauty that transcends her physique; rather a reflection of her spirit’…..these magical words did it for me hands down! And I say ‘Word is Born! *laughing*.

    Kudos Doc, this is a terrific piece of composition, highly artistic and sheer genius! Keep keeping it real brother! LOL

    1. topazo says:

      if you as i just dey smile ehn…

      those were my favourite lines too…there is a true beauty in the African woman that trascends her physique…it is in the spirit, the grace and poise…

      Thanks sister…we’ll be keeping it real…lol

  4. Dr2103 says:

    This is plain beautiful! You just made me love myself even more, ‘m an African woman afterall!!!

    Welldone Mr!

    1. topazo says:

      oh yea? that’s great
      you know you are beautiful right? through and through! *winks*

  5. Faith Simone says:

    Lovely poem, beautiful words!

  6. And indeed, you took breaths away with this. I must write this (again): you write beautifully.

    @amity… Really good words. I agree with you. Hopefully that won’t go into extinction soonest.

    1. topazo says:

      Senor Joe, thanks a lot!

  7. Olajumoke Omisore says:

    Absolutely beautiful Topazo.
    This will stay with me.
    Thanks for sharing. Thank you.

    1. topazo says:

      Thank you Jumoke…

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