Blame the gods

blame the gods2

The gods are on a rampage;

Segede has struck our children

And they now wear swollen

Necks like a bull frog;

Igbona has left them delirious

And with a spotted skin;

Atosi has rendered our young men

Infertile and makes our old men

Groan when they pee;

Ete, the flesh eater

Has afflicted the village beau;

Sopana, is killing hordes by

The day and we watch, helpless;

Our yams are exhausted

And the bleating in

The barns ceased;

The priests are dumbfounded

And stare helplessly,

Their tongues have cleaved

To the roof of their mouth;

The crown royal is perplexed,

History is been written

But not in the books of greatness;

The village is dying

The gods are mad.



 images: Flickr


25 thoughts on “Blame the gods

  1. Wow! Am reading through this traditionally powerful, highly dramatic and creative masterpiece and what comes to mind are the plagues unleashed by the Almighty on the Egyptians, when they refused the Israelites their freedom! A land that’s cursed by deities, gods or God, the Supreme Power, maybe due to the evil intents and or actions perpetrated by just one person or several people and consequently, afflictions, famine, drought and death reign supreme!

    This will make a most interesting dance drama and bring the stage alive with recitations by someone with great oratorical skills and an arresting, very imposing persona, while others act out his instructions. Doc, I love this, especially with the local traditional vibe am getting! Those illustrations of the King and the lightning flashing from across the dark sky on to the body of water, brings it all together! Its as though the fierce Sango deity’s raging and waging a war against the villagers! A literary masterpiece this is Sir, or better still, the High Definition in 3D of amazing, just like you! Bravo! *laughing*


  2. hmmm…nice concept there Yemi! who better to execute it than you, the genius that thought it up. and i cant think of a better person with stronger personality and oratorial skills than you… you dressed in a traditional olori attire complete with the hairstyle, and delivering those lines will be a sight to behold….


    1. Oh Shoot! Hahahahaha! Nice one Doc, REAL NICE! I saw what you did right there! You. Are. A. Mischief, but I’m pretty sure you’re well aware ’bout that fact already! That’s just me stating the obvious! Mura si o, Silly Billy Nilly! *smh* ROTFL


            1. Why, hello there Quaint and Dainty China! Your comment was not fully delivered! Perhaps you’d like to resend it, please? Am really interested in what you’ve gotta say! Thanks hon. *big smile*


            1. Hehehehe! Good question! The same way he got to know mine was ‘massively short’ in his spectacular masterpiece of a poem titled ‘Dry Spell’! Perhaps you’d like to sneak a peek at that one, no?! I’m just paying him back in his own coin. That’s all! LMAO!


  3. Awww! I didn’t mean to send that😋
    Well I was just saying that🙈
    I won’t blame the gods though
    The people of the land must have transgress
    To incur the wrath of the gods.
    Just saying .


      1. Yes! I stick with that.
        Only a handful of them are mischievous and the superior ones caution them.
        More so the villagers are so restless looking for what isn’t there
        They sometimes make pact with the mischievous ones and they don’t keep their bit thereby annoying the gods who then go on rampage.


  4. In the Women of Owu, the village of owu’s fall, the gods said, was due to the village’s trespass. So, the gods might be mad but it’s actually not always without a cause based on the people’s deed. The god’s are mad, but they are not to blame.


  5. These gods don’t need a reason. They do some things just because. Who is to be blamed then if not the gods who request for things that are out of this world only to turn around in fury when people cannot deliver?

    I say the gods are to be blamed and they are stark raving mad!

    Yeah, I got that bit from African Magic Yoruba. lol

    Kudos Doc, beautifully written, as always!


  6. Rich! This is really nice!

    Aren’t these too much for just a village? Ah! The gods must be really high on wet weed. The gods sure need a hard slap-induced cold reboot. But that one question: who will slap the gods?

    I like this piece. The blend is owambe!


  7. Who will lead us in war against the gods? You’ve exposed them Doc, the cap fits u. We have to fight and catch prisoners and since they are mad, they will be admitted in ur psych ward. Lolz


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