Just this Once

Just this once,

She pleads with her eyes;

One moment to lose

Herself in the bliss

That will never be.


Just this once,

To quench the thirst

Making him delirious with desire;

One moment of calm

From the tumultuous emotions raging.


Just this once,

Before they lose sanity

From the longing that wouldn’t go

Despite the voice of reason

Just once.


Just this once,

Will never be enough,

No, each encounter creates

A deeper craving that

Will take forever to satiate.


images: Flickr


3 thoughts on “Just this Once

  1. Oh Wow! If this aint torture, dunno what is! How can something that feels oh so right be soo damn wrong?! Pity! Was listening to the lyrics of the classics ‘Secret Lovers’ by Atlantic Stars and ‘One Night Only’ by Dreamgirls and I just gushed! Such emotion-ladened lyrics, you could just tell the composers wrote those very lyrics from their hearts. Unless these two stay far away from each other, then I daresay that they’re fighting a lost battle! They clearly adore each other and I’m guessing they can only stay as far away from each for so long before they practically rip themselves apart, to shreds! Talk ’bout ‘spiritual congi’! *laughing*

    A masterfully composed piece, deliciously and so wickedly concocted! Carry on Doc, no one else comes close to you, as far as masterpieces riddled with passion unbridled, love, romance and the likes are concerned! I’m simply in awe of your abilities! You’re much too much! Kudos! LOL


    1. can they stay apart? would the magnetic pull not constantly fling them across each other’s parts? will they not eventually give in to the irresistible urge? will they survive it?

      so many questions…

      thanks Yemi, like i always say, you are awesome!


      1. *blushing* Thanks for the compliments my Awesome Poet, hopefully; my head will not go BOOM! LOL

        Those questions posed there are really difficult ones to answer. All things are possible with the right amount of discipline, determination and strong will! These will not come easy, but its not utterly impossible too, so I won’t rule them out outrightly!


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