I cannot love you

I cannot love you

I want to

I swear, I do


Whatโ€™s not to love about you?

Your dimples as you smile

The way your eyes light up


Oh, those brown almond eyes

That diffracts in the light

Blue and indigo


I cannot love you

Despite the appeal of your

Gorgeous heart


Your petulant pout

And the sexiness of your

Angry rants


I cannot love you

Even though your body molds to mine

So perfectly like we are two halves


The warmth you exude

Sending my heart into a frenzy

And how your passion ignite mine


A roaring inferno

Of insatiable need

Sweet and glorious torture


I cannot love you

Even as my heart protests

And leave me of its own accord


Leaving a gaping wound

Bleeding and sore

An ache only you can cure


I cannot love you

Even if I want to

For love is waiting at home.


love nightmare


image courtesy: google/flickr


15 thoughts on “I cannot love you

  1. *SMH*. You know something Doc, the day you cease composing overwhelmingly gloomy and excuciatingly painful masterpieces like this remarkably and highly impressionable sad poem, I’d throw you a big, monster blow-out of a party, a soiree like never seen before on this side of the Sahara, and have everyone on the ‘blogosphere’ come celebrate with you! BUT, we both KNOW that would NEVER happen, now don’t we?! *sighs*

    Ouch! This really stings! An impossible and forbidden love, or perhaps just a crush, a mere ‘flash in the pan’?! Whatever ‘this’ is, home’s where the heart is, home sweet home! And ‘this’, shall most definitely pass! They always do, eventually! LMAO!

    ‘I cannot love you’ is a certified ‘amazeball’, it sizzles! *laughing*


    1. never say never o Yemie…i might just become ‘converted’ and become a happy go lucky, bright and shiny poem writer….

      do they really pass? love makes a permanent impression on the heart, it never fails. the pain of loss will lessen yes but it never really passes


  2. That bittersweet moment the entire fibre in one’s being would rather have that thing, but you know you can’t. . . you shouldn’t.

    It applies even in other circumstances outside the matters of the heart. You know, that awkward moment Yisa’s Suya looks and smells sooo great but you know you won’t have a bite. . . not after Sawyer has successfully imported that thing.



  3. I feel for you, respect – for keeping your values in the face of temptation;
    I feel sad for the one you cannot love – for she would have been so hopeful;
    I feel sorry for the love at home – for your love to her seems only out of duty.

    Hehehehehehe… Please tell me I can also be a poet. I tried now…


    1. Bimpe, you nailed it.
      i have always told you that you had it in you to pen great words…but you are giving too many excuses…
      so here, take the writer’s badge and start writing NOW!


  4. Omg. I think I’ll stutter right now. Okay, lemme just breathe.. *in* *out* *in* *out*

    This is an overwhelmingly sad poem. And it’s beautiful. It’s the kind of thing that makes you smile even as tears trickle down your eye. Maybe sometimes, there’s a distinct difference between soulmates and lovers? Or how better can I put it? The one you have so much sync with is the soulmate, and the one you have a duty to be with is the lover. And sadly, we do not always end up with the soulmates. Elizabeth Gilbert says soulmates stray along to jab us in the nerves and give our lives a resounding meaning, but hoping that they’ll stay around for much longer than they have to, is hoping for too much.

    So maybe this is life, and it is not so awkward that things like this happen. Maybe it’s one of those things we’ll have to hold on to and let go at the same time, live with yet do without…

    You writing tickles! Gosh.

    I hope to write fine or even better too. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Oh you do do write better than i do, i mean, take a look at this your comment!

      now, i just love that quote by Eliabeth Gilbert…
      but then having your soulmate as lover will be a wow experience…

      thanks for stopping by love doctor…


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