Dry Spell

Desert- arid and dry

Wastelands- vast and endless

Lucidity gives way to the

Ramblings of the delirious

Fear drapes like a cloak

Is this the end?


14 thoughts on “Dry Spell

  1. ‘Is this the end’, he asks! ‘It couldn’t possibly be’, I respond! ‘How’s that, he asks’! ‘Well, because HOPE’s wayyy stronger than FEAR, I respond’! ‘Duh! Its a desert’ he exclaims, to which I smile and say ‘Rejoice, for no matter how dry and arid a desert seems, there’s always a special place therein called the ‘Oasis’, ever heard of that sweet, fertile place?! To which he responds……

    A brilliant poem Doc, I’m feeling that title as well as the gloom that’s strongly emitted, eerie! Kudos! LMAO


    1. Yemie darling…this your comment is just awesome!
      Hope definitely is stronger than fear….
      ah, yes he responds “i can see the oasis now….the fear is lifted…”


                  1. Huh?! Short legs?! I guess this is the part where I throw my head backwards and do this….Hahahahahahahahahaha! Very funny Doc, you really must be off your rockers and marbles, put together! FYI, am everything but short so put a suck in it, bug! Plus, lose that grumpiness like a bad habit! Oh My! It really IS a bad habit! *fuming*


                    1. *Yimu* Hmm.. tell me what I don’t already know! Dat one na story for the gods! You know what Doc, just back the hell up already! I’ve got bigger fish to fry! I’m outta here! Onisokuso osi! Psst!


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