You found me

In a dark alley

Drenched and shivering

Fast losing grip on life


You were a beacon of hope

Your words were water

To my parched soul

An oasis in a desert


I was a dying vine

Wilted and withered

Now luscious and luxuriant

From your careful tendering


You found me when

I needed to be found

You saved me

Just in the nick of time.



image: flickr


25 thoughts on “Beacon

  1. Awww, Sweetness! The imageries used here are so precise and spot on !’Your words were water…..’, deep! Words are very powerful! They have the ability of making or marring, after all; we all came to be by the spoken word of He who’s referred to as ‘The Word’ Himself! Nice one Doc, grace and wisdom multiplied!


      1. Wow! Thanks a whole lot Doc, we bless God. You on the other hand, have a way with words that’s just effortless! You’re what I’d describe as ‘word-savvy’! *laughing*. Soar on up Sir, you’ve got this!


                  1. Indeed, my Quaint and Dainty China! With special emphasis on BUG! Hehehehe! I’m pretty sure a ‘special someone’ will find that ‘unknown lady’ lurking in the shadows soonest! Tell ‘her’ to hang in there just awhile longer! Though ‘he’ tarries, he’d definitely be revealed; all in God’s Perfect time! *winks* LOOL


                    1. Abegii Topazo! Carry waka biko! Two’s company, three’s a crowd! Suffice it to say, that you’re the third wheel here! So, SCAT! LOL


                    1. Yeah, sure! And for some reason, you seem to have ran outta steam cause this response right here doesn’t quite cut it! Nuh-uh, it flieth not! B-O-R-I-N-G *Yawning*


  2. A lot of saving going on in here. I do hope the beacon beams rays to point out ‘druffs and lighten ways. *smiles*

    Nothing compares to being saved just at the time it’s almost all gone.

    You write with ease!


  3. Tope, someone very dear found me recently. And this poem describes it so perfectly. Thank you. Feels god to know someone else understands how it feels.
    I need to come touch the hem of your garment to receive the anointing for amazing poetry like this. *winks*


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