You found me

In a dark alley

Drenched and shivering

Fast losing grip on life


You were a beacon of hope

Your words were water

To my parched soul

An oasis in a desert


I was a dying vine

Wilted and withered

Now luscious and luxuriant

From your careful tendering


You found me when

I needed to be found

You saved me

Just in the nick of time.



image: flickr


25 Comments Add yours

  1. Yemie says:

    Awww, Sweetness! The imageries used here are so precise and spot on !’Your words were water…..’, deep! Words are very powerful! They have the ability of making or marring, after all; we all came to be by the spoken word of He who’s referred to as ‘The Word’ Himself! Nice one Doc, grace and wisdom multiplied!

    1. topazo says:

      first as usual…thanks a plenty…
      words…powerful beyond human comprehension…
      you sure know how to use yours to build…i am a living witness

      1. Yemie says:

        Wow! Thanks a whole lot Doc, we bless God. You on the other hand, have a way with words that’s just effortless! You’re what I’d describe as ‘word-savvy’! *laughing*. Soar on up Sir, you’ve got this!

        1. topazo says:

          see right there? what you do with your words…
          thanks a bunch….
          i shall close my eyes and picture myself soaring….

          1. Yemie says:

            *scratchingmyhead* LOLOL

            1. topazo says:

     have dandruff? sorry

              1. Yemie says:

                Huh?! Dan what?! Hahaha, very funny! Doc, don’t even get me started tonight! Bug off! *straight faced*

                1. amity4 says:

                  Hehehe ‘bug off’ old sch slang … Reminds me of the good ol days😃😀😊

                  1. Yemie says:

                    Indeed, my Quaint and Dainty China! With special emphasis on BUG! Hehehehe! I’m pretty sure a ‘special someone’ will find that ‘unknown lady’ lurking in the shadows soonest! Tell ‘her’ to hang in there just awhile longer! Though ‘he’ tarries, he’d definitely be revealed; all in God’s Perfect time! *winks* LOOL

                    1. topazo says:

                      ah, my two most adorable blog sisters…

                    2. Yemie says:

                      Abegii Topazo! Carry waka biko! Two’s company, three’s a crowd! Suffice it to say, that you’re the third wheel here! So, SCAT! LOL

                    3. topazo says:

                      not until amity say so…and i know she won’t

                    4. Yemie says:

                      Wevs dude! *Yimu* LOL

                2. topazo says:

                  started? you be gen? lol

                  1. Yemie says:

                    Na only gen dem dey start ni?! Choi! See wetin incessant blackouts and epileptic power supply don do to ya psyche! Eeyah! LMAO!

                    1. topazo says:

                      lol…for some reason, you seem to sound like one…

                    2. Yemie says:

                      Yeah, sure! And for some reason, you seem to have ran outta steam cause this response right here doesn’t quite cut it! Nuh-uh, it flieth not! B-O-R-I-N-G *Yawning*

  2. amity4 says:

    Lovely …
    😊ray of hope
    This is what ‘she’ needs
    That ‘unknown lady’ in ‘shadow’ …
    I hope someone will find and save her too. Someday.

    1. topazo says:


  3. A lot of saving going on in here. I do hope the beacon beams rays to point out ‘druffs and lighten ways. *smiles*

    Nothing compares to being saved just at the time it’s almost all gone.

    You write with ease!

    1. Yemie says:

      Em, Jojo! Druffs?! What druffs do you refer?! Care to illuminate me before I lose ma temper?! *fuming*

    2. topazo says:

      Sir Joe! Thanks sir for your kind words…
      As for those ‘druffs’ the beam has found them out o…

  4. neker17 says:

    Tope, someone very dear found me recently. And this poem describes it so perfectly. Thank you. Feels god to know someone else understands how it feels.
    I need to come touch the hem of your garment to receive the anointing for amazing poetry like this. *winks*

    1. topazo says:

      *blushing* Chai! you will not kee mee!
      thanks for your kind words…

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