Random gists

Okay, this is not a story.

I was chatting with a friend and I found the chat funny and thought to myself, ‘hey, I could make a blog post out of this’


I have no idea.

Okay, I do. I hate fiction because I lack the imagination to paint a setting or describe a scene vivid enough to make the reader see the sights and sound in his/her mind’s eye. Chatting with this lady (they always have to be a lady!) I found myself doing so effortlessly. It made me smile…and I want to share it.

I hope you like it.


Her: I’m looking for money o

Me: I saw it last in Iberekodo, under one tree like that

Me: You can check it there

Her: *wide grin smiley* you are not serious

Me: I am dead serious

Me: As serious as a heart attack

Her: *Rolling on the floor smiley*

Her: And mehn…heart attack is serious!

Me: So, check under the tree in Iberekodo for money that you are looking for

Her: But I need money true true

Her: Which tree exactly?

Her: *wide grin smiley*

Me: Igi Odan ( Odan tree)

Me: As you enter Iberekodo

Me: On the right

Me: In front of a story building

Her: *rolling on the floor*

Me: Painted blue

Me: But fading

Her: Tope, you are crazy *rolling on the floor smiley*

Me: An old woman was sitting at the verandah

Her: Lwkmd!

Me: She has one eye

Me: The other is bad….cataract I think

Her: *rolling on the floor* *rolling on the floor*

Her: *rolling on the floor*

Me: And it looks like she is staring at you however way you turn

Me: Scary, I must say

Her: How did you know all these details?

Me: She has a chewing stick too…hanging from the right hand corner of her mouth

Me: Shebi I said that’s where I saw money last na

Me: I am just describing the place to you, so that you can know where to find it when you go

Her: *laughing out loud smiley*

Her: in fact ehn! Your description is explicit!

Her: *rolling on the floor*

Me: You know my power of observation is great

Her: It’s astounding *rolling on the floor smiley*

Her: Old woman, with chewing stick!

Her: It’s flagabasting even!!!!

Me: Is it? *straight face smiley*

Her: I should ask you *wide grin*

Me: No be you talk am? Flabber-wetin sef?

Her: Flabber-whelming

Me: Oh! See biiiig grammar! Wetin e mean?

Her: Means your power of observation is one in town noni

Me: Oooooooo, thanks you *wide grin*

Her: *rolling on the floor*

Her: You are really getting me cracked up here

Me: That’s good

Her: Even my eyes are tearing

Her: When did you become Teju baby face?

Me: *wide smile* Na God

Her: *Music smiley* No be me, na God

Her: You know that song?

Me: Which of the song? The senior brother or junior brother?

Me: John or Paul?

Her: *rolling on the floor smiley*

Her: Na woman sing am o

Me: Ehen?

Her: Get serious jor….*wide grin*


So many other interesting chats that are for private consumption only…. *wink*



Thanks to my special friend for making my evening fun. Life is so much fun with great friends.

Buzz a friend before going to bed today and just check up on them. It is the people around us that make life happy and not our possessions.


5 thoughts on “Random gists

  1. Wow! Nothing like good ole companionship and camaraderie with friends, family and loved ones! They make the world go round and a whole lot brighter too! Niceeee!!!


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