The smile is skin deep

Its warmth fizzles

Before it reaches the

Heart which is crying

And straining against the chains

Its echoes hoarse

In the hollow of the dungeon

Dug in the belly of the earth

Hewn from rocks buried deep

In a place where two waters meet


The laughter is not what it is

It is the gurgling sound of a man

Drowning- bubbles of air rushing out

Of an empty heart; a vacuum

The eyes do not lie

And they are dark at noon

The light snuffed out

It belies the flowery speech

It screams of a crack in the foundation

An impending landslide.


The boom in the voice is the echo

Of desperation and despair

The spring in the steps

Mere limping of a weary soul

Fatigued and about to fall face first

The next minute;

Take another look and see

The subtle signs, listen closely

You will hear the screaming of a soul

Crying for help.


images courtesy Flickr



19 thoughts on “Facade

  1. Of fronting and keeping up of appearances! Of misery deeply entrenched and bottled up inside! Of a mirror with two faces! Its always good to communicate our woes and not just assume that the people around us should see it, understand us or are all together, omniscient: all-knowing! That’s just so wrong an assumption, selfish and narcissistic! I can only understand what I know, to be able to render some help as God strengthens me! After all, I’m only but human myself and there’s so much I can do!

    An original and effortless piece! Pretty much your forte! Kudos!


    1. Sometimes it isn’t always easy to open up especially when opening up once only made one worse off.
      Then again who do ‘we’ trust to open up to? Who out there will understand ‘us’ and be non-judgmental ? What if ‘we’ don’t have The right words to express how we truly feel in there?
      What if opening up only got ‘us’ the ‘label’ ‘we’ so much avoided?
      What if…?
      Maybe ‘we’ better off keeping it all bottled in and feign the smile.


      1. Amity, that premise is faulty. that you opened up and got burned once doesn’t mean it will happen again.

        in life, you have to keep hope alive, if you had it rough, you dust yourself and try again because the next time around you just might get it right.

        Again, you don’t have to get the right words or say the word right. sometimes, rambling is okay. if they will get you, rambling or perfect elocution would not matter.

        we are created to need help and be needed. no person can thrive in isolation or by bottling things up…that is just fear and the ‘evil’ forces speaking because ‘they’ know that once we keep silent and are alone, then ‘they’ have the upper hand of sinking us into despair…

        we are not better off keeping it all bottled up…


        1. Dear doc,
          I know it is faulty … But those are part of ‘our’ thought process that hold ‘us’ back
          Nobody likes to be alone
          some of ‘us’ do get past em maybe…
          Some of ‘us’ struggle really hard cos we re let down over and over again even by the support system


          1. it is hard being let down over and over….it sucks.
            but we need to survive and to do that, we have to get up time and time again…and keeping reaching out for help….help will surely come.
            we should spread this awareness…..to help as many as have this faulty logic


      2. Beautiful points you made there Quaint and Dainty China! Its very difficult to come by genuine folks who’ll offer both listening ears and a shoulder to cry on but bottled up feelings too are not exactly healthy and can cause so much more damage! I just know that though good friends be pretty hard to find, there must at least be one compassionate person we can unburden our woes on to, as big a place as the world is! One person! Its a chance worth taking! Plus, support groups abounds out there! For me, I’ve learnt never to say never! There’s a solution to every problem.


                1. Hush now Doc, as in shush, gosh! Once you don’t let on and we don’t; then all will be dandy! It’d be our little secret! Our best kept secret, no?! LMAO


          1. Aww! Don’t you worry baby girl, we’ll all be mighty fine, you’ll see! Also bear in mind sweets that real victory and success comes mainly from having had to have put up a good fight! YES WE CAN! And by jove, we shall finish strong! So let’s cast our cares on to our Maker, cause He cares for us and our weaknesses are made perfect in His strength! Gurl, see what you did right there?! You just made a preacher outta me! *laughing*


    2. Exactly Yemie. there is nothing wrong in seeking help and even screaming it from the rooftops…

      but sometimes, we are so busy and wrapped up in our world that we fail to notice that person that is hoping we would spare him/her a second look, to take a minute to pause while we ask the cursory “how are you?” because then they will be assured that we really are there for them and they can offload.

      even if we aren’t able to help with their problems. just listening with empathy and allowing them to vent can make a huge difference and save a life.


  2. Love this. Reminds me that life is so much more than two dimensional. To me, the appearances, the actual words people speak, and the “story” comprise the two dimensional perspective on people and life. But it’s that third dimension – the emotion and meaning that lies underneath people’s words and actions and even under life itself – this is the dimension that is most beautiful. It is what makes people tick, what unifies hearts, and the place in which we can best love the souls around us. Thanks for a great read.


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