I am in a deep dark place

Several layers under

Far from light and air;

It is cold in here

My heart is numb

They suck me in deeper, I feel them


I am tired,

I ache all over

Exhausted from struggling

To get back to the surface;

They have me now

I surrender


All I want to do is to sleep

Night and day are the same

All is gray- the colors are faded;

They have my body now

It is decaying and all my strength

Has been drained.


I seek a release from this misery

I won’t be missed

I am sure of this;

They tell me I am worthless

Better dead than alive

And this is true.


The rope beckons, blessed relief

The bottle, the pill and the gun

All try to woo me too;

‘You will feel better’

They tell me

‘When the darkness envelopes you’


image: google/flickr


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Yemie says:

    Wow! This is an authentic, highly profound and very compelling portrayal of clinical depression! It is arresting and very eye-opening! The illustration of the drowning woman levitating’s mesmerizing and very captivating! It says a whole lot ’bout this condition. Thumbs up!

    May the soul of the absolutely delightsome, good-natured and sweet funnyman that was Robin Williams rest in peace and may his family and loved ones be granted the fortitude to bear his unbearable loss IJN; Amen! Surely, He’ll be sorely missed by all and sundry! *sighs*

    1. topazo says:


      Depression is ugly…it is a deep dark dungeon where there is no light. the victims are helpless and can’t get out of it try as they may…

  2. Olabimpe says:

    May we be sensitive enough to see those drowning around us, and caring enough to take time out of our busy lives to lend a helping hand, to show them that we really care.

    1. topazo says:

      Amen. That is a very profound prayer Bimpe.

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