August rush

The barns are bursting at the seams

Young maidens ripe for the plucking


Palm wine flows like a river

The farmlands are deserts


The sun takes over the duty

Of rousing the men, the hen pouts


The air is alive

Festivities breathe


The rains are gone

The new yams are here




13 thoughts on “August rush

  1. This is so retro and reminiscent of the sleepy rural areas, the countryside with its fresh unpolluted air, brimming with the sweet scent of an even sweeter innocence. I can almost sniff a whiff of it! Lolz.

    Maidens ripe for plucking and hens pouting cracked me up good! You did a dandy job capturing the turn of events at the end of the planting season, to herald in the harvest time and its accompanying festivities. Niceee!!!


      1. Well, for starters: most rural areas are very close to nature and void of all the hustles and bustles of the suburbs and urban areas! Plus, folks over there lead pretty simple lives and are quite unpretentious in their approach to life unlike city folks.


          1. Atrocities abounds everywhere! Afterall, humans reside there and not aliens from outta space. Still, the countryside’s pretty much ‘saner’ than the city!


              1. Senior Citizens oftentimes retire to the countryside after active service. Why do you suppose that is?! The ‘sanity’ those places offer is rare and comforting. Its like an escape! A lotta of folks have countryhomes where they go for retreats, letting down their hair, putting their feet up and just breathing in the fresh air. Those places are the perfect getaways! Nothing like the city!


                  1. Pace and innocence! Plus, the innocence am talking ’bout is all-encompassing! Of the environment, fresh farm supplies et al! Even at that, you can’t honestly say that country folks get up to ‘no good’, more than city slickers, can you?! That’s just ridiculous!


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