Ditching WordPress

After blogging for one year on the WordPress platform, I feel at home and it’s time to unpack, figuratively. I have always wanted to own a website that is uniquely mine and I hadn’t been comfortable with my blog address.

In line with getting ready for the next one year of blogging, I decided to ditch the WordPress domain and get me a custom domain. I am excited about this, I have my own custom domain and a website that is uniquely mine, though still hosted by WordPress platform.  I have my own special place in the world wide web!

So, bye bye www.zaphnathpaaneah05.wordpress.com


www.zaphnathpaaneah.com! (Drumrolls)

The beauty of it is that if you type the old address, or click on a bookmark of the old address that you have saved on your browser, you will be directed to the new address. There will not be any hassles finding my new “space”, it is small but it is mine and I love it.

This is a dream come true! Hurray!!!



6 thoughts on “Ditching WordPress

  1. *singing* Holla! Holla!! Hey! Hey!! Way to go Doc, you’re a win! Congratulations once again on this big one and here’s to looking forward to greater things as you take a leap of faith into the future! Welcome to the future! Enjoy! LOOL


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