After One Year…..

Happy One Year Anniversary!

Today, I logged into my blog and saw a one year anniversary wreath displayed on my dashboard. I am not a new blogger however, I have been around the blogosphere since 2012, although on another platform. I stumbled on WordPress last year and decided to import my blog unto the platform. I didn’t know what to expect from the move, but looking back now, it has been the single most important choice in my writing.

Here are some stats:

  • Since 2012 till August 2013, I posted 26 blog posts; between August 2013 and now, I wrote 175 blog posts!
  • I had 14,499 views from 64 countries spread across 5 continents.
  •  I had 1,983 comments
  •  I had 200 followers subscribing to the blog
  •  I had 204 fans following the blog on Facebook

In the past one year, I have seen tremendous improvement in my writing, I became more consistent in writing and have had tremendous exposure. I have also met amazing writers whose writings have shaped my own craft and who serve as inspiration.

Sometimes last year, I took a decision, it was a leap into the unknown, amidst fear of failure. It is a decision that has changed the course of my writing career. Within that year, I have written poems that have featured in print magazines and newspapers; written stories and poems that have become feature pieces in online magazines and poems that had featured in a poetry anthology.

After two years of unsuccessful blogging, I had no guarantee that changing to another platform would guarantee success or be more fruitful, it was just a try before calling it quits from blogging. I made the leap amidst self-doubt and with trepidation. You see, every aspiring writer needs validation and feedbacks through comments and readership, and when they are not forthcoming, you tend to think that you are not good enough. Most times, all that is needed is exposure, somewhere you can be seen, heard and recognized. I made that leap and it was worth it.

Evaluating the last one year of blogging on WordPress, I surpassed the goals that I set out to achieve after one year of blogging on the platform. So, I am going to continue blogging!

I love to write and the writing process though tedious sometimes, gives me great joy. I catch myself chuckling sometimes while writing a story. Slowly, writing is evolving from being a hobby to an obsession and a career.

Future plans include collating the poems on the blog and publishing them, and maybe give out autographed copies to the blog faithfuls (Yemie, I see you); compiling the series into a collection of short stories. Okay, I am becoming too excited, the plans are still hazy- ebook vs paperback, self-publishing vs traditional publishing and lots of other hoops to jump. I might also do a major upgrade on the site too.

I am excited and hopeful about the future. I am deeply grateful to all my followers and readers. I have decided to do an honors roll call of the top commenters:

  • Yemie aka super fan, a writer masquerading as a reader, afraid to explore her gift
  • Walter aka Bloggers’ blogger, the wordsmith and modern Shakespeare
  •  Virtuousspirit aka closet romantic
  •  Buqie aka supergal
  •  Adewoyin Joseph
  • James Melbin, my namesake
  • Amity4 aka quaint and dainty china (coined by Yemie!)
  • U be cute
  • Olabimpe, my longest supporter, who has always believed in me and who never stop telling me that I am a super star

I thank my silent readers, who have chosen to remain in the background, special thanks to Laura who visits my blog first thing in the mornings and who lets me know how awesome my posts are and who serve as inspiration.

I hope you all stay around and let’s do it again for another one year. Thanks to God, the giver of life and all good things.



28 thoughts on “After One Year…..

  1. SHUT UP! You’re a year more awesome on wordpress??? Dang! That’s gotta be the bestest news ever! Here’s wishing you a very happy anniversary and more inspiration as you enter into another year that promises to be more successful than the one gone by IJN I pray, Amen!

    And don’t you ever DARE to stop writing! You were born to do this and as you’ve said, practise really does make perfect! Stumbling on your blog has been a major accomplishment for me, I feed off of that beautiful mind of yours. You’re a man of great wisdom and you bring out the bestest in me! You’ve got sooo much more to give, and so you must push on! Time and CHANCE happened to you when you jumped ship and ‘ported’ to wordpress and see just how far you’ve come! I’m soo happy for you Doc, and I believe in your gifting and abilities to churn out deep, insightful and very inspirational pieces. You’ve more than proven your mettle already, and you’re simply incredible in my book and by my standards too! Growing in leaps and bounds, I noticed. Soldier on Doc, do more exploits! You still have sooo much more inside of you to explore and give the world! The possibilities are simply limitless! I pray that your creative juices keep flowing, your passion be continually rekindled and your ink and fountain of wisdom to never run dry! Your muse shall live forever and you, my very own brilliant Doc, shall become a literary grandmaster at this IJN, Amen! May the Good Lord be it on to you as you desire and in accordance to His Perfect Will for you IJN, Amen! Rooting for you all the way to the finished line! You know I gat your back don’t cha?! Way to go Doc, you’ve got this locked down like BAM! LOOL

    Plus, You’re friggin’ kiddin’ me, right?! What are you now clairvoyant?! A writer masquerading as a reader afraid to explore her gift like SERIOUSLY??? What are you going on about now?! I mean, what the heck’s that even supposed to mean?! Doc, its your anniversary so I’ll just let it slide, just this one time! I’ll be on my best behaviour! Don’t wanna be a party pooper! *Yimu* LMAO

    Anyhows, I look forward to my personalized autographed copy of your master and monsterpieces. I shall be waiting in the wings to claim it: my prized possession, my heirloom, my memorabilia, my souvenir, my trophy, my treasure, for now and always! That’s a little indication of how I see your pieces, I’m sure you get the whole idea! *winks* LOOL

    So then, here’s to you and a wonderful new year of fun and adventures! Let’s drink to that shall we?! Cheers! *bearhugs and kisses*


  2. Oh Yemie, can’t you see? stop denying this gift! look how beautiful a piece you just penned! you do this way better than me!

    thanks for the compliment. you never fail to disappoint as per super fan…the first to arrive at the party…

    Amen to your prayers…thanks for being my friend and supporter…you are simply the best!


      1. Exactly! if i tell her, she thinks i am flattering her, at least this coming from someone she admires will make her believe in herself and her prowess..
        thanks a bunch Amity


      2. LOL@non-commenting works! Wow! Quaint and Dainty China, I’ve gotta to say I’m really flattered and seriously challenged, by this high praise coming from you! Maybe its high time I did a re-evaluation of my present stance concerning this issue, we’ll see! #fingerscrossed# *laughing*

        Thanks sooo much for the vote of confidence dear, I appreciate your kindly gesture! Kudos!


          1. Who’s asking?! *shrugs* Did Topazo just say something?! Do you not know that walls have ears and a little birdie might just pick up on what you just said?! We wouldn’t want that now would we?! So hush now as in SHUSH! *Yimu* LOOL


  3. Thank you soo much for thanking me Doc, don’t you dare mention it! I’m simply the best right?! Jolly good, I accept! So is it a little wonder then that I know you’re wayyyyy better than the best and bestest put together?! Bingo! See how very easy I got you where I want you?! Atop, soaring wayyy high up there, where you rightly belong and will ‘everly’ remain IJN, Amen! Booyah! LMAO!

    Plus, you do know you rock pieces too right?! Carry on soaring jare, kosiyawere! ROTFL!


  4. ‘You see, every aspiring writer needs validation and feedbacks through comments and readership, and when they are not forthcoming, you tend to think that you are not good enough. Most times, all that is needed is exposure…’

    I know exactly what that feels like. And I’m glad you have surpassed the expectations you initially had. It’s a good thing you made the switch, becos then, I might have never known about you and read the amazing stories you have been entertaining us with.

    Happy Blog birthday, doc. It gets better.


    1. Awwwww..thanks Walter…i am grateful for the switch too, that was how i found MMS too, and boy that has been one delightful find! you inspire me a lot…


  5. Yemie!!!! Erm…sowie, godmother!!!! What d’yu now want me to write when you’ve successfully invaded my mind and stole ALL (note, caps key deliberately on) the accolades, prayers et al and poured them out in a nice piece.

    And she denies being a writer. “All liars shall per— ,” I can’t even remember the rest. Hian!

    Amiable Doctor cum writer double-cum poet, you rock! Your art is beautiful and it’s been nice following the blog (bless the day and your super fan that brought me here. Isn’t Yemie just an angel?). Your delivery and persistence are so on point.

    So here’s me saying AMEN to all the prayers said by the ma’am. More grace, more plots, adaptations, inspirations, imaginations. . . and several other awesome -tions. Godspeed Doc!


    1. kai! like godmother like godson…you guys rock!
      i see Yemie has birthed an angel too…
      thanks for being there and your kind words
      Amen to all your prayers…
      P.S Yemie IS a writer, don’t bother about her is an open secret


    2. Jojo!!! Erm….sowie godbaby!!! You’ve broken my heart into a gazillion shreds! *teary-eyed* You’re also in on the grand conspiracy, init?! The ringleader I see! Who woulda thought?! Abowaba l’oro emi ire, no lele!

      On second thoughts, I’m mighty pacified by the ‘angel’, so you’re very safe my braveheart and an angel in his own right too. Thanks a bunch. LOOL


  6. Jeez! I see you’re really spoiling for a fight Doc! It soo glaring that you had to register that one response two times in a row! As in one, two times! Don’t even think for a sec that I didn’t see that! It didn’t go unnoticed, trust me! Vehement denials?! Hian! Very funny, hahaha! *straight-faced*

    Yemie’s NOT a writer! She expresses herself well does not make her a writer! There’s a lot more to being a writer than just being articulately eloquent!

    Plus, deep calleth unto deep, excellence begat excellence, iron sharpeneth iron, birds of a feather flock together and great minds think in like manners! What am I going on ’bout?! Your insightful, pretty indepth writings bring out the best in me. Its ALL YOU! You elicit the responses and feedbacks am well able to churn out in the wake of the masterpieces you cook up!

    Simon Cowell cannot sing to save his life, but he’s got the nose for sniffing out acts that will go on to becoming ‘break-out artistes’ and billboard heavyweights! He’s a kingmaker! I’m not a writer, but I recognise and appreciate awesome pieces. Show me the writers you roll with and I’ll tell you just how awesome or otherwise that you are! That’s me, a lover of art and all things beautiful! End of discussion and I’m not talking ’bout the ride! *drops mic and crushes it* LMAO!


      1. Huh?! Nah! We aint doing this, not now on your anniversary! nuh-uh! Paranoid?! What’s paranoia got to do with anything?! Just knock it off already Doc, I’m not playing and this is sooo not flying! *stalking off without a backward glance* LOL


  7. Congrats. I have enjoyed reading every piece you put up here.
    You are a fine writer.
    Do keep writing.
    More ink to your pen.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful mind.


  8. I love this piece soooooooooooooooo much.

    I mean, once in a while, we should consider where we came from, all the hurdles we’ve crossed and where we are. That should give a glimpse into the future. What better way to shoot up your confidence level? If He has done it through you before, He will still do more. It can only get better!!

    Congrats Topazo!!

    It’s really hard not commenting on your posts. You’ve got a beautiful mind. I like the way you think, I like the way you write. I like the fact that you allowed yourself move out of your comfort zone and ‘test the waters’. Now is confession time o, you inspire me!! I see your work and i know i can be better too, if I let go of the fear, spread my wings and just fly…

    And did i mention the fact that i love love your bible stories? The way you write those ehn…. Remember ‘My book of bible stories?’ A compilation of your work wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    As for Yemie ehn, we should probably arrange a soothsayer for her, that should convince her o, shey? If she won;t believe all these people here.

    Congrats once again Doc, it can only get better!!


    1. oh buqie….i wish you could see what your words did to me….is doing to me…

      the sheer beauty of those words…the kindness…the…the..i am short of words….you made my day beautiful…and i feel so blessed to have such loving family here on blogosphere…

      thank you so much…did i ever tell you i look forward to reading your blog every sunday? now you know…..your words are like an anchor that keeps me close to heaven’s haven and not get lost adrift in the sea of secularism (chai! see how you are making me to be sharing my secrets..diaris God o)

      as for Yemie ehn, i think the Holy Ghost will have to come down and show her how that from the beginning, He had deposited that talent in her, and how He has been unhappy that she isn’t using it…..i just tire for her and her blatant denials of something so obvious that the blind can see!


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